by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
What am I not obsessed with? I swear there's always something I want or am constantly talking about. 

First of all my panini maker. If you don't have one you're really missing out. They take a simple turkey and cheese sandwich to the next level of taste. The nice thing is once the panini maker is ready it doesn't take much time for the sandwich to be nice and crispy. I use canola oil instead of butter to oil up the panini maker and it tastes just as buttery as butter but is heart healthier for you. My favorite sandwich is fresh sliced mozzarella and tomatoes. OMG it's to die for. I'm not eating too much dairy right now but if I was I'd eat that sandwich everyday.

I've never owned a romper before but have always wanted one and this was on sale this weekend. It should be making its way to my house sometime this week. I can't wait to wear it casual with sandals or dress it up with wedges.

I picked this stuff up at Marshall's a few years ago and became addicted quick. If you aren't familiar with Alpha Hydroxy Acids they work by increasing cell turn over rate on your skin. Therefore they prevent wrinkles, get rid of acne scars, and just even out your skin tone. I know some people use Retin-A for basically the same purpose and I used Retin-A in the past but honestly I had better results with AHA. AHA is so cheap, I'm talking $10 a bottle, Retin-A can cost you around $100 for a small tube. Retin-A makes your skin extremely sensitive to the sun and you can't get any waxes or facials while you're using it. With AHA you can still do all that and my face is fine in the sun. Since using AHA I notice my acne scars go away fast and the rest of the skin is even and smooth and no hyper pigmentation.

Theo and I have always talked about putting a bar in our dining room. Our dining room is a nice size and currently only housing a table and chairs so a bar would look great in it. Obviously this bar is way over our price range but I have been checking Craig's list for any nice used bars. This one is pretty perfect though.

This is the best cheap dry shampoo I've found. I used to use Suave's dry shampoo but it always left a nasty residue in my hair. I found this brand at Sally's. I used it every day we were at Disney since I knew I was going to get sweaty and gross and didn't want to wash my hair twice in one day. It's also good to use if you want to add some volume in your hair. My hair gets pretty greasy so I have to wash it every day but if I need to go somewhere early or go to work out I'll spray this stuff in my hair and it looks freshly washed.

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  1. I use Suave right now for my dry shampoo (when I have to be at work at 7am!) and I love it! I definitely want to give that one a try though! For a cheap bar, we turned an Ikea bookcase into a bar!
    Here it is when we first did it: http://friedgreenpickles.blogspot.com/2011/08/loving.html

  2. I may use my panini maker more than any other appliance...it really does put a normal sandwich over the top. That's the only way my husband really likes to eat them now! It also doubles as a nice little grill at times.

    1. My only issue is cleaning the panini maker. The grids on mine don't come out to clean them easily so it can be a pain!

  3. Love that romper - did you get the additional 40% off? I think all their sale stuff is additional. Reese Witherspoon has the same print but in a dress. :)

    1. Yes I did! Oh yah now me and Reese can be twins!

  4. The sandwich combo is one of my absolute favorites. Add some prosciutto in there and I'm golden! Try Ted's butcher shop downtown on East Bay- they have an amazing version of this too!


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