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by Ally Harding, 5:37 PM
I started a blog a few years ago and only did 2 entrees then forgot about it. I've been reading a lot of blogs lately and it's really made me want to restart mine. Not that I have anything really interesting to blog about, but it seems like a good way to express your thoughts so here I go! 

My name is Ally and I live in Charleston, SC. I married my boyfriend of 7 years on December 15, 2012. 
Here's Theo and I on our wedding day. It was such a fun day! I unfortunately got a little too "tipsy" and spent the whole night on the dance floor. Which I realize is fine but it mean't I didn't eat much and the bar was right next to the dance floor so the very nice bartender felt the need to keep making me double vodka sodas. Let's just say that next day wasn't a great first day as newlyweds. I was in bed all day, and I don't mean "in bed" with my new husband. We went on a Carnival Cruise out of Tampa to Cozumel, Mexico, Honduras, Belize, and Grand Cayman. Here's one of the only pictures I have from the cruise. 
I forgot my camera a long with my makeup. Yah that first day on the cruise wasn't such a great one. I was sick from the wedding and I was makeup less. Sorry for the horrible quality of the picture. It's actually a picture of a picture. It's one of those cliche cruise pics that you have to get. 

I'm a registered nurse at a hospital in downtown Charleston. I work in the Cardiac ICU. Nursing can be very rewarding at times and very draining at others. I work night shift so I'm pretty much exhausted all the time.
But when I'm not working I like to play with my little baby girl. And here she is
 This is my labradoodle Pixie. Isn't she adorable?! This is pretty much her at all times, with a toy in her mouth. I'm a bit obsessed with her. Theo told me once time "you love that dog more than a person loves their dog, you love her like she's your actual child." I could't agree more. We got her as a rescue where she was neglected in her previous owner's garage so I think she deserves all the love she can get. 

So that's my little family. It's definitely been an adjustment getting married and living together. Although we've been together for 7 years being married and actually sharing a home together is a whole different story. We fight a lot more about dumb stuff. I've always heard the first year is the hardest I just had no idea how hard it was going to be. We work different schedules so for the 3 nights I work we really don't see each other. I honestly think that's probably a good thing for us. We'd drive each other crazy if we saw each other more. Plus I find I even a miss him sometimes. :)

My brother in law is coming in town tonight so I need to finish getting my house together. We're having Mexican night for dinner! Margaritas and all! 

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  1. Omg your post wedding day story!! Sounds like an episode of The Mindy Project!! We too have a rescue, Finn! And he is family! I love him something crazy!!

    1. I've always wanted to watch that show! What kind of dog is Finn?

    2. He is an Australian Shepherd/Chow Chow :)


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