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We're back from Orlando! 
We had the best time once we were in Orlando, but getting there that's a different story.

When he found out we were going on this trip Theo had the bright idea of us to take the train to Orlando. Neither of us had ever taken the train before and flying was too expensive for a 3 day trip and we both hate being in the car for long periods of time so I said a very hesitantly "Ok" about taking the train. Our train was supposed to leave 5 am Friday morning. Theo kept checking his phone to see if the train was delayed. It started off saying 50 min, 1 hours, 1.5 hours, 2 hours delayed. We decided to head to the train station around 7 and hope it would show up at least on time for the late time. Let me show you the beauty that is Charleston's Train Station

To make a long story short, the train didn't leave till 9 am. That's right 4 hours late. Don't even get me started on the types of people who take the train. I swear I'm not a snobby person but you just felt dirty on the train.
Here we are happy to be heading to Orlando despite everything

We finally got to Orlando around 6 pm and went straight to our hotel.
This made up for the nasty train ride

We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton since the trip was through Theo's work. The pictures really don't do it justice. It's a beautiful hotel.

That night we went out to eat at one of the restaurants in the hotel.

Then had a drink at the bar

 Kir Royale

The next day we woke up bright and early to head to Magic Kingdom. We wanted to get there right when it opened. I'm really upset with myself that I didn't take more pictures. Here's the few I took

Walking in the park

Theo's score on Buzz Lightyear

My score on Buzz Lightyear
I had to document it. The whole ride he was beating me and taking the game so serious. I somehow must of hit the jackpot and went from like 1500 points to 102500. Beating his 78800. He was so pissed!

Waiting to ride Space Mountain

My instagram version of Cinderella's Castle

Did you know there's a 650 sq ft apartment in Cinderella's Castle? It was built for Walt Disney and his family to stay there. Only people that get to stay there now are Suri Cruise, Kevin and Dani Jonas, and if they have a contest and you're the winner. All the money in the world won't get you a night in Cinderella's Castle. 

That night Allstate had a party in one of the Ritz-Carlton's banquet rooms. The food was great and it was all you can drink. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from the night :(

The next day we woke up early again to get to Epcot right when it opened. Epcot is my favorite park hands down. We only had 2 days to go to Disney World so we decided Magic Kingdom and Epcot would be the best two to go to. 

We headed over to Soarin first because we had heard that if you don't ride it early you'll wait in line for hours and they run out of fast passes around noon. We grabbed a fast pass for later and got in line to ride it then. We only had to wait 20 minutes. It's a fun ride, you feel like you are flying over California. It could have been better if it moved more and if you couldn't see the other riders feet on the seat above you. We got to ride it twice since we grabbed a fast pass too. 

I forgot to mention earlier that we used a website called ToaringPlans.com and it tells you the order to ride rides in so you have the least wait time. It also tells you how long the wait times are. We didn't follow it to the T but pretty close.

After Soarin we did every ride except Test Track in the future world of Epcot. Test Track was down all day and Theo was so upset you would of thought the only reason he came to Epcot was to ride Test Track. We had a blast on every ride but Mission: Space Orange was the best. It simulates what an astronaut would feel on a mission to Mars. It has centrifuge which in layman's terms means it spins extremely fast and has the illusion of acceleration into space. It's kind of scary before you board because they tell you to not look to the right or left or close your eyes while it's spinning or you could become disoriented and sick. And of course they say if you have a heart issue, high blood pressure or get sick easily to not ride it. After all that I was pretty terrified to ride it, till I looked to my left and saw a 4 year little girl on the ride. So I thought it can't be that bad, right? Wrong. It's the scariest feeling while it's spinning, you feel like you can't move and are sucked into the chair. Then to top it off you can't close your eyes or you'll become sick or disoriented?! I was about to have a panic attack. But I survived it and looking back on it it really was an awesome ride.

The second half of the day we went to the World Showcase part of Epcot, where the countries are. 

Spaceship Earth

We walked through Canada

Grabbed some fish and chips in England at the
Rose & Crown Pub

Rode a boat with The Three Amigos in Mexico

Learned about the vikings and spotted a troll or two in Norway

We were pressed for time so those are the only countries we could go to. I really want to go back to Epcot's Food and Wine Festival in the fall. Has anyone ever been?

That night we just went to a Mexican restaurant in Orlando

Once again our train home was late. Not as late as before but still late. 
I've already told Theo we are not doing that again. I can check that off my bucket list and never think about it again!

Overall we had a great trip but were happy to get home to this little girl!

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  1. Suri Cruise would get to stay there! I wonder if there is one in the Disneyland location as well? Just an FYI too, your email is not linked to your account so I can never reply back to your comments (except in blog):(. Not sure if you have it like that because you want it that way or if you just were not aware. Let me know if you need help setting it up!

    1. Thanks for telling me I got it figured out I think!

  2. Fun trip! I, too, have sadly taken the freaking Amtrak out of Charleston. Thank God it was a one-way ticket and we picked up a car to drive back. But at least your fun time made up for it, right!?

  3. That hotel was gorgeous!
    You are so lucky! Walt Disney world is truly my favorite place on earth!
    And I remember riding that astronaut ride. I thought I was going to pass out. I was so scared!!
    Life with Baby Sophia

  4. Hey Ally! I don't know how I stumbled onto your blogs but I started reading them and find them so entertaining! Good job and keep it up!! Glad you had a great trip! I've been telling Vishal that I want to go to Magic Kingdom, unfortunately it's the last place he'd like to go on our limited vacation time. Miss working with you but now I know I can read your blogs to see what you're up to! Hope that didn't sound creepy just now :) Hope to see soon!



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