28 June, 2016

lust list

So I bought a big floppy hat to wear in the pool and to the beach and I realized real quick that something constantly flopping in your eyes + a squirmy baby isn't a good combo. I just ordered this hat to wear on our family beach trip coming up and fingers crossed it works out better! The brim doesn't look nearly as large as my other hat and it looks more stiff, which is a good thing!

Mara Hoffman is running a really big sale and I just snagged this dress for 70% off! Obsessed with this floral print!

I picked up this romper on my last Target trip and am still kind of iffy on it. It really does look a lot cuter on than on the model but it's hard to get off! Are all rompers like that? We might have a problem if I need to pee and it gives me a hard time! The plus side is it's super comfy and good to wear when I play on the ground with Oliver.

I can never find anything in the actual Old Navy store, but their website has a lot of good stuff. This cover-up is so cute and would be great to wear from the beach to a restaurant!

This suit is so simple yet chic. And because the bottom half is black it would be a good tummy eraser! 

I love this new lip sheer color Beautycounter came out with for summer. Their lipsticks are so moisturizing and provide the perfect amount of color. 

You guys, I am beyond obsessed with these sandals for Oliver! How cute do they look on his little foot?? I haven't bought any, yet.., because he isn't walking just army crawling. Instead I just went to the store and had the lady try a few pairs on him while I took lots of pictures. :)

24 June, 2016

life lately

So I made my blog private for a few days after I woke up on Saturday morning to a very strange comment on my Instagram account from a man I didn't know. After I read it I instantly made my IG and blog private. I had been toying with the idea of going private for awhile but after reading his comment, I knew now was time. It wasn't what he said that bothered me, it was actually kind of funny, it was the fact that it made me realize even more that anyone from anywhere can look at my pictures of my personal life and because they're on the internet they can do what they want with them. As we all know, the world is a scary place now and I like to be naive and think everyone that reads my blog is a nice respectable person but deep down I know that isn't true. Last year I found out that someone stole a picture of Theo and I used it as a fake account on the dating site Plenty of Fish. It said we were a "bi-curious couple" from Nova Scotia. A person had replied to the ad and somehow found my blog through it and realized the ad was not really us. He emailed me and said he wanted to let me know someone how stolen my picture and put it on POF. Oh, and also that he was sad to see it wasn't real because we looked like a good time! I about died and had Theo email the website and they quickly took it down. I'm sure this happens all the time people just aren't notified like we were. When you put your life and pictures on the web unfortunately that is a risk you take.  Now that I have a baby I really don't want that to happen. He didn't ask to have his pictures online for anyone to see. But the flip side is, I enjoy posting about my life. It's therapeutic, when I find the time, and it's like my online diary.

So I may go private for good. I haven't fully decided. I even thought about deleting it all since I don't have much time to blog anymore anyways. I know, I'm such a small blogger so what's the big deal? I've had this blog for 3 years now and when I first started it was like my other full time job. It's been my hobby for so long now I'd be so sad to let it go. If I do go private, would anyone care to even read it? If you would, email me your email address to allysonaharding@gmail.com or leave it on the comment section.

It's been a bit hectic around here lately. It all started with my mom breaking her ankle 2 weeks ago, needing surgery, and now she's on crutches. It was such a fluke accident too. She was at the beach and a bunch of dogs ran by and knocked her down, causing her to fall and break her ankle. My mom watches Oliver while I work so we literally went from having childcare one day, to having no idea who's going to watch Oliver the next. It ended up working out great though, we have a woman who watches him 2 days and then my step father is off the other 2 days and is able to watch him with my mom. He does all the lifting that she can't do. We just can't wait for my mom to get her cast off because poor thing is so miserable!

Then I woke up last weekend with a stomach bug/food poisoning and was out of commission all weekend. I first thought it was a stomach bug but since neither Theo or Oliver ever got it, I'm now thinking it was food poisoning. Either way, it was horrible! 

Oliver is "scooting" all over the place now. It's his form of crawling I guess and we really have to watch him closely because he loves light sockets, the fire place, and my fiddle leaf fig tree! Gone are the days of leaving him on the ground with a few toys while I do stuff around the house! 

