10 March, 2019

Recent Hits and Misses

Hello! Sorry for the radio silence, you know how life is! Thought I would share some recent buys that were successful and those that were a waste of my time!

The Hits

Blender Bombs
These bombs are all the rage right now here in Charleston. The girl who started them lives in Charleston and there's even a smoothie bar called Hustle on James Island where you can buy the bombs and smoothies. I'm a big smoothie drinker so I couldn't wait to try these. They make the smoothie process so much easier in the morning. I no longer have to spend time measuring out stuff, it's already done for me! The bombs are packed full of healthy seeds and nuts to keep you full for hours. Love these! You can order them online if you aren't local. Along with the BB, I like to add to my smoothie: almond milk, frozen blueberries, spinach, and frozen cauliflower for an extra veggie.

Kate Somerville EradiKate
I could write a whole post on my skin but I'll leave it short and sweet and say ever since my period came back after having Elsie, my chin/jaw hormonal acne did too. I'm so glad I found this product because it works so well. I just use a q-tip and dab a small amount of the pink stuff on a pimple and it's easily decreased in size by the morning. I only use it at night because it is so pink, it reminds me of Calamine Lotion. It doesn't have the best smell since it's sulfur, but I don't even care as long as it works!

Thinkbaby Sippy Cup
I've been having the hardest time finding a sippy cup that Elsie would use. Oliver always liked the Miracle 360 but Elsie just throws it on the ground- and it is NOT leak proof! We tried a straw one and she just enjoys biting it. So I found this Thinkbaby one and figured what have I got to lose, worst case we buy a straw for it Oliver will use it! Luckily she was able to figure it out. I do have to hold it up for her since it's stainless steel and heavy but she can drink out of it. I also like that it is stainless and not plastic so I don't have to worry about any yucky chemicals leaching into her water. What's funny is the Thinkbaby sippy cup with the straw was the only sippy cup Oliver would drink whole milk out of when he turned 1 for some reason!

Leahlani Aloha Ambrosia Morning Moisture Elixir
I love Leahlani products, they're so clean and smell fresh and are very gentle on your skin yet still work. This Elixir was one of those products that I used awhile ago and for some reason never re-bought it, even though I really liked it! Since my skin has been acting up lately, I remembered how much I loved this Elixir for daytime so I picked up a new bottle at Wildcraft. It's everything I remember it being and gives your face a nice glow without being oily. It doesn't aggravate existing acne at all. In fact I think it even helps to calm any redness down. I don't like heavy lotions or oils for daytime and this oil is very light and feather-like.

After Market Brooke Tee
This is such a cute top and I can't wait to wear it with white jeans or shorts. It also looks great tucked into high waisted jeans. Best part it's only $26! Not a bad price for a classic yet stylish top. I got a size Medium so it would be plenty roomy.

The Misses

EltaMD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen
I had such high hopes for this because it has such great reviews but it made my skin look white from the Zinc Oxide and broke me out. It even says on the box it's safe for acne prone skin but my skin is just so darn sensitive. I know I'm definitely in the minority because everyone loves it. Honestly all sunscreens seem to irritate my skin. I can remember putting sunscreen on my face when I was little and having to run to the bathroom to wash it off because it burned so bad! I am going to keep it and wear it when I'm outside at the beach or the pool but as for day to day wear, I'm going to have to pass!

J.Crew 9" High-Rise Toothpick Jean in White
Another item that has amazing reviews and didn't work for me. They were too short for my 5'8 self. I'd like to try them in the next size up and a tall and see if I like them better. They definitely have potential!

Vanity Planet Brush Set
I really try not to get suckered into things influencers/bloggers/celebs are selling on their Instastories. I know they get so much stuff for free, it's hard to know if it's a genuine like or that the company is paying them to say it's great. Cameron Wimberly from Southern Charm posted about these makeup brushes and they were only $30. At the time, I was about to buy a new foundation brush for the same price so I figured why not give this whole set a try at this amazing price. Well, I got the brushes and I can't figure out how to hold them correctly! They have a toothbrush handle which is the plus to them and what makes them unique and supposedly gives you an airbrush look. To me they're odd and they feel weird when I hold them and I guess just not for me! They have tons of amazing reviews so people do like them! I probably should watch a video or something. I'm not too makeup savvy anyways, so no surprise I can't figure them out!

