20 August, 2013

Falling for Vince

While perusing Shopbop last night I checked out Vince's new Fall Collection. Vince is a fairly new brand to me but I'm starting to wear it more and more. I pretty much like everything I see, always. I never buy anything full price though. I've bought a bunch of my Vince clothing at TJ Maxx and good old faithful eBay.
These are some of favorite pieces from the Fall Collection.

Untitled #5


  1. oh my goodness, so many cute pieces! That circle cardigan looks so comfy. I don't own anything Vince because it's always been out of my price range, but maybe I'll have to go to TJ MAXX and check it out (i didn't know they carried that line!)

  2. I love Vince...and I had no idea you could find it at TJ Maxx. I'm a horrible bargain shopper, I just don't have the patience to browse through racks. My cousin and aunt find the most amazing things there though so I'll have to go with them and check it out!


  3. Umm that ómbre sweater should be in my closet now!!

  4. Vince is one of my favorite designers- GREAT boot collection :)



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