Our downstairs "Powder room", Half bath, La Toilette, whatever you want to call it is pretty boring with a capital B.

When we first moved into our house I had ideas of going with a "French theme." So I basically found a bunch of pictures with French words on them and stuck them in the bathroom. I don't know what I was thinking.
I've decided as soon as I get some extra moolah I'd like to redo the half bathroom. I checked out my new favorite website Houzz for some ideas.
I don't know about you but for a few years there I could of sworn no one was doing wallpaper anymore, right? I mean my last experience with wallpaper was taking nasty moldy wallpaper off the wall of Theo's Moms old house.
It seems wallpaper is back and better than ever! I've seen some really cute ideas and I'm really considering putting wallpaper up in the bathroom
Here are some of my favorites

I know this isn't wallpaper but I just liked the way this bathroom looked

I love how crisp, clean and sterile? is that weird to say? this bathroom looks. The pictures great too.

I'm liking the backsplash look too.

I had to put this one up. Pays a tribute to my French theme

Piperlime is having a Pre-Fall Boot sale! 25% off new boots!!
Check them out here

I've been wanting some Frye boots for along time but have had a hard time breaking down and spending that much money on them. Even though I know they have a lifetime warranty and will never go out of style. Some of them are part of the sale!! I called my Mom and told her I'm ready for my Christmas gift!! Christmas in July does exist you know.

Frye Melissa Tall
Originally $418
Sale price $313.50

Frye Paige Short
Original Price $328
Sale Price $246

Do any of you own Frye boots? Do they run true to size, big, or small?

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  1. Those bathrooms are SO gorgeous. I'm so inspired!

  2. Those bathrooms are beautiful...but I must say I DESPISE wallpaper. My husband and I had to remove FIVE different layers in our family room. We rent a house from my aunt while we save up to hopefully build and over the years they just kept wallpapering over the old stuff. It was horrible. So no matter how much it ever comes back in style I don't think I could ever bring myself to wallpaper a room after our horrendous experience! And I love/hate you right now for letting me know about piperlime's boot sale. I have no self control when it comes to shoes!


  3. My first thought was she needs WALLPAPER! I hated wallpaper too because I was at war with nasty, ugly, old wallpaper in my first home. But...I had the powder room in our new house wallpapered and it's one of my favorite rooms!!! It's so funky and glamorous!!! Go for it!

  4. You have a great space to work with! I would definitely have some fun wallpapering it. Small spaces are great for wallpapering- it can really make a statement :)

    I look forward to seeing the progress!


  5. I love wallpaper in a small space. Our powder room is done in a crazy busy toile print, but it really makes the space something special. (and it is super tiny!) I love those Frye boots! Great deal, they are rarely on sale.

  6. Great wallpaper choices. Now to narrow it down! Good luck - sure it will look perfect.

  7. I love the "sterile" room haha. And the boots gah you're killing me! I have a pair of Frye boots and I think they run true to size.

  8. Love all the wallpapered bathrooms! I keep wanting to do ours. Problem is my hubby is not handy so I would have to hire someone, maybe one day!

  9. So funny! I am in the process of redoing our half bath too. Ours is soooo boring and I think it's a fun place to add a little pizazz :)


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