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by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
Ok don't laugh too hard but I recently started reading this book

You might remember a while back Gabby Reece was on talk shows promoting her new book about how she saved her marriage. She and Laird Hamilton were married for 4 years and seemed very happy but then she shocked everyone and filed for divorce. She claimed his moods were in and out like the tides and couldn't handle it anymore so she went drastic and filed the big D. They worked it out and are now happy as can be but not before she decided to make some $$ by writing a tell all of how she saved her marriage. I haven't read too much of it yet but so far what I've gotten out of it is she recommends every married couple writes down 5 things  they absolutely must have in a partner. And every thing not on the list is up for debate. 
Her 5 things are 
1. honest 
2. posses a level of strength that's greater than my own 
3. someone I can admire 
4. someone who's competent and confident 
5. a fix it man

She says #6 is silent and it's physical attraction. Basically if you don't have the urge to jump his bones you have a friend and not a partner.

Obviously this got me thinking of what my 5 things would be so I asked Theo to write his 5 things and I'll write mine and we'll see where we're at. He said that's dumb and it'll take time to think of 5 things so it didn't happen, MEN!

That didn't stop me from writing mine:
1. honesty - you HAVE to have honesty in a relationship that kind of goes along with trust too
2. courteous of others- I basically don't want someone who's incredibly selfish and everything we do revolves around them, listens to people when they talk etc.
3. great sense of humor
4. smart with money- this is HUGE to me and thank god Theo is because without him I think I'd be in major debt. If you haven't noticed already I shop way too much
5. loves animals and kids- I know this may be silly but I want to have kids one day and if my spouse didn't and we were married and just discovering this we would be in some trouble. You'd be surprised how many people I've talked to who haven't had the kid talk yet. And the animal part is because I think if someone is an animal lover they're a genuine nice person. I could NEVER be married to someone who doesn't love dogs. 
So those are mine as of now. I'm sure with age and time they change and what matters now won't then and vice versa. I do think my 5 things are things I'll want in my relationship forever though.

With everyone talking about going to the beach or lake this weekend it's got me thinking of how I need a new beach cover up. I got this awesome one from Athleta a few years ago, it dries in seconds, and it's cute and covers up enough that you're able to wear it if you go to a bar or restaurant after the beach.

Some beach tunics I've been eyeing lately

I tell ya, if it's made by Joie I'm going to love it. Never fails.

This claims to be a cover up but I think it'd be cute to wear as an actual dress.

These Kurtas have such great reviews. They come in so many different colors too.

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  1. Killer headache right now and cannot focus on words BUT love the tunics ha. I'm a sucker for tunics. Happy 4th, hon!


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