21 October, 2016

this and that

Friday I've never been more happy to see you! Well, except every week but this week especially! Work has been insanely busy lately because we lost a couple of days due to the hurricane so all of the surgeons are making up for it, big time! So sorry for the lack of blog posts, not that I post much anyways anymore. I still can't believe there was a time when I posted every.single.day. Clearly that was pre-Oliver. But I do it when I can! Speaking of that, if there's anything you'd like me to write about let me know! 

On Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch at Boone Hall. It was Oliver's first time, this time last year he was like 2 weeks old so we passed, and I think he enjoyed it. He liked all the animals and had a lot of fun on the hayride. I was so hot and hungry by the time we were left, we didn't go home with a single pumpkin! When momma gets hangry, it's time to go!

I started using Beautycounter's Cleansing Balm and I LOVE it! It melts your makeup off and makes your face feel so soft. It's pretty expensive but a little goes along way. I bought mine when they had it on sale so I could justify buying it haha!

I can't get enough of stripes and had two new tops arrive on my doorstep this week. Both 25% off with code STARTSHOPPING!

Oliver got this blue car for his birthday and he's obsessed! It's too cute! We use it instead of the stroller for afternoon walks and he loves honking the horn and holding onto the steering wheel.

My friend Tess talked about Rescue Remedy on her blog recently and how it's helped with her anxiety so I decided to give it a try as well. It's very mild but it really does help take the edge off any anxiety I have. I like that it's homeopathic and totally safe. And safe if you're pregnant too!

Who else is so excited 13 Nights of Halloween is back?! That and 25 Days of Christmas are my favorite!

Have a good weekend!

18 October, 2016

oliver's 1 year old birthday party

On Saturday we had Oliver's first birthday party! We were supposed to have the party the weekend before on his actual birthday, October 9th, but Hurricane Matthew put a stop to that! So we had it the weekend after and it worked out great. The theme I went with was Brunch and Bubbles. Brunch is such an easy meal to put together and who doesn't love brunch food? It was a beautiful day and we had so much fun celebrating our special boy with all our family and friends!

For food we had chicken and waffles, donuts from Glazed, mini quiches, breakfast casserole, bananas and strawberries, maple bacon and of course mimosas! 

Poor Oliver had his shots the day before so he looked sleepy all day and you could tell he didn't feel great. :(

A special thanks to my friend Cait for taking these beautiful pictures and making the delicious homemade smash cake! You're the best!

11 October, 2016

oliver at 12 months

Here we are, at the one year mark! I'm still in total denial I have a one year old. I look at pictures on my phone of him when he was a newborn and can't believe it was so long ago. He's such a joy and a happy little guy, he makes everyday so much fun. He's still crawling everywhere, pulls up on everything, likes to walk with the Vtech walker, but is too scared to try some steps on his own. I think he could do it, he just needs to get over his fear. We finally put a baby gate up on the stairs and it's wonderful. We went with the retractable type and it's great because we can leave it up when Oliver's awake, but close it when he's sleeping or not home so Pixie can go upstairs and lay on the steps. It's a little more money than the normal ones, but worth it in my opinion. He's been babbling up a storm lately and has learned to shake his head no! Although I'm not sure he knows what it means!

He wears pretty much only 12 month now. There's a few 6-12 month he can squeeze in still. He wears size 4 diapers.

We started transitioning to whole milk this month and first he got 2 oz whole milk/6 oz formula in each bottle. Then a week later 4 oz whole milk/4 oz formula. Now we're at 2 oz formula/6 oz whole milk and will continue that until we run out of formula. He's still getting 3 bottles a day. For solid food he gets breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and a snack. I also give him a few ounces of water in a sippy cup with this meal. We go to the pediatrician on Friday so I want to hear how she recommends weaning off the bottle. Any suggestions?

He wakes up around 7 am, gets a bottle, then breakfast around 8 am. First nap around 9-9:30 and sleeps 1-1.5 hours. Bottle at 11 am, lunch at 12 pm. Second nap starts anytime between 1-2 pm and lasts 1-1.5 hours. He gets a snack at 3 pm. Dinner at 5:30, bath at 6:15, bottle at 6:30 and in bed by 6:45 so he's asleep at 7!

He has good nap days and bad nap days. They've been pretty consistent for awhile now though with a 45 min nap thrown in here and there. I'm a big believer in the Wonder Weeks and he's currently going through one so his naps are either awesome, lasting 1.5 hours each, or crappy, lasting only 45 minutes. But although he may have bad nap days, he always sleeps awesome at night, 11-12 hours. So you win some you lose some!

He doesn't love anything for long but he does enjoy playing with these cars, he loves all dogs, the books My Pumpkin and Where's My Nose?, walking with the Vtech walker, and crawling and exploring everything.

Strangers, when we leave him in a room with people he doesn't know he cries instantly. He hates having his face wiped after he's done eating. 

06 October, 2016

thoughts on thursday

Hurricane Matthew is coming our way this weekend and it's really put a damper on our weekend plans! Oliver's birthday is on Sunday so there goes his party, he was having pictures made on Friday, and we had family coming into town and now they aren't. Obviously everything can be rescheduled and what matters most is we're safe! Please pray for us that Matthew doesn't hit too hard!

