Fall Please

by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
     I can't wait for fall. I'm so sick of the heat and the nasty humidity we have here. Don't bother curling your hair, as soon as you walk outside it all falls. You might as well not even put makeup on because as soon as you open your door you feel like you have entered a sauna and all your makeup starts dripping down your face. I may of lived in the south all my life but the heat and humidity here is something you just never get used to. My birthday is in July and I've never felt like that fit me. I always say my birthday should of been in any time in October- December because those are my favorite months. 
     I can't wait to start shopping for fall clothes. Good riddance to all my summer clothes!

Untitled #3

Clockwise from top Frye Paige Boots, Joie Addie B Blouse, Mannin Medium Circle Monogram Pendant, Seven for All Mankind Super Skinny Jeans, Chloe Marcie Medium Tote, Yankee Candle Spiced Pumpkin, Balenciaga Classic Biker Jacket Rouille
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  1. Fall is my FAVORITE!!! I'm counting the seconds until the humidity decreases, the leaves change, and I can wear boots and sweaters. That bag is perfection!!!

  2. I'm a new follower, and wanted to let you know I just LOVE your blog!! :)

    These Fall picks are all fabulous! It's my absolute favorite season...all the items you picked would make a gorgeous Fall outfit!

    xx em

  3. I can't wait for fall either! Love that Joie blouse!

  4. I am starting to get sick of this hot weather too! We don't have humidity here in SF, but it does get darn hot at times. Plus I love Fall Fashion! What adorable boots you picked out :)


  5. I love fall...actually I just love the change of seasons! I get bored pretty quickly, I don't know what I'd do if I didn't live somewhere where we have all four seasons.


  6. Bring on fall! And that Marcie tote bring that into my closet please!

  7. This post is CRAZY how accurate it is! My birthday just passed and I've always felt like it would be awesome to have an October or November birthday because those months are so much nicer in the south! I love football season...once it gets cool enough to wear a jacket. I can't wait to put my sweaters, scarves, and boots back in my closet!


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