5 on Friday

by Ally Harding, 8:30 AM
It's time for a new 5 on Friday!

1. This weekend we're taking Pixie to the beach for the first time and I really think she's going to love it! Every time we take her to the dog park she runs straight to the water. I guess that's the lab in her! I can't wait to see how happy she is going to be running on the sand and playing in the waves!

2. Have you guys checked out La Senorita Jolie yet? 

I literally want to order everything. The customer service is awesome too. I emailed them asking about sizing and they responded quickly. They said the small is like an x-small and so forth. I plan on ordering the Gabriella dress. All of their clothes are great basic pieces that you can dress up or down. They even have a sales opportunity called a "Pop-Up Stylist" where you host trunk shows and can earn 15-30% in commission. 

This is the best lip balm ever. I call it my "egg." You know how they say you can become addicted to chapstick? Well too late because I'm pretty sure my lips are already addicted. I'm not the only one in my house who's addicted. I bought a 5 pack from Costco a few months ago and dummy me left them sitting on the counter so when I came home guess who had eaten all but 2? Yup, Pixie. Pieces of plastic were every where but no lip balm was to be found. I freaked out and quickly googled "is it safe for dogs to eat EOS lip stuff?" and I found tons of message boards of other people who had dogs who had eaten "eggs." The ingredients are all natural and organic so it's non toxic to dogs. Fast forward to yesterday and Theo's mom, who's currently living with us, said there were "pink plastic pieces that looked like an egg lying all over our living room floor." She threw the pieces away before I could see them but I had a hunch what it was. Plus Pixie doesn't do a very good job of hiding it.

4. How awesome are these shoes Rachel Zoe had on her Instagram yesterday?
I tried to find them on Nordstorm's website but they were no where to be found. Obviously they would only be mine in my dreams but I think they're pretty perfect for summer.

5. I finally got a Polyvore account and made a few collages. It's so addicting I could sit for hours and play around on the site. All of these are on sale right now and Shopbop has 25% off all sale items right now. So snatch something up before the additional 25% off is up!

6/20 Shopbop lusts

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  1. Found you from the Five on Friday linkup. Nice to "meet you".

    Best lipgloss ever! Have fun at the beach.

  2. I love that lip balm!!
    And I love la seƱorita Jolie as well. I have yet to buy anything from them though but I plan on doing it because everything is so pretty :)
    Life with Baby Sophia

  3. Just found your blog!! :) And yes, those shoes are amazing!!!

  4. Found you from the Five for Friday link up! I love Polyvore too, but I had to curb my habit when The Husband kept complaining about how much time I spent creating those collages--they are so addicting! Have fun at the beach!

    Michelle @ Ya Gotta Have a Hobby


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