This is some of my summer needs wants. We have our beach house coming up soon and plus my birthday is soon so I'm always thinking what I need, I mean want for the summer.

Summer wants

1. Mara Hoffman Medicine Wheel Bikini - I've wanted this bathing suit since I spotted it on Madewell's website. It's been sold out forever but I found it on Neiman Marcus' website and it's on SALE! 

2. Joie Huntley Tote - This bag is perfect for summer and to take you in to the fall. It's huge so you can stuff tons in it and it's neutral colors so it'll go with everything. 

3. Joie Dawna Tank Dress - I'm obsessed with this dress. It's perfect to wear out on a hot summer night. You can dress it up with heels or down with flats. It looks so comfy and breezy. I'm just waiting for it to go on sale!

4. Supergoop Sunscreen- I first read about Supergoop on Gwyneth Paltrow's website "" I know what you're thinking, but she has no relation to Supergoop. It just so happened to have the same name as her website. It has anti-aging properties, antioxidants, and vitamins in it. I was blessed with the pale gene so I have to wear a high SPF or I look like a lobster in 5 minutes.

5.  Oliver Peoples sunglasses - I keep seeing Oliver Peoples sunglasses in  magazines and reading how it's what all the celebs are wearing now. They are VERY expensive, more than I'd ever spend on sunglasses but this is my want list right? So money plays no role on my want list.

6. Ancient Greek Sandals Alethea - These shoes have my name all over them. I'm a sucker for basic beige color flat sandals that you can wear with everything. The leather looks soft, they look very comfortable, and look very sturdy. Plus they are really made in Greece so you know they're legit and all.

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  1. I love that joie dress. One day you need to splurge on a pair of oliver peoples! I have the emelitas and I rarely wear any other sunglasses now, I'm obsessed with them.


  2. That Joie dress is on my wish list! I love it. Also need to pick up some supergoop for the beach!


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