I need to get some sort of gate to contain him, any recommendations? This is what our fireplace currently looks like, haha.

Had a hit and a miss at J Crew Factory. Loved this dress after I saw my friend Cait with the top version on. I thought it would be perfect to wear with a baby because the shoulders don't ride up as easily since it has straps, but I got it in the mail and it's too short (I'm 5'8). If I had a baby who sat still and didn't require me to bend, squat, and kneel all the time it might work out!

This dress ended up being really cute and is the perfect length. I guess it's considered a cover up but I didn't find it to be see through at all. It's hard to find cute "mom clothes" that are machine washable and functional! We have our family beach trip coming up so I'm trying to find comfortable, easy dresses to wear!

I'm obsessed with this mask and I use it as a spot treatment every night as well. I get cystic acne on my chin and cheeks, especially around my period, and it's really hard to get rid of. The normal acne fighters like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid don't even touch it. I've found that sulfur works wonders for cysts and this mask is great because it's free of any toxins. So it's safe to use if you're pregnant and breastfeeding too. I was using a different sulfur mask called Acnomel but had to quit using it when I got pregnant last year and decided that this time I wanted to find something much safer.

Have a good weekend!

10 June, 2016

Oliver at 8 months

This picture pretty much sums up his personality. He's a very happy baby and always moving! As soon as I sit him down, he's on his back or stomach and rolling across the room. He does not sit still for anyone and is currently trying to crawl. It frustrates him so much and he gets so angry that he can't do it. He has the arms down and he rocks but he can't figure out how to move his legs at the same time! I'm secretly happy he hasn't started crawling because I'm not ready to start baby proofing just yet!

He's wearing 6-9, 6-12 and 9 month clothing. In size 4 diapers.

We switched to 4 bottles a day every 4 hours this month. He didn't always seem hungry when it came time for his bottle every 3 hours so I knew it was time to move to 4 hours. Which meant his bottles went from 6 oz each to 8 oz each. At first he didn't drink the whole 8 oz bottle each time, so we started with 7 oz then 7.5 oz then moved to 8 oz and now he sucks them down. He eats solids (purees) twice a day. We alternate between: apples, sweet potatoes, peas, butternut squash, mangoes, and baby oatmeal.

He drinks formula at 7 am, 11 am, 3 pm, and 6:30 pm, give or take 30 minutes. He then eats purees after his 7 am bottle and 11 am bottle, about 1.5-2 oz each. He's down for naps around 8:30-9 am, 11:30-12 pm, and then a cat nap around 4 pm. His naps last anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. Towards the end of this month I've been trying to transition him to the 2-3-4 nap schedule, first nap 2 hours after waking up, second nap 3 hours after waking up from first nap, bedtime 4 hours after waking up from second nap. I read that because his 3 naps a day were becoming unpredictable it can mean he's ready for 2 naps. It's still a woke in progress but so far his naps are around 9 am and 1 pm and last about 1.5-2.5 hours each. But each day is different! He goes down for bed around 630-7 pm and sleeps 11-12 hours a night.

He's really an awesome nighttime sleeper and I can brag about this now because he wasn't at all for the first 6 months of his life. He knows how to fall asleep on his own and goes back to sleep if he wakes up in the middle of the night.  He rolled over in his Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit this month so he now sleeps in a sleep sack. At first he spent a good hour rolling around in his crib, he loved the new freedom he had, but now he plays for a little bit then rolls over on his belly and he's out. 

We started swim lessons this month and he has so much fun. He loves being in the pool either at swim lessons or my mom's house. Starting his swim lessons at a young age was such a good decision. He lights up as soon as I place his Scout dog in front of him and turn him on. Scout plays songs and talks and we programmed him to say "Oliver" which is the cutest thing ever. We received Scout as a baby shower gift from a friend who said her two kids loved Scout and the girl version, Violet, and I'm so glad Oliver does as well! 

Getting out of the bath. He enjoys being in the bath tub but as soon as I take him out to put on his diaper and lotion, he pitches a fit. He also has no patience to getting his diaper changed and I really have to hold him down or he'd roll off the table. This was also the month where separation anxiety set in. There were a few days there where he would cry as soon as I put him down and walk away. He's gotten much better but I can tell he now knows that mommy and daddy can walk away so I'll catch him looking for me when I walk out of the room. He hates waiting for his bottle. He gets hangry! 

