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This weekend I
went to an Estate Sale with my Mom and found some goodies.

I got a serving platter, a wicker plates,spoons, knives, and napkin holder, a ginger jar? that's what my aunt called it but I plan on putting it in our guest room, 2 cook books, a Paris coffee table book, and a gold necklace. It was my first estate sale but I think I'm hooked now and am planning on going to the one this coming Friday too. Charleston peeps it's at a house Downtown so you know you can't pass it up. Here's the estate sale companies website if you're interested. Get your name on their list so you can find out about all of Charleston's upcoming estate sales!

We hit up Mt. Pleasant's TJ Maxx and I got this super cute Michael Stars dress.
His clothing is a lot of times "One Size Fits Most" and I don't know how it's possible?! I mean the dress fits like a small but I guess could technically fit as a medium or large too? It is kind of cool not having to worry about what size to try on though. It's very comfy and I wore it Saturday to the concert.

For my birthday gift my aunt, who is also my godmother, who also has the same initials as me now that I'm married gave me a gorgeous yellow gold cigar ring that belonged to her. She got it cleaned and re monogrammed. I told her awhile back  now that we have the same initials to feel free to give me all of her monogrammed jewelry, they own a jewelry store so I'm sure she has a ton. 

The picture doesn't do it justice. It's gorgeous.

Theo cooked steaks for us Friday night. 
He loves to cook them on the cast iron skillet first on high then stick them in the oven for a few minutes. Don't get me wrong they taste good but I don't know if you can tell in the picture but even with the down draft on, which sucked up a lot of the smoke, the house was still a covered in smoke. Poor Pixie was coughing up a lung. 

I made a Cookies and Cream cake I got off Pinterest. Please don't judge it but its looks. I must not have greased the pan enough because when I went to dump it out of the pan half of the cake came out and half stayed in the pan. But let me tell you regardless of it's looks the cake tasted awesome. It was super easy to make too. I'll post the recipe later this week.

Saturday we took a walk to Parson Jack's which is a restaurant that has a gated outdoor area so you can bring your dog. 

Our neighborhood backs up to a park which leads to a road that has a few restaurants on it. We had a few beers and Pixie enjoyed barking at anyone who walked up. My vet said it best "She thinks everyone is out to get her." Poor dog needs some Xanax. We had a good time anyways and I love being able to walk there from our house. It's pretty rare to be able to that in Charleston.

Saturday night we met some friends of ours at Vespa Pizza on Daniel Island before the Last Summer on Earth concert. 
I just noticed that couple in the back photo bombing our picture.

Then we headed to the concert.
We had great seats and it wasn't too crowded which was nice because it mean't the lines for drinks weren't long.

Guster played first and they were good

Ben Folds Five played next and they were boring. So boring I think everyone was talking the whole time they played. They may as well of just been the background music.

Then Bare Naked Ladies came on and they were awesome.
They had a light show, interacted with the audience, played covers of new songs, and overall performed really well. I take back what I said about them being outdated. I would seriously pay money to see them again, they were that good.

I'm so sad the weekends over. I work Sunday nights so my weekend is over before anyone else :(

What did y'all do this weekend?

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  1. That dress is too cute!! And I love that ring... love anything monogramed, especially family items!

  2. Love the ring and I've been dying to go to one of those estate sales!!! I'll definitely check out the website! The concert looks fun! I always hear about them after the fact. Guess I'm old and out of the loop!!

  3. I've always wanted to go to an estate sale...you found some good stuff it looks like. That sucks you have to work sunday nights =( at least you had a good weekend, much more eventful than mine at least!


  4. What a fun weekend! My mother-in-law loves you so much - that ring is beautiful. And your estate sale finds are awesome!

  5. Ohh estate sale sounds fun! I have never been to one but coffee table books are an awesome come up!


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