Mexican food and a few new buys

by Ally Harding, 4:19 PM
My brother in law is town and a few of my husband and his brother's friends came over last night for Mexican night. 

I had a few of these

 and ate too much of this.
The rice was really really good. My brother in law made it with jalapenos, peppers, onions, and chicken stock. Of course I had to get a whopping helping of beans. I am a bean feign and could eat beans with every meal, or just as my meal. 

Little Pixie was wandering around hoping for someone to drop some table scraps.
She actually ended up getting really lucky. She's a VERY hyper dog and with all those people over it made her even more hyper. Theo got so annoyed he put her on the porch, with a huge a bag of trash. You can only imagine how that worked out. 

Today my friend Heather and I went to the county park and so her son Jackson could play on the playground and we just walked around and talked. I never get to see her anymore so it was really great to catch up. She's one of those friends who always has the best advice and I just love hanging out with her. We got back to her house and had a few glasses of wine so when I left her house I had a burst of energy to go shopping! I had gotten an email for a bunch of coupons for Saks Off Fifth so I decided to stop by and see what I could find. I got this super cute shirt that I had spotted on another girls blog that I really really liked. It was already discounted from the original price plus I got 30% off so I got a great deal. 
It's by Clover Canyon
You can't see the back from this picture but it has slit down the middle. 

Yesterday, I went by Marshall's looking for something to wear to a tea festival I'm going to tomorrow all day and found this super cute maxi
It's by a brand I've never heard of before, Mimi Chica. I looked it up online and it's actually a juniors brand sold at Nordstrom.
Not sure what we're doing tonight. My brother in law is still in town so I'm sure so ETOH will be involved. Have a great weekend!

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