by Ally Harding, 4:44 PM
     I've always been fascinated with supermodels. They have such glamorous lifestyles and get paid to travel and just stand there and look gorgeous. It sure beats wiping a patient's butt at 2am. Sorry, TMI I know. Anyways, I follow some of my favorite models on Instagram so I get to see first hand the great lives they live. Miranda Kerr has been one of my top favorites forever. I mean the girl gave birth to her baby and walked the runway weeks after, that's amazing. Speaking of giving birth, I read she didn't even get an epidural when she was in labor! OUCH!

She's married to super hottie Orlando Bloom

who adores her

and they have a cute baby boy named Flynn together.

She's no longer a Victoria's Secret Angel but let's relive those days for a moment

A big reason I really admire Miranda is the girl has great street style. I don't know if you've ever seen a pic of her walking around NYC toting her baby on her arm but she always looks fab. She wears normal clothes you and I would wear, although I'm sure her's come with a much bigger price tag, so it's easy to try to recreate her looks.

Here are some of my favorites:

Sorry for Miranda overload but there's just too many looks to narrow it down!

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  1. Her look is so effortless!! But she's a supermodel, pretty sure she could wear a brown paper sack and it would look hot!

  2. Hey! I just found your blog :) I'm your newest follower. I'm new to blogging as well :)
    One thing I am not new to is loving Miranda Kerr!
    Looking forward to reading your posts
    Life with Baby Sophia


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