22 July, 2016

goals for my 30's

Tomorrow is my 30th birthday. If you would have asked me 3 years ago how I felt about turning 30 I would say terrified! But honestly now that it's here, it doesn't really bother me. Age is just a number and I'm really happy with how my life is going right now. I feel like my 20's was spent finding myself and I've heard many people say that their 30's was the best years of their lives. I can't wait to see what mine has in store for me. I thought I'd put a list together of some goals I'd like to achieve for the next decade of my life.

go to bed earlier

have a second child

get student loans paid off

contribute more to retirement

travel to europe

complain less

worry less about things I have no control over

eat less processed foods

find our forever home

do more things that are out of my comfort zone

write a will

make more friends with kids

develop thicker skin and don't take things so personal

read more books

be more present and stay off my phone 

stop comparing myself to others

print out more pictures and display them around the house

stop apologizing when asking for help, bumping into someone, saying no, or prioritizing myself

clean my house more often

clean out and organize my closet

always put on sunscreen when outside

quit procrastinating 

go to church more often

judge less

stop being a people-pleaser

eat a salad every single day 

Cheers to my 30's! I'm off to enjoy my last day in my 20's!

18 July, 2016

recent favorites

This past Saturday we had plans to go to The Darling but silly us, they were on such a long wait they couldn't even tell us an estimated time when we would be seated. So we walked across the street and had drinks at 492 and split some small plates. I'm so glad we ended up there because every single thing we ordered was amazing! I liked that they served small plates because we were able to try a lot off the menu. I don't know about you but I am forever going to restaurants and wishing they had a sampler of everything, I'm so indecisive!

Afterwards we walked to Glazed, the doughnut shop our friends we were with own. I'm still eating no dairy so Allison surprised with me a vegan doughnut. If you're ever visiting Charleston, definitely make Glazed on the top of your list to visit!

I can't get enough of of the Beautycounter Color Pinch Cream Blusher in Caramel. I use it on my cheeks, eyelids, and lips. It's really the perfect shade of tan with a hint of apricot. I also think it's universally flattering and would look pretty on any skin tone. 

I've been loving these Acai packs for breakfast every morning. I usually make a smoothie and add peanut butter and chia seeds to mine. You can find them in the frozen section at Whole Foods or Earth Fare.

I've been drinking a cup of Dandelion Root Tea after dinner. It's supposed to detox your liver and kidneys and get rid of water weight, who doesn't want that! I add some honey to sweeten it up!

We started watching the show Roadies on Showtime. It's about the people who set up the stage every night for the Staton-House band. I really like it, it's so different since it takes a look at what goes on behind the scenes at concerts.

I'm not sure how I came across the blog Motherlucker but I'm so glad I did. 

Yael, the author, sums up what every new mom is thinking and tells it like it is. She has a great post on Sleep Training and I agree 100% with every single thing she says to do. It's why I think Oliver is a great sleeper now, because I let him figure it out on his own. One thing that always stuck hard with me whenever I wanted to go in and help Oliver go to sleep was, don't start any habits now that you won't want to do forever. 

Of course I gotta show my sweet boy. Love those baby blues.

14 July, 2016

5 tips for traveling with a baby

So we just got back on Monday from our annual family reunion/vacation to Wrightsville Beach, NC. It was also the first time Oliver traveled and the first time he didn't sleep in his crib for nighttime. We used to go for the whole week but with working and now with a baby, we thought a long weekend would work out perfectly. These are just some tips I thought I would share that made the weekend go somewhat smoothly. They probably aren't anything new but I figured they might help someone out! 

Oliver sleeps in a Pack 'n Play at my mom's house during the day so I luckily already had one of these on hand. It's really a shame they make those PnP bottoms so freakin hard! So now you not only have to bring the massive PnP, but also a big mattress to place in it. It takes up a lot of room in the car, but without it I really don't think Oliver would have slept. 

