Handbag Heaven

by Ally Harding, 9:17 AM
I'm in desperate need of a new handbag. 
Well that's a bit of an exaggeration. 
See, there's technically nothing wrong with my current bag.

 I've only had it since January and had been lusting over it for years and finally forked out the money to buy it. I just tend to get bored with handbags really quick. That's why I could never spend over $1000 on a handbag knowing a week later I'll be sick of it and ready for a new one. 

I'm really looking for a cross body bag but one that's big enough to carry all my junk. I think cross bodies are so convenient but so many I've found are either too small or too big and bulky and look dumb carried across your body. I honestly think I'd be more satisfied with my Marc Jacobs bag if the long strap that comes with it was long enough to be a cross body. 

Some of my current handbag obsessions

This Chloe bag is my ultimate dream bag. It's a steep price tag so unless we win the lottery, sadly, I don't see me ever owning it. But if somehow the stars aligned correctly and my wish came true of owning the Marcie bag I'd like it in the small version please, so I can wear it cross body. And I'll take in it in the nut color. Thanks!

I really like this bag for summer. I think it would go with a ton of outfits. And it's 33% off!

I'm not really sure what drew me into this bag. It goes against everything I just said I wanted in a handbag. Maybe it's the fact it looks like a cow print? Who knows, but I like it and think it would look great on my arm. And it gets better, it's 40% off! 

I really like this bag a lot and would seriously consider buying it but according to the reviews I've read, I'm going to run into the same problem I have with my Marc Jacobs bag. The long strap isn't long enough to be cross body. And that sucks because it's also on sale. 

These MAC bags have really caught my eye. There's so many different styles to choose from. It comes in a mini version too but I think the regular MAC is the perfect size for me. You can wear it cross body, take the straps off and use it as a clutch, or wear it on your shoulder.

I had been eyeing this bag on Madewell's website for awhile. I just couldn't decide if it's too small or not. I like that it can be worn many different ways. It's also a bag that can be personalized so you can get your initials put on it. And it's currently on sale!

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  1. The Madewell bag is adorable! But since it's so close in color to your Marc, maybe check out the Kate Spade bag? I love my orange KS Tenley bag (and it's currently on sale at Zappos for $115!!).

    1. I tend to like brown bags can you tell?! I'll take a look at the tenley bag for sure!

  2. The Chloe bag is my dream bag as well - and likely to never be in my closet. I have a mini mac to wear cross body and I love it. The regular size is a good one. I also splurged on the LV Speedy and although it was pricey (and I too get bored of my handbags easy) I find myself ALWAYS going back to it. It just makes me feel good! Plus it will be in style forever!

    1. I've actually thought about buying a speedy or a neverfull bag for that reason that it'll never go out of style. Then I think maybe I should just save up for the Chloe bag but I have some friends who've said they'd serioundy defriend me if I ever bought it!


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