18 February, 2019

Monday Randoms

I had intentions of having a blog post up on Friday but Theo forgot to bring his laptop home Thursday night so I had no way of writing it. So instead, this is a Monday post!

We had a pretty low key weekend. The highlight of the weekend was going to dinner Saturday night at R. Kitchen. I highly recommend it if you're local. It was our second time going and it was just as good as the first time, maybe better! The menu changes nightly and the chefs cook the food right in front of you. It's a fun atmosphere too, yet small, they only have seats for I believe 16 people. I personally really like that about it. You're able to talk to the chefs and the other restaurant guests one on one.

 My dress is now on sale for $66! I'm in a size medium.

I started using the Beautycounter Overnight Resurfacing Peel and I LOVE it! Everyone who used it always raved about it and I was honestly so happy with the M-61 Power Peels that I didn't think anything else could compare. But, I really do notice such a difference in my skin the next morning after using it. Acne scars seem to be less noticeable each day and my skin just overall looks smoother and more even-toned. My skin has become so sensitive as I've gotten older that I have to be super careful what I put on it so it's always nice to find something that works well!

I found the best deal at Target this week. Oliver has been all about pretend cooking lately and wants to use all my mixing bowls to play with, which would lead to a disaster since they're glass! We headed to Target to find him a play pots and pans set and I stumbled down the Clearance aisle and found this play kitchen for $38! There was no question, I had to buy it. He just loves and it's super cute. Isn't it the best feeling when you find a great deal?

Anyone do any President's Day shopping? I bought these jeans since I'm only down to one pair that I wear now and I've been wanting some boyfriend style jeans. I swear Madewell has the best jeans! And then I got this top from Tuckernuck that I've been eyeing and I was sent a 10% off coupon so figured now was a good time to buy it. This dress is on the top of my wish list right now. Such a classy, versatile dress!

A cold has been going around our family this week, Theo had it first then I got it, luckily none of the kids have gotten it- yet! I've been practically chugging my Elderberry syrup to hopefully knock it out quickly and it seems to be working. I'm a big believer in Elderberry in our house. Whenever Oliver has the slightest sign of a cold coming on, I give it to him twice a day and he's much better in hours. I know it seems crazy but there's a reason it's been around for decades as being known as "nature's flu shot."

I'll leave you with the most precious picture Caitlyn Motycka took of my angels:

10 February, 2019

What I'm Eyeing for Spring

My spring wardrobe needs some serious help. Last year I was pregnant so most of what I wore was either maternity or over sized, and just plain old- I'm talking 5 years old! I'm going to be getting rid of lots of stuff very soon. Clothes that either don't fit me the same as they did 5 years ago (Hello, I did have two babies!) or my style has just changed. I've been doing some "window shopping" and have found way too much stuff I love. Here's some of my favorites
I recently bought a pair of Tretorn's , they were on major sale and I was looking for a casual pair of shoes. I rarely pay full price for clothes, they have such a huge mark up it seems silly to me. Plus there's no better feeling than finding a steal of a deal, right?

Now I want a white pair for summer! They're so cute with practically everything and dress up an outfit a bit more than your average sneakers.

I snagged this dress from Tuckernuck- oh, if you haven't noticed I love everything Tuckernuck sells. Their clothes are classy and elegant yet stylish at the same time. Anyways, so I got this dress to wear for Valentine's Day and love the way it fits so this navy and white stripe dress is definitely on my wish list! How cute would it look with those white Tretorn's?

These pants are waaayy out of my comfort zone, I'm usually a skinny jean kind of girl, but I'm kind of opening up to the wide leg pant trend. Something I could easily throw on and be out the door and look cute.

Boy, do I need a new pair of white jeans! My plan is to go to Madewell and take an old pair of  jeans, (did you know they'll give you a $20 credit towards a new pair of jeans if you bring an old pair in? Doesn't matter the brand, any old pair will do! They recycle the jeans and turn them into housing insulation for Habitat for Humanity!) and try on a few different types of white jeans and see what I like. I wear my 10" high rise almost everyday so I'm very partial to getting the same in white!