2. Have a nighttime routine

Oliver slept amazing while we were in Wrightsville Beach and that was even after being up way past his bedtime, and sleeping in a closet. Yes, my kid slept in a closet. But it was perfect, it was dark, cool, and he couldn't hear a thing. I have a strict bedtime routine with Oliver every night and I made sure to do the exact same order while we were away. It's bath, diaper, lotion, turn on white noise, put on pj's, bottle, book, then put him to bed. I did a ton of baby sleep research back when Oliver was going through the 4 month sleep regression and one of the main things they recommended was having a consistent bedtime routine. Baby's like predictability and it also helps when you go out of town. It worked for us!

3. Have a cover for naps in the car seat

I planned for us to leave for the trip about an hour or so before he was due for his second nap of the day. So when he started yawning and rubbing his eyes, I handed him his bunny that he sleeps with, covered up his car seat with my Covered Goods cover, and turned on white noise from my phone. He didn't take a normal 1.5-2 hour nap of course, but he did sleep about 45 minutes-1 hour. My Covered Goods cover has had so many uses, easily one of my favorite baby gifts! I used it when I was nursing, now that Oliver can sit in the shopping buggy I put it down first so he doesn't touch too many germs, and then it helped him nap in the car. A 9 month old is definitely not like a newborn when it comes to sleeping anywhere so I had to think of how I was going to get him to sleep in the car and this worked great!

4. Castile soap is your best friend

When Theo saw me pack my bottle of castile soap, he rolled his eyes and said "what, is the soap at the condo not good enough for you?" He had no idea how many uses this soap has! I used it to wash Oliver's bottles, wash our hands, I could of used it as body wash/shampoo but I ended up using what was in the shower, and washed clothes with it. My kid is notorious for getting poop all over his clothes. Knowing this, I was not about to let his clothes just sit there for days with stains on them since we didn't have a washing machine. So whenever he had blowouts, which happen on the regular, I took his clothes off of him, washed them in the castile soap, and laid them outside to dry in the sun. The stains were gone! I know the sun helps tremendously with poop stains but the castile soap was good to get it clean.  Castile soap is free of any harsh, toxic chemicals and it's very concentrated so a little goes a long way.

5. Have low expectations

So my kid hated the beach. He hated the sand, it went all in his eyes, then he kept rubbing his eyes because there was sand in his eyes which lead to more sand in his eyes. He wanted to eat the sand. He hated the water and whined every time I put him in it. I had planned on buying a baby swimming pool for him to sit in but never got around to it. 

Normally when we go to the beach each summer, Theo and I grab breakfast and lunch, we walk around, we go to bars at night, stay up late, sleep in late, we do what selfish people without kids do. Obviously with a baby now who naps twice a day, and I was pretty adamant about him napping in the PnP for each nap, we spent a good bit of time in the condo just hanging out. Every night my family got together for dinner and around 8 pm one of us had to go back to our condo and put the baby to bed. Since it was my family, Theo always offered to go back but that meant once he put Oliver to bed he was stuck there by himself for a few hours. This is just our life now and I wouldn't trade it for anything but we definitely missed our life pre Oliver a little bit. We did visit a local brewery one day.

I love this age Oliver is at right now, but I also kind of feel like it's an in between stage where he isn't a tiny baby who just lays there and he isn't a toddler who actually plays with toys rather than stick everything in his mouth!

Overall we had a great vacation, I really shouldn't complain about a thing because Oliver slept fantastic which can really make or break your trip! It was so much fun watching Oliver play with his cousin who's 6 weeks older than him. 

A long weekend was the perfect amount of time away for Oliver's first trip. The car ride was only 4 hours but 10 minutes into it I was running out of ideas to keep him occupied! So we had lots of toys and books for him to play with! I'd love to hear your advice on traveling with a baby!

11 July, 2016

Oliver at 9 months

This picture makes me want to cry. He looks so grown up! I say it every single month but I really can't believe he's 9 months! They aren't joking when they say the first year is one big blur. This was a big month for Oliver. He started sitting up from lying down, scooting across the floor, pulling up, we had to lower his crib, then just recently started real crawling. It was like once he rolled over in his Magic Sleepsuit last month, he was ready to start moving, and he hasn't stopped since! He cut a tooth on top this month so now he has a total of 3. He was pretty fussy before the tooth popped through and would wake up early. But once that tooth came in and he got over his 6th Wonder Week, he's been very happy!