I just updated my Baby page so check it out to read other monthly updates, posts on breastfeeding, baby favorites, and how I got Oliver to sleep at night!

06 June, 2016


I'm going to apologize because if you follow me on IG (@allyharding15) or Snapchat (@aah72386) then you've probably already seen these pictures!

Friday night I was supposed to go to a baby shower but Theo didn't get home till after the shower started and it was a good 45 minute drive from my house so I unfortunately couldn't go. So we put the baby to bed and cooked steaks on the grill and roasted brussels sprouts in the oven.

He bought a Porterhouse and ate the ribeye half and gave me the filet. That right there is why I could never be a vegetarian, I love me some steak. 

We started watching The Do-Over on Netflix but didn't have a chance to finish it because I was practically falling asleep on the couch. I can't hang like I used to. It's a made for Netflix Adam Sandler movie. It was kind of silly, as his movies are, but it was also a mystery so now I'm dying to finish watching it!

Saturday morning was Oliver's swim lessons! He loves the water and is a natural, well as natural as you can be for a 7 month old! He's so toy driven, as soon as we throw the ball he's trying to get it so he can put it in his mouth so he wants to swim towards it! Whatever works!

Oliver's swimsuit is Mini Boden

That night we met some friends out in Park Circle. It's one of my favorite areas in Charleston. There's so many little restaurants and bars all in walking distance. We went to Accent on Wine first for a drink before dinner.

Then ate pizza at EVO. I got the vegetarian pizza and it was covered in so many yummy fresh veggies. It was actually vegan and didn't have any cheese on it but the veggies gave it so much flavor that I didn't even miss the cheese!

Sunday we lounged around, aka nursed our hangover, and then ate a late lunch at Home Team BBQ.

03 June, 2016

five on friday

This a little a late in the day but I had a busy morning and the baby is napping so I can finally sit down!


It's National Doughnut (or is it Donut?) Day and if you're ever in Charleston you must try my friends' gourmet doughnut shop Glazed. My birthday cake last year was from Glazed!  


I've been making Oliver's food homemade since he started eating solids and at first I enjoyed it, but now it's becoming a hassle. Oliver is trying to crawl and constantly rolling so I really have to watch him closely. I'm finding when I come home from work the last thing I want to do on top of cook dinner, play with Oliver, put him to bed, and eat dinner, is make his food. I've also been noticing that there's so many combinations of the pre made baby food that I think he would enjoy. And I don't have the energy, or the time, to make all of those combos homemade. So I think I may start buying some pre made ones and keep making the single purees like apples and sweet potatoes at home. I really do love the Baby Brezza

Then I freeze his food in this silicone freezer tray.


My fiddle leaf fig is driving me crazy! Whoever said they're easy house plants, was a liar! It doesn't look horrible but I just can't figure out it's watering schedule. It  has some brown leaves on it which from what I read means it's being over watered so I wait to water it and the leaves still turn brown and fall off! I got it because I always heard that they're very easy and I thought I could water it once a month and leave it alone the rest of the time but I'm finding it's a lot more high maintenance than they portray it to be! Part of me also knows once Oliver starts walking it's going to have to go so I'm trying not to get too attached to it.


Last weekend Oliver rolled over the first time in his Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit and they say once they can roll over in it, it's gotta go. He was so happy and proud of himself for finally being able to do it, but I was pretty upset about it. This could not have been the worst timing because Theo had just left for 5 days so I was going to have to deal with Oliver's crappy sleep all by myself. Luckily Oliver handled the switch to a sleep sack wonderfully, aside from rolling over, and over, and over for a good hour the first night in his crib, and slept his normal 11-12 hours at night. He now sleeps on his stomach and I can tell he loves it. 


Bloodline is back! We're three episodes in and so far it's really good! I remember watching the first season and thinking this should just be a mini series or a one season show, but they managed to come up with a crazy plot for the second season!

Have a good weekend! I have a baby shower tonight and Oliver's swim lessons tomorrow morning!