Skittles Vodka

by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM

Theo didn't join us at our beach house till Wednesday and I told him he must bring Skittles vodka when he comes, or else he won't be let in. :)
A friend of his has been making it often and Theo just kept raving about it and finally decided to make it on his own. 
 I'm not even a Skittles fan and I'm here to tell you this stuff is good!
It's an easy shot and would also be good with just some water or soda water.
 It's a great drink to make for these hot summer days.
Here's the recipe he used:

Skittles Vodka
When making Skittles Vodka you can choose to either use all five of the flavours or to buy several bags of Skittles and separate the flavours or even mix two or three of the flavours to create your own taste. Once you have chosen your flavours the method is always the same: Theo did 5 colors. 

- Pour off some of the Vodka (down to the shoulder of the bottle should do) 
He had 80 Skittles of each color. He said you do 10 Skittles per 10 oz. So since he had 80 Skittles he had 8 oz of vodka per color.

- Add your Skittles to the bottle. Theo bought 5 small mason jars and put each color in a different mason jar.

- Replace the cap and shake vigorously. 

- It takes several hours of intermittent shaking for the Skittles to completely dissolve (the process can be sped up by putting the bottle in a dishwasher during a wash cycle) After shaking, put the vodka in the refrigerator over night.

- Once the Skittles have dissolved you should be left with coloured Vodka and a layer of scum (or ming) will have formed. This ming must be removed. 

- Pour the Skittles Vodka through a sheet of kitchen paper or a coffee filter using a sieve. This will remove the ming and leave nothing but tasty Skittles flavoured Vodka. 

- Chill till ice cold, serve, enjoy!

 Read more: Skittle Vodka recipe

My favorite flavor was Cherry and Orange. I hope he makes some more this weekend! It was a hit at our beach house and was gone fast!
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  1. I keep hearing about this craziness. Must try! It's so pretty in the little Mason jars, too.

  2. What the whhhhat!? *Mindblown* Now I am craving skittles...and vodka.

  3. How much fun is this! I would love to do this for a party...I have plenty of friends and family that would greatly appreciate it. And happy belated birthday by the way!



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