Get this top! It's super cute and only $24!

This one size fits all shirt is in my cart waiting to hit "Order!" I just can't decide between the navy stripe or rainbow. It's a perfect transition top from winter into spring.

So funny story, when I was pregnant my OB/GYN came in the exam room (pretty sure to check my dilation!) wearing this adorable dress and I just had to know know where she got it from. She told me it was Persifor and that she gets comments on it every single time she wears it. I went home and searched for the brand and fell in love with every dress they sold. They're definitely pricey and in my case an investment dress but I would wear it for years. I actually found one on sale a few months ago and it really is an awesome dress. It doesn't wrinkle so it's great for travel too. I think it's the perfect "mom" dress. I love this new print for spring!

Everybody needs a new pair of sandals right?

What's on your spring wish list?

04 February, 2019

Day in the Life

My friend Tess recently posted a Day in The Life post so I thought it would be fun to write one too! I know I always enjoy reading them. It's so interesting to see how other people live!

Ok, so my backstory. I'm a registered nurse who works 3 days a week and stay home with my kids two days a week. And then of course I'm home on the weekends. For me it's the best of both worlds. I could not imagine working 5 days a week and only seeing my kids at the end of the day nor could I imagine staying home with them 5 days a week. I need adult interaction! I actually like working too, it's why I went to school to be a nurse. I really do enjoy it.  We live in Charleston, SC in the suburbs. 

This is a typical day for me when I'm home:

7 am: On the days I'm home with the kids I don't set an alarm but usually I start to hear everyone around 7/715. This morning I hear Elsie babbling in her crib. I can tell she's content for a few minutes so I grab my phone and check Instagram and emails. It's a bad habit I know but I can't start my day until I've checked it. I leave my phone on airplane mode while I sleep so this is also the time text messages would come through if I got any overnight. I brush my teeth and throw on some clothes.

7:15: I get Elsie out of her crib and bring her back to my bed and nurse her. Then we go back to her room and I change her diaper. We go to Oliver's room to get him. We all head downstairs and I set everyone up in the living room and turn on a show for O.

7:25: I'm currently in a study with the lactation powder company Majka so I make my protein shake while I get Elsie and Oliver's breakfast ready. 

7:45: After everyone has been fed, we play in the living room until Elsie's nap at 9.

9 am: Elsie goes down for a nap and I throw Oliver in the bath. We started giving him baths during the day because it's something to do and he loves it. He'll stay in there for an hour if I let him and I'm able to get stuff done like laundry and tidy up our rooms. When I'm done bathing him, I hop in the shower. Elsie's first nap has been hit or miss lately, so I don't know how much time I have. I leave her in her crib till 10:30 regardless, but it still makes me feel like I have to rush if she wakes up early!

10:30: Elsie slept the whole time! I couldn't believe it! I get her up, nurse her and get everyone ready to go to the Children's Museum. Our Children's Museum is being renovated and it's temporarily in the mall which is 5 minutes from our house. I usually spend this time doing something whether its just going on a walk around the neighborhood or going to the grocery store. 

11-12:30: Children's Museum then we pick up Chick Fil A on the way home. 

I'm obsessed with the Spicy Chicken Sandwich but to balance it out I get a small salad too. The Garlic Expressions Dressing is my favorite. I never use CFA's dressings, always use my own. 

1 pm: I put Elsie down for a nap as soon as we get home then Oliver and I eat before he goes down for his nap. I sit down for 10 minutes before I start tidying up the house. I'm hoping I get a good 1.5 hours before Elsie wakes up so I can get a lot done but she could also wake up after 45 minutes.

2 pm: Elsie's up! She slept about an hour. I nurse her then we go downstairs and I place her on the living room floor with some toys.

I realize I have no food made for her for the rest of the week so I steam some sweet potatoes and blend them with my hand blender.

3:30: Oliver's up! He gets a snack then goes outside to play with his water beads.

Playing together. This lasted about as long as it took me to take this picture but it was cute while it lasted!

4 pm: Elsie goes down for a catnap. 

4:30: It's countdown until Daddy gets home! We head outside so Oliver can play. We also go for a walk around the neighborhood. 

5 pm: I nurse Elsie. Then we hang out inside the house. Oliver watches a show.