He wears 6-12, 9 months, and can still kind of squeeze in his 6-9 month clothes. His pj's are 9 months and they still fit but I can tell the toes are getting tight! He's in size 4 diapers.

He drinks 4 bottles a day with 6-8 oz of formula, Baby's Only. His bottle intake his started to decrease and sometimes he leaves a few ounces but other days he sucks it all down. He eats purees 3 times a day. I still make the basic baby food like sweet potatoes, apples, mangoes, and butternut squash for him in the Baby Brezza. I also started feeding him jarred baby food so he can have more of a variety. I've been buying Beech-Nut Organic. I want to start giving him meat with his meals but not really sure how to begin, any tips?

He wakes up anywhere between 6-7 am. He gets a bottle right after he wakes up then eats breakfast around 8 am. I follow the 2-3-4 nap schedule so he goes down for his first nap two hours after he woke up, sleeps 1.5 hours. He gets his second bottle around 11 am then lunch between 1130-12 pm. He goes down for his second nap three hours after he woke up from his first nap, he usually sleeps 1.5-2 hours. Third bottle around 3 pm. His gets dinner around 430-5 pm. Depending on what time he woke up from his second nap, I try to put him down for bed 4 hours after he woke up. Sometimes that means he needs to be in bed at 630 pm. So I start his bedtime routine (bath, bottle, book) 30-45 minutes before I want him to go to sleep. I like the 2-3-4 nap schedule for Oliver because it makes sure he's been awake long enough, but not too long, for him to be tired and take a long nap. And since he isn't always consistent with his nap lengths and wake up times, it works for us.

Still sleeping great at night. Whenever people ask how he sleeps at night and I tell them "awesome!" they say "oh you're so lucky", I always mention how we got no sleep the first 6 months of his life! So we greatly appreciate these 11-12 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night! And honestly I finally feel like everything is back to normal in my life since having Oliver, well except that we have a baby now! And it's because we're all getting sleep! 

CUPS! This kid is obsessed with cups. If you're drinking something he'll reach his hands out and whine for you to give him whatever you're drinking. Then we give him a sip, and he spills it all down his clothes! Now when we go to restaurants we ask for a plastic cup to keep him busy, for like 2 seconds till he drops it on the ground, but it does keep him somewhat occupied! He has the Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup that he loves to drink from when he's eating meals. I usually just put a little bit of water in it, not that much actually gets in his mouth anyways, but I've also started adding a tiny bit of apple juice to the water and of course he loves it. 

Hats, sunglasses, when he fell off the bed, teething, when we don't give him what we're drinking. His likes and dislikes change so often though. Last month he hated getting out of the bath, and he now he gets so excited and laughs and screams! 

06 July, 2016

4th of july weekend

We had a great weekend and having a short work week makes it even better! We're heading to our annual family reunion at Wrightsville Beach, NC on Friday so lucky for me I get another few days off. This summer is flying by and I can't believe Oliver will be 9 months old on Saturday! I'm going to be planning his 1 year old birthday party before I know it. And that is NOT ok!

We visited Holy City Brewery on Saturday. Oliver did so well while we were there even though we were outside under a covered area in the heat. I put him in his stroller and he was just chillin, looking around at everyone, watching the fans, and chewing on his toys.

We had dinner at Monza with our friend's Cait and Steve that night. Since we both had babies last year, we haven't had a chance to go out with just them (sans babies) like we used to. But thanks to grandmas we were able to enjoy a parents' night out!

We went to my parent's house for dinner and the pool on Sunday. 

Oliver is no longer army crawling, he's real crawling now, and going everywhere! Even off the bed! I had a big mommy fail on Sunday and did what you're not supposed to do and stepped away for 2 seconds to go grab wipes while Oliver was laying on the bed. I turned around to walk back and I saw Oliver do a full on back flip off the bed onto the hardwood floor. It was the most frightening thing I've ever seen. Somehow my child walked away without a single scratch, bruise, or bump on him. All we can guess is he landed on his poopy diaper first and it provided a cushion and protected his head from hitting hard. I am SO thankful he's fine and I can assure you, I will never leave my child on a high surface alone again!

4th of July was spent lounging around the house and in the afternoon we went to a family cookout. 

Hope you had a wonderful 4th as well!