Body Pump

by Ally Harding, 3:59 PM
     Thursdays are my first full day off from work so they're my catch up days. I'm off by Wednesday mornings but I end up sleeping all day Wednesday so I'm not able to get anything done. I always start off Thursdays with a Body Pump class at the gym. Body Pump is 1 hour of strength training and let me tell you it's hard and doesn't get much easier each time you do it.

You start off working your legs

then work your arms

then go back to your legs

finish with your arms 

you do a little bit of ab work at the end also.

You determine how much weight you use. I swear some of those women amaze me with the amount of weight they use. There are some women who are much older than me and are using double maybe even triple the amount of weight I'm using. 

In my mind I look like this 

then I take a look in the mirror and realize I look like this

sweat dripping down by face and struggling to hold the bar on my shoulders.

I had the strangest instructor one time. There is music that is playing while you're exercising and that song "Welcome to the Jungle" or whatever it's called was playing. Let me first tell you what kind of people go to Body Pump at 9:30am on a Thursday. People who are retired and stay at home moms, or people like me who work 3 days a week. So the song is playing and the line "welcome to the jungle" is sung and the instructor out of the blue goes "you're in the jungle baby! the body pump jungle! let me hear you scream!" We all looked at each other in shock. And do you think anyone out of this retired women and stay at home moms group screamed? Um no. She also loves to sing along to songs, out loud. Luckily that instructor didn't teach today.

I heard some very sad news yesterday, my boss had to put her little Springer Spaniel puppy down because it ate a sago palm. That's the second dog I've heard of who's eaten a sago palm and died. We have two sago palms in our front yard so I did some research. Basically I found that if a dog eats any part of a sago palm, stems, root and especially the seed because it's the most toxic, they will start to vomit and become lethargic. Sago palm is toxic to the dog's liver and the dog will need aggressive fluid therapy and charcoal to throw up what it's eaten. Then after all that the dog only has a small chance of living. It said 70% of dogs will die EVEN with aggressive treatment. I told Theo we are getting rid of ours immediately and you know men, his solution was to just keep Pixie away from it. Sure, that's easy, I mean we don't take her in the front yard anyways but I'm worried about her accidentally eating one of the seeds. 

Here's what they look like

They are very common here in the south. So other dog owners beware of the sago palm!!!

I would die if something happened to my little angel!

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  1. Agh! I would def ditch those trees! Why even worry about them? Replace them with a pet friendly plant. Being in Northern California we don't have many palms but good info to know!!

  2. What ESAC do you go to? I love Body Pump!

  3. Not sure where your comment went Megan but I go to Pivotal!


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