5:20: Daddy's home!

5:30: Elsie gets her dinner. Tonight it's purple carrots, yummy!

5:45: Everyone plays in the living to try to burn off some energy. I taught Oliver how to stack Solo cups today so he's been having fun with them.

6:30: I take Elsie upstairs for her bath while Theo feeds Oliver dinner. We make him separate food than what we eat because we don't get around to eating most nights till after he's gone to bed. 

6:45: Elsie gets a bottle, I read her two books, then she's off to bed!

7 pm: I get back downstairs and Theo has our dinner ready. We have Blue Apron this week. Theo cooks dinner most nights and I am SO thankful that he does. He really enjoys it, much more than I do! On the days I don't work, I do try to have something planned for dinner if we don't have Blue Apron.  Either I go pick the groceries up from the store with the kids or have Theo get them during his lunch break. 

7:30: We take Oliver upstairs and get him ready for bed. 

8 pm: We head back downstairs and finish cleaning up the kitchen. If I had to work the next day, this would be when I would get my lunch ready, pack Oliver's bags and lunch. Since I'm off again tomorrow, I watch a show with Theo and pump. We started watching Friends From College Season 2.

10 pm: Head upstairs for bed. I usually lay in bed for an hour or so and play on my phone (bad habit again!) or read.

11 pm: Lights out and phone set to airplane mode. I do this to cut down on EMF (electromagnetic fields) exposure while I sleep. Goodnight!

31 January, 2019

Recent Empties

I thought it would be fun to share some beauty buys that I've recently run out of it. I always like seeing what other people use and love so maybe you'll find it interesting what I use too!

I am not picky at all about body wash. As long as it's a clean product, I don't even care if it has a scent. I picked this up at Target when I ran out of what I was using prior, and I like it! I'll definitely be picking up more on my next Target run. 

I know I've raved about these many, many times but they really are the best. I use one peel (Can I just say, I think it being called a peel is confusing. Nothing actually peels off your face and you don't even wash it off!) about every 2-3 nights. The pads are very saturated so I can easily use one pad twice. I've used the pads nightly but have found what works best for my skin is to use the pads every other night. I'm actually thinking of trying the Beautycounter Overnight Resurfacing Peel for a change. Just to switch things up and see if I like it any better. I'll keep y'all posted!

This is another skincare product I can't live without. I suffer from hormonal acne around those special times of the month and this soap keeps the acne at bay. I also had a bad bout of perioral dermatitis from using too many skincare products at once, I have super sensitive skin, and this and the m-61 peels knocked it out quickly. I feel like this soap is a hidden  gem because it isn't a mainstream product and not a lot of people know about it but it works SO well. Already received my new bar!

This was a random Target buy that ended up being a big win. I have frizzy, wavy/straight hair, it's a weird combo, and always have tons of flyways and just overall frizz all year long. This shampoo has made my hair not frizzy at all. It's amazing and I didn't know a shampoo like this could even exist, especially at the price! I've always loved the Acure brand because it's well-priced, clean products, so I don't know why I was surprised this shampoo would work so well. 

This conditioner is cheap at Costco, I think around $7.99, and works well. Don't it buy it from Amazon unless you don't have a Costco membership because it is like double the price. I like to buy a  big bottle of conditioner because I have a lot of hair so I go through conditioner quick. I also use it to shave my legs. I like this conditioner because it's thick and really moisturizing. I feel like so many conditioners that claim to be moisturizing are so watery and don't conditioner your hair at all. It's a fairly "clean" product too which is a nice perk!

I bought this thinking it was going to be some magic whitening toothpaste and it just wasn't. I mean it worked fine as a toothpaste and it's clean and free from fluoride, but as for making my teeth this bright white like it claimed, it did not. For some reason I ended up picking up two tubes so I have another tube to use. Prior to this I was using Weleda Salt Toothpaste and I liked it a lot but it's pretty pricey for the size and literally tastes like you're brushing your teeth with salt- well, because you are. So not sure what I'll use when I finish this next tube. Maybe I'll try the legit charcoal toothpaste that actually turns your mouth black and then makes your teeth super white. If anyone has any charcoal toothpaste you've loved, let me know!