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First of all I want to talk about how awesome Madewell's Customer Service is. A few weeks ago I posted about this romper. The romper was adorable but just didn't work out. I tried to sell it on eBay and had no success. I then told a friend to try it out and see if it would fit her, she's shorter than me so it's bound to fit, right? Wrong. The elastic in the middle of the romper rides up you so before you know it the shorts are up your butt. I was really bummed because the romper was a final sale and could not be returned but my friend suggested I at least try to return it. So I contacted Madewell and they emailed me back fast and said even though it's a final sale item they are going to let me just this one time return the romper! They really did not have to do that and because they did I will continue to keep using Madewell because of their awesome customer service. Ok, let's be real, I'd still shop there if I wasn't able to return the romper but this makes me love Madewell even more! So thank you Madewell, you made my day!

All of my fellow blondies need to check out this awesome John Frieda Lightening Spray.
I'm not able to get my hair highlighted as often as I'd like so this lightening spray is awesome to use in between highlights. It's heat activated so I make sure to use it on days I'm going to blow dry and flat iron my hair. When I spray it I concentrate on my roots but I know once I start brushing my hair it gets distributed evenly. You can use it as often as you'd like to get your desired blonde color. It does have hydrogen peroxide in it so I'm sure if you use it too often your hair will become dry but nothing us blondes aren't used to, right?! So far I've used it 3 times and will probably use it one more time to get the color I want until I get my hair highlighted again.

ZICO Coconut Water
My doctor actually recommended this to me after my last visit because my potassium was on the low to normal range. She recommended this particular brand too, not sure why, but it seems to be the same price as all the others. She said to do away with Gatorade and drink coconut water after working out to replace the electrolytes I may of sweated out. I know some people think coconut water takes like socks but I personally love it and love that it's a natural way to re hydrated. I'll drink it even if I haven't been working out just in the place of water.

When we stayed at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando this was the complimentary lotion and soap in the bathroom. This stuff smells amazing and I had forgotten how much I loved it till I pulled the little tube out of my purse last night and put the lotion on. I probably drove Theo crazy the whole weekend because every time I'd come out of the bathroom I'd start singing "Purple Rain."

Uh oh this could get bad

I love Joie's tops and dresses so much I can only imagine how great they're jeans are. I'm a skinny jean girl so these look pretty perfect

I love skinnies that sit mid rise to hide your muffin top.

Speaking of Joie
I see why they call them "day dreaming" flats, because that's exactly what I'm doing
The iconic red was originally my favorite

How cute are they with jeans and a white top??!

But the cheetah print has stollen my eye too

Since I can't decide, I guess I just need them both!

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  1. I need to check out Madewell asap it seems like. And I love the cheetah flats - I'm such a sucker for animal print! Get 'em!

  2. Bahhh no Joie posts!! I go into pure want mode which is almost as bad as being Hangry! Glad you were able to return the romper, got to love a company that rocks!! And I am one of those people who thinks coconut water tastes like socks (dirty to be exact) but I like the Blue Monkey brand. Pretty good!

  3. I have to try that hair lightening spray!! And those shoes are going on my wish list right now!


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