Beach Week

by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
We had a great time at Wrightsville Beach. It was actually a family reunion. All of my mom's siblings and cousins and their children came and we all had our own beach house. We've been doing our family reunion for a few years now and it's so much fun seeing everyone every year. We had family come from all over, including Norway. We ate junk food, layed out at the beach everyday and just enjoyed the time off from work and our normal lives. 
I had never been to Wrightsville Beach before but it's an awesome place. It kind of became a running joke of how in shape everyone is there. People are running and exercising all hours of the day. The beach was gorgeous.

 Me and my momma 

Before going out to eat one night

Of course I had to hit up Marshalls and TJ Maxx while I was there. Marshalls didn't do much for me but Wilmington's TJ Maxx was awesome. 
I found this gorgeous Vince maxi dress that of course I had to buy. I actually found it on Revolve's website for full price! There's nothing better than finding an awesome normally expensive dress for much cheaper but still full price elsewhere.

I really wanted this Marc Jacobs bathing suit but in the words of my mother "it's a little skimpy." And she was right so I didn't get it.

 How cute are these Dolce Vita flats??! I wanted them soo bad but they didn't have them in my size :( I'm going to have to search online for them.

And these Dolce Vita sandals were about to go home with me till I looked down and realized I had some almost identical sandals on. They were literally the same color with snake skin just a different brand.

A few of the girl cousins at one of the house parties

Ok this kid is seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen. He's 4 and always wear suits, tuxes, ties, cuff links, and button down shirts with his monogrammed initials on them. His mom said he asked for a tux for his 4th birthday!! His dad has a pretty snazzy job so I think he always sees his dad wearing suits and talking about "Wall Street" so he wants to be just like him. I would die to have a little boy like him.

Me and the Hubs before going out one night

 We even met a celebrity. I don't watch the show but my brother's GF spotted this guy from "Eastbound and Down" and got a pic with him. They film the show in Wilmington now I guess. 

Out at a mexican restaurant

 With my beautiful Norwegian cousin. She has 2 other sisters and they are seriously gorgeous. They don't wear any makeup, always let their hair air dry and always look great. Makes me sick.

Me and Thee's on the beach. 
Please ignore my paleness. This one random lady did not. My mom and I were walking on the beach our first day there and this very large, dark skinned woman who's sitting in the sand out of the blue goes "So do you tan at all? Or do you just peel and burn?" I very nicely said "I really haven't tried to tan in awhile so I'm hoping I will!" She then goes "Cause you're like the whitest person out here!" Laughing the whole time. I was so shocked she said something so rude that my only response was "THANKS?!" and walked off. If she hadn't caught me off guard I would of said something like "Well, I've had to have a few precancerous spots removed in the past and aren't really fishing for wrinkles so I'm sorry my "whiteness" is distracting you but I'm trying to live long and look good doing it." She made me so mad. She has no idea what my history is, and also who cares if I'm pale! It doesn't effect you so SHUT IT! Ok, sorry for my rant.

Theo and the girls 

Every family has a party at their house one night of the week so Thursday night was our night. Our house was across from a church who was having vacation bible school that week. They must of had some farm animals come and see the kids that night because we looked out our window and saw chickens, a goat, and ducks in cages.

 The surfboards in the house became the backdrop for any picture we took.

Our last night
 My mom, brother, Mimi and me

My momma and my step dad. They're so cute.

 Our last night we went out to eat and I ordered chicken pot pie. I'm ashamed to say I ate all of it but it was so good going down!

I ordered Dave Matthew's wine called The Dreaming Tree. I didn't even know he had his own wine. I got the Chardonnay and it was seriously good. I checked it out to see what it costs to buy a bottle and it's very cheap, around $15. I will be buying it asap. Here's the website it's pretty cool to check out. 

I had a great week at the beach, but glad to be home. I even came home with a tan so take that very large dark skinned woman!
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  1. In the pic where you guys are laying out... That is right in front of our condo!
    Great pictures and looks like a wonderful week.

  2. Thanks for sharing these great pictures.

    Hope you had a great weekend.

  3. Y'all had a great time it looks like! Love the pic with Mimi in it. And I love your beautiful skin - that woman will be a huge raisin before she knows it.

  4. Ohh good TJ finds!! I am kinda sad you didn't get the bathing suit!!

  5. Such adorable photos- looks like a great trip!

    You have a cute family and you look SO much like your mom!


  6. That beach does look nice. We have Fire Island here and it is gorge!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  7. Looks like such an amazing trip. Can I please just get that Vince maxi in my closet. Just stop right now.
    The Pumpkin Spot


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