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by Ally Harding, 8:58 AM
 I don't know if you guys caught the news lately (aka but some very important topics have come up.

First of all Kimye had their baby. I know what you're thinking, wasn't she due in July? I guess the baby came 4 weeks early and weighed just under 5 lbs. And I really don't want to be mean but did you happen to see a pic of her pregnant? I mean how could you not. She gained A LOT of weight during her pregnancy and the fact the baby was only 4 lbs something ounces is kind of funny. I know I've never been pregnant so I have no right to judge. Rumor has it the baby's name is Kaidence Donda West, named after Kanye's deceased mother.
So congrats to Kimye

Our favorite "mean girl" from Laguna Beach got married recently. K Cav finally tied the knot with her long term boyfriend and baby daddy Jay Cutler. I saw her wedding pics in People magazine and she looked gorgeous and really happy. I was looking at the girls from her bridal party and didn't recognize any of them from her LB days. I don't know about you but I was always rooting for she and Stephen to last. I liked them so much better together than he and Lauren. I also never realized how hot Jay Cutler is.

On a sad note, did you guys hear Tony Soprano aka James Gandolfini died? I think Theo almost shed a tear when he found out. I didn't watch the Sopranos, but don't worry I've heard from everyone and their mother how it was the best show ever. He died of a heart attack while vacationing in Italy with his family. Very sad, very sad. As a nurse in the cardiac ICU I've unfortunately seen heart attacks as young as 29 years old. You just really have to cherish each day as your last because you never know.

That's my excuse to why I shop so much because I never know if it'll be my last time! Ok that's not even funny, sorry!

Have you guys heard about Robin Thicke's new music video "Blurred Lines?" My HUSBAND is who told me about this video. It's so disturbing I just have to talk about it. Basically there's two videos. A rated and unrated version. Or no nudity and full nudity. Yes, that's right the music video has nude girls in it dancing around. I seriously had my jaw to the floor while I watched it and quickly xed out of the screen. I felt like I was watching something I shouldn't of been watching. Robin Thicke must be struggling to make that come back is all I can guess. 

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  1. Oh my gosh I hadn't heard about that robin thicke video..but I have got to see this! Haha sounds a little extreme.


  2. My friends went to Kristen & Jay's wedding and said it was beautiful and not stuffy. I also met him at those friend's wedding in 2010!

    1. That's awesome! What did they say Kristen is like?!

  3. I am so sad about James Gandolfini and I never have watched the Soprano's. Makes me realize I need to take better care of myself if I want to be here for the long run!


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