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by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
I'm no stranger to eBay. I tend to find something I like on say, Shopbop's website, and I go looking for it cheaper on eBay. The trick is to finding things New with Tags and Buy it Now. If the item is Free Shipping too then you're really in business. Not saying I've never bought anything Preowned or had to bid on it that's just what I look for first.
 Here are some of my best finds:

I knew I wanted these white jeans for summer but didn't want to pay the $176 price tag. I found them on eBay New with Tags for $129 and now they are sitting in my closet.

This dress runs for $345 normally. I found it on eBay and bid on it and got it for $90!!

I was obsessed with this bag the moment I saw it but not the $375 price tag. I searched eBay and found it as an Auction and was luckily the only person who bid on it and got it for $100!

This dress is actually on it's way to my house right this moment. It's $325 normally and I found the best deal on Ebay. New with tags, Buy it Now, and Free Shipping for $89! 

These are some items I'm obsessing over

I saw this fur vest on Joie's Instagram and knew I had to have it. I googled it and found it runs for $800. Not happening on my nursing salary. I searched eBay and didn't find the exact same one but a similar one as an Auction starting at $18.99. It's Faux Fur and the really expensive one is real Rabbits Fur which kind of urks me anyways.

I love this shirt and have it in Dusty Pink. There's always a few on eBay as Buy it Now and New with Tags. It retails at $158 but currently on eBay for $69 in the Oatmeal color.

I've been contemplating buying this dress since I saw it at my TJ Maxx for $130. It retails for $345 so I knew that was already a good deal. I came home to think on it and searched eBay for sh*ts and giggles and found it New with tags, Buy it Now and Free Shipping for $109!! It looks perfect for Fall and could be worn with flats or heels. 

MOTHER jeans have the best reviews of any jeans I've ever seen. I really want to get a pair but not pay the $196 price tag. I found these exact same jeans, New with Tags, Buy it Now, and Free Shipping for $140. The reviews say to order your normal size you wear in other jeans and they will fit. So that's what I'm going to do!

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  1. Dayum, you are the Ebay Queen! I love me some Ebay!

  2. OH, I love the fur vest. I might have to bid. I am addicted to ebay!


  3. Girl you can get your shop on and I think if we lived closer we would seriously do some damage together!! I'm loving that Vince scarf dress!

  4. You are an eBay guru! I'm going to have to start shopping better!

    Just found your cute blog!

  5. Love ebay!! I am constantly finding things too - the Vince aztec print dress is gorgeous and I love the Joie tote! Awesome deals :)


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