Girl Crush- Rosie

by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
I did a post awhile back about my love for Miranda Kerr. Well, move over Miranda because your friend Rosie Huntington-Whitley has moved up on my list. 

You might remember Rosie from her role in Transformers: Dark of the Moon

or maybe you know her from being a Victoria's Secret Angel

either way the she's beyond gorgeous and has a knack for taking a simple outfit and making it look like so chic. 

I love how she wears ankle booties with shorts, it makes your legs look a mile long. Or maybe that's just because her legs are a mile long.

 Out and about with her hottie BF Jason Statham

I would love to raid her closet!!

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  1. She definitely has a simple, refined style. Give me the leftovers from her closet, please!

  2. She is ridiculously pretty. Have you ever seen Real Housewives of Miami? Joanna Krupa reminds me of her. Who is all stupid pretty.

  3. So true! I picked up the August issue of Glamour magazine 50% for One Direction (can't help it- love them) and 50% Rosie. She's so gorgeous and has great style!


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