Weekend Fun

by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
Friday we went to Music on the Green at Freshfields Village on Kiawah Island. We brought some chairs and a cooler and enjoyed the free show. We had never gone before but I think it may be something we do every Friday. If you're ever in Charleston for the summer it's a great event to check out.

Ok, do you notice something odd about this picture? 

It looks like the kids drinking beer, right? He was walking around like this the whole time. Carrying his root beer like it was an actual beer. We were dying laughing. He even has a beer gut to go a long with it. 

After the concert we headed to a Mexican restaurant named 3 Matadors and met some weirdos. This guy was obviously wasted and came over to me, while I'm sitting with my husband and friends, and asked me to come take a shot with him and dance. I'm not one to pass up a free shot but I was not about to dance with this crazy. I went over to his table and took the shot and there was a girl with him too and she goes "are you going to dance with us?" Mind you there was NO ONE dancing so I have no idea why they wanted to dance so bad. I took the shot and left their table but not before I noticed they were all barefoot! We were in a nasty Mexican restaurant why would you walk around barefoot?? Confirms their weirdness.
I had no idea but Theo was spying on me and taking pics the whole time

Saturday we met up with some friends for an early dinner and $1 mimosas.

How cute is Heather's son Jackson? I always tell her he looks like a little surfer dude with his long wavy hair and necklace. She says the necklace is supposed to help with teething. It's amber or something. He doesn't chew on it just wears it. Beats me. But that kid knows how to work that Kindle like it no one's business, and he's not even 2! 

Sunday we headed back to Kiawah and took Pixie to the beach for her first time. She had the best time. 

On the way to the beach. She's such a daddy's girl.

Pixie and her buddy Monty

She looks like such a wet rat when she's wet. 

Handsome Monty

She was pooped!

Poor little wet rat couldn't keep her eyes open on the ride home.

Then she passed out.

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  1. Your weekend sounds like it was such a good time. I love the pictures of the wet doggies...and the kid with the root beer! Haha too funny!


  2. So funny about Theo spying with the camera phone. We were talking about going to the concert this coming Friday so let me know if y'all go! And glad Pixie liked the beach so much. Too cute!


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