26 August, 2016

oliver's meals

I am always asking other moms with babies around the same age as Oliver what they feed their kids. I know he's a baby and would probably be happy to eat puffs all day long, but they aren't nutritious and I want him to try lots of different types and textures of food. You know before he becomes a toddler and only wants to eat pb&j and chicken nuggets! With each meal I always give him some sort of finger food and a puree. He's really good about feeding himself but some food does end up the floor or in the dog's mouth. I feel like giving him the puree as well ensures he's getting a full meal. I thought I would share what I feed him and please share with me what you feed your baby! I'm always looking for ideas! (Along with "real food" he also gets 24 oz of formula a day.)


My favorite meal of the day! I always really enjoy getting his breakfast together. On Sunday I'll making a big batch of oatmeal for him with a blended banana and a sprinkle of cinnamon, I use McCann's Irish Oatmeal. One adult serving usually yields 3 days of breakfast. Oatmeal is way too messy to let him feed himself. Because it is so slimey, barely any ends up in his mouth so I just feed it with a spoon. He also eats vanilla yogurt (love this brand!) and apple sauce. As for finger foods he likes scrambled eggs, raspberries, blackberries, toast with butter, and silver dollar pancakes from Trader Joes, which are SO good!


For lunch and dinner I like him to have a protein and a vegetable. Plum organics meatballs are a favorite, I find them in the frozen kids section at Target. I made some homemade baby meatballs recently that turned out great, recipe here. After I made them I froze them in Ziploc bags so I could heat them up in the microwave. 

The Plum meatballs aren't cheap so making them myself saved money and made a lot. Other finger foods: cooked pasta with butter, steamed carrots, and avocado. I still try to make his purees as much as I can. My go-tos are: lentils, peas, carrots, green beans, butternut squash, sweet potato, and broccoli.


I could definitely use some help in the snack department! He usually just gets a cheese stick and a sippy cup with 4 oz of formula. When my mom watches him she'll feed him watermelon and he loves it!


Dinner is the time of day I'm exhausted and rushing home from work so something easy is key. Thank goodness for pouches! I buy him the Stage 3 Pouches from either Plum organics, Happy Baby, and Earth's Best Organics. The Stage 3 pouches are great because they have protein, vegetables, and fruit in them. Since those pretty much cover his full meal, I'll heat up some Dr. Praeger's Broccoli or Spinach Littles for him to nibble on. 

Eating Out

If we're eating out I always order him something to eat rather than bring my own. It's one less thing for me to have to pack in the diaper bag and it's a great way to let him try different types of food. For breakfast I order him scrambled eggs, grits, or oatmeal. Lunch and dinner I order avocado, shredded chicken or pork, mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes, steamed green beans or carrots. But honesty if I can't find anything for him to eat off of the menu, avocado is always a winner!

Your turn, what do you feed your baby?

22 August, 2016


My weekend started Thursday when I got home from work to a clean house! Our house needed to be deep cleaned bad so we decided to hire someone to come and clean the house while we were at work. With Oliver crawling all over the place now it's really made me notice the dirty areas more and I knew neither of us would ever get around to getting it really cleaned. My hope is now that everything is spic and span, it'll be easier to keep clean. We'll see!

I decided to start selling some of Oliver's clothes on Instagram, the account is @shopoliverscloset. I buy a lot of his clothes off of IG from other mom's and have been wanting to start selling his stuff as well. Not everything, don't worry I still have a ton saved for future baby #2. Just a few things so I can make some extra cash to help pay for new clothes! The clothes range from 3 months-18 months, priced at $15-$24 and the price includes shipping. Check it out if you're a boy momma! 

Saturday we headed up to Westbrook Brewery to have a few beers. Our time was cut short, they were about to close and Oliver was super fussy. He's cutting 4 teeth and going through a Wonder Week so sitting still while mommy and daddy drank a beer was not what he wanted to do. I did manage to snap this cute pic of Theo and Oliver though!

We came home and put the baby to bed and Theo cooked us some burgers on the grill with sweet potato fries.

Afterwards we watched The Wedding Ringer. It had some funny moments, definitely could have been better but still cute.