This day last year I was packing and getting ready to go to the hospital to have my Oliver! I'm really thankful it was last year and not this year because the thought of having a baby during a hurricane just doesn't sound appealing! 

Beautycounter brought back their Lip Sheer in Terra and I can't wait to try it! It looks like such a pretty shade that would work for every skin color.

I'm reading After I Do and it's been a nice reality check for myself. I definitely have a hard time finding the balance of being a mom, a full time employee, and wife. Marriage is hard work that's for sure! I'm about half way through the book and can't wait to see if they end up together or not!

Way too many child deaths lately. Jacob Hall from Greenville, SC who was shot in the leg passed away last week and then I heard about a 20 month old who's father left him in the hot car for 7 hours died as well. Just horrible. 

Are you Smartphone Zombie? I'm very guilty of being one and I really need to work on it. I think we've all become a bit addicted to our phones. We can Google anything in seconds and we check our social media accounts every few minutes, afraid we're going to miss something. But what we're really missing is what's going on right in front of us in real life. After reading the article it made decide I don't want to live my life obsessed with my phone anymore so it's something I plan to seriously work on. I'll probably have to leave my phone in a different room because if it's in front of me, I gotta check it!

Thanks to the dollar bin at Target I've got some Halloween decor around the house!

Hope those in Hurricane Matthew's path stays safe and dry!

03 October, 2016

life as a new mom: 1 year later

Now that we're approaching the one year mark, I find myself thinking a lot about where I was this time last year and how hard it was with a newborn. Life is so great right now it's hard to even remember back when it wasn't so easy. So before I forget it all, I thought I'd write about what I've learned as a new mom this past year. I figure it also might come in handy with future baby #2! 

It's all a phase

I think this was the #1 thing I got told every single day, but at the moment when you're in the thick of those glamorous newborn days, it's hard to believe it. The cluster feedings, no sleep, all out crying fests, fussiness, baby won't sleep anywhere but your chest, you name it, it gets better. Now that I've been through it I know it doesn't last forever, but at the time I really did think this was my life from now on. Not going to lie, there were many times I wished for my old easy life, and wondered if I had made a mistake! Now that I've been through it once, I'll know for the next time to enjoy the ride because it doesn't last. Oliver still has many "phases" where one day he naps great, the next day he doesn't. One day he's fussy, the next day he's happy as can be. One day he likes eggs, the day he's throwing them on the ground. It's all a phase!

Don't stress about a schedule

Being the naive new mom that I was, by 2 weeks I was determined to get Oliver on a schedule. I mean how hard can it be to get a baby on a schedule? Extremely hard! Oliver was a snacker and never wanted to get a whole meal when he nursed at first. He was eating every 1.5-2 hours and had no desire to stretch it to 3 hours. This stressed me out like crazy because I wanted him to go longer so I could lead somewhat of a normal life. Which also meant naps were all over the place. What eventually worked for us was a routine rather than a set schedule and to this day we still have more of a routine than set times when things are supposed to happen. 

You will get sleep again..sorta

Oliver sleeps great, he didn't at first but by month 6 he had it down. So me being tired everyday at work has nothing to do with him. I stay up way too late now just so I can have some me time even though it sacrifices my sleep. After I get ready for bed I like to lay in bed and check my phone, read, or watch TV just so I can have that time to myself. I actually just read an article on Scary Mommy about how moms tend to do this. As much as we adore and love our children, we need that alone time. Even if it means I'm tired everyday!

If the diaper is starting to leak, go up a size

My friend Cait give me this great advice and it's so true! I think a lot of people automatically assume it's the brand but really your baby just needs the next size. And don't even go off of the size range on the diapers. They are so off!

It's ok to cry

I definitely had some Baby Blues at first as I'm sure everyone does, and found myself crying about everything. You feel so guilty feeling this way but let's face it, coming home with a new baby is hard as hell and to top it off you're running off of no sleep! So cry all you want!

Always pack a spare change of clothes

I learned this the hard way at Oliver's very first pediatrician's appointment. We lived 5 minutes away, did I really need to bring him a change of clothes? It doesn't matter if you live a block way or 2 hours, if the baby poops all over himself, you need a change of clothes! Now I never leave home without em!

The guilt never ends

Not a day goes by that I don't worry I'm doing something wrong and it's going to screw Oliver up for the rest of his life. I know so dramatic! Whenever I feel this way I think back to the first few months of his life and not a single thing I did wrong, or what I thought was wrong, has ruined him.. well so far! The mom guilt will never go away, just do your best and remember your baby has no idea you're new at this!

Babies don't keep

I look at time so differently now since I had Oliver, this year went by in a flash. Although at first I was wishing he would grow up, I hated the newborn stage, can you tell?, now I'm begging for life to slow down and for me to get more time with him. So when I come home after a long day of work I let those dishes sit in the sink, the laundry stay in the dryer, and I spend all my time with him because he's only getting older and one day he won't want to play with me. And with my next child I'm going to do the same and enjoy those early days where you never leave the couch but to eat or use the restroom. Looking back I really miss those lazy days with my baby!

This has been such a fun, exhausting, rewarding, exciting year with my little man and I can't wait to see what the next year holds!