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by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
Our living room was the first room I started decorating as soon as as we moved in. I felt like as long as the living room looks good all of the other rooms will eventually get done. I mean the living room IS the main room everyone sits in and hangs out in.

 I love our living room decor, I practically had it figured out what I was doing before we even moved in. Now that we have access to Pinterest and Houzz I'm coming across other living rooms that I think I like more :/
     Here's a tour of my living room:
Sorry it's so dark, I was using my iPhone camera and with the sun coming in it just wasn't working

I loved the wall art when I first got it but now I think I'm ready for something else. Luckily we have neutral colored couches so I can changed up the room color without worrying if the couches will match.

If I had an endless amount of $$ I would like to do my living room in something along the lines of these:

How gorgeous is this abstract painting??! I would die to have something like this on my big wall but Hubby would never go for it!

I would love to paint our living room a pretty shade of grey like this room. I love all of the different patterns in this room and how they all come together so nicely.

Once again LOVE this huge abstract painting. It would look great on my big wall.

Do you guys have any interior decorating tips? If you think something would look better in my living room let me know. I'm open to suggestions!
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  1. I am obsessed with grey gives a room a whole different feel which I love. You're right that your furniture is neutral so you can easily change it up! You can maybe even change things seasonally. Just switch out the pillows/artwork/drapes and add different colors! I switch some things out in our house for fall and winter vs. spring and summer when I went a different feel.


  2. Your fireplace and breakfast bar are so nice! My living room has a very similar color scheme going on - grays, blues, browns....and lately I've been adding some punches of Orange which have been fun to mix it up.

  3. I love that first abstract painting! It is my fav!! I also love your bar stools- what a great look! Neutral furniture is great- I like to change out picture frames, little decorative items, pillows, throws, etc with each season. That way I don't get too bored with a room. I also change up my coffee table ottoman a lot- sometimes a tray with books, sometimes a bowl with faux fruit/balls, etc. So many little things you can do, you have a great space!

  4. It looks great!! I've actually been in the process of searching for an abstract painting for my living room...there are some great artists who do them on etsy, but I haven't found the perfect one yet ;)

    And I used to have those exact same bar stools! I had to get rid of them though because our house doesn't have a breakfast bar like my apartment did.


  5. Looks like you have a beautiful home! I love abstract art as well- really brings interest and color into the space :