We had a delicious brunch at the Marina Variety Store on Sunday morning. I got the Chicken and Waffles and ate.it.all. 

I picked up this dog on wheels for Oliver at a consignment shop over the weekend. He doesn't get how it works yet but he enjoys flipping it on it's side and putting the string in his mouth, go figure. It looks like a vintage toy, even though it's from Target, and I like that it doesn't make any noise!

I found this dairy free chocolate milk at Target called Ripple and decided to give it a try. I first thought it was soy milk and almost didn't buy it but it's made from yellow peas. They're evidently high in protein and calcium. An 8 oz glass of milk has 7 grams of protein which is much higher than almond milk. I haven't tried the plain or vanilla flavor but the chocolate milk is delicious. It's reminds of a melted chocolate milkshake. 

My newest breakfast obsession is avocado toast. I've been eating avocado toast for years but have been making it way wrong. I tried Annie Reeves' recipe and now I'm hooked! I think I ate it every morning last week before work.

I have Oliver's birthday invitations made and ready to ship out! Can't believe we're almost at the one year mark!

17 August, 2016

gotta break the habit

I have got some bad habits that I need to break. I've been doing them for years so they're nothing new but now that I have a baby I've started to notice that he watches everything I do. So it's without a doubt he'll pick up on them. The other night I started making a list in my phone of my bad habits so I could actually think about them and find ways to try to break them. 

Stop using my phone around Oliver

When I was pregnant I decided I would never use my phone around Oliver because I didn't want him to play with phones/iPads as a baby. Well, then he was born and my phone was probably the second thing he saw after I pushed him out, besides my crying face, because from that moment on I haven't stopped taking pictures of him. So that plan was a big fail. Now I find myself ALWAYS on my phone around him. Texting, snapchatting, taking pictures, talking, googling, always something. I'll be texting someone and look up at him and he's wide eyed with his hands out because he wants my phone! He doesn't know what to do with it, he just wants to put it in his mouth, but if I keep at it the day will come where he's going to want to play on it. So I've been really trying to leave my phone in the other room when I'm around him. I really want Oliver to learn to entertain himself with toys and imaginary play as he grows up not with a phone or an iPad.

Stop using electronics after 9 pm

So after I get ready for bed, I lay down and play on my phone with the intention of only being on it for 10 minutes then I'm going to sleep. Before I know it 45 minutes has gone by and I'm still wide awake on my phone. Then I get mad at myself because my 9 pm bedtime has turned into 10 pm. So instead I've started to read when I get in bed. It really helps to wind me down after a long day, whereas I felt like my phone kept me wired. I put my phone on the charger and don't touch it till the morning!

Stop complaining

I'm SO guilty of this. I complain if it's too hot out, too cold out, too sunny, not sunny enough, my job, my day, you get point. It's such a bad habit and one I don't want Oliver to pick up. I'm trying to keep my negative thoughts to myself and instead always find the positives in life.

Stop being judgmental

This one makes me cringe because it's NOT OK to judge people but yet I find myself doing it. I want my child to never judge someone by their looks or what they've done because it does not define who they are.

Stop hitting snooze

I set my alarm intentionally 30 minutes earlier than I need to wake up so I can hit snooze! I have never been one those people who can jump out of bed the moment my alarm goes off. Problem is I'll end up hitting the snooze button in my sleep and before I know I'm late! I need to set my alarm for the actual time I need to get up, and get up!

That's it for now, I can assure you there's more! What are some habits you want to break?

15 August, 2016

oliver at 10 months

10 months has been so much fun! Exhausting, but fun! He's crawling everywhere, pulling up on everything, opening every cabinet and drawer, climbing the stairs. We're definitely taking baby proofing serious now!

He's still in most of his 9 month and 6-12 month clothes. I'm trying to get as much wear out of them as I can so I haven't even put him in a 12 mth yet. Size 4 diapers.

Drinking formula 3 times a day, 8 oz each. He eats meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack at 3 pm. I started feeding more finger foods and it didn't take him long to get his pincer grasp down. I try to do a finger food and a puree with each meal. 

He wakes up anytime between 6:30- 7am, we've had a few 7:30 am days which were wonderful! Gets an 8 oz bottle at 7 am and breakfast at 8 am. His wake time has stretched some so instead of putting him down for his first nap 2 hours after he woke up, he does better if he goes down 2.5 hours. 8 oz bottle at 11 am then lunch at 12 pm. Second nap is 3.5 hours after he woke from his first nap. He gets a snack at 3 pm. Dinner at 5:30 pm, 8 oz bottle at 6:30 pm, then bed at 7 pm. 

First nap is 1.5 hours, second nap is 1-1.5 hours. Sleeps 11-12 hours at night.

Balls, playing tug of war with Pixie, really any toy that belongs to Pixie he wants, sitting on Daddy's shoulders, the pool, going on walks in the stroller, sitting in the shopping cart at stores.

Getting his diaper changed, when I leave him alone in his playpen, eventually he forgets about me but he always cries at first! 

12 August, 2016

life lately

Happy Friday! Sorry for the blog hiatus! Here's what's been going on lately:

Theo bought me a year membership to the aquarium for my birthday. My big gift is our trip to NYC in December but he figured the aquarium would be fun for all us. We took Oliver for the first time last weekend and had a good time. He enjoyed looking at all the fishies!

I've been trying to come up with different options for Oliver's dinner each night instead of the same old pouches and found these chicken bites in the freezer section at Target. 

He loved them so much that I'm going to attempt to make my own this weekend. I break them into small pieces and place them on his highchair tray so he can feed himself which he loves to do. 

I bought these Broccoli Littles at Harris Teeter and he couldn't get enough of them. They also make them with spinach as well. They're basically hash browns with broccoli so I'm sure I could make them myself very easily. I love the Dr. Praeger's line. The food was created by two heart surgeons and everything is GMO free and made with real ingredients. I eat their Kale and Quinoa Veggie Burgers everyday for lunch. 

For breakfast I started making oatmeal and add in a whipped banana and some cinnamon. You can whip the banana with either a hand mixer or blender and let me tell you, it is SO good. Bananas are so sweet and when you add it to oatmeal with cinnamon it tastes like banana bread. I've been eating this for breakfast a lot lately too! I make a big batch Sunday night and put equal portions in glass mason jars and Oliver eats the oatmeal at my mom's house every morning.

He loves to eat!

I am so not a fan of Instastories! I love Snapchat because I only follow a small amount of people and enjoy watching their stories. With Instastories I have to see 900 stories and I know I don't have to watch all their stories, and believe me I don't, but I have major FOMO and feel like I'm missing out if I don't! There's already so much social media to participate in already, so adding one more thing is just too much in my opinion. I mean you could easily make a full time job out of keeping up with social media! If you care to follow me on Snapchat my name is @aah72386

I'm kicking myself for not taking advantage of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale but I could not think about Fall/Winter clothes in July. I'm wishing I had though because I just love these booties!

We finished watching Stranger Things and now I'm so sad it's over! I am not a sci-fi person at all but I really enjoyed the show. Think we might start watching The Night Of, anyone watching it?

Facebook Mom Swap groups are so awesome. I've bought quite a good bit of stuff off of them for so cheap. My recent buy was this Radio Flyer Wagon for $15! It has some paint marks on it but otherwise it works just fine. I figure even if we only use it a few times, I've got my monies worth!

I've been loving masks for my skin lately and alternate between using the Pure Enzymes Mask and this Control Corrective Calming Sulfur Mask each night. They're both great for acne prone skin but the Pure Enzymes Mask works to increase cell turnover which helps to prevent wrinkles and aging. I really notice a difference after I use it. They're also both free of any toxins and harsh chemicals! I really want to try the Deep Sea Mud Mask, it has awesome reviews!

My Chatbook that I ordered came in the mail and I love it! I made an album of pictures from my pregnancy with Oliver. 

I loved being pregnant so much and knew I wanted a way to always remember it, and get rid of some pictures off my phone!, so this was perfect. 

Chatbooks has an app for your phone so you can easily upload pictures and add them to your book. The cover to my book took a little while to get right so the company ended up sending me a couple of copies till they got it perfect. I plan on doing one of these books for Oliver's 1st year of life as well! 

Have a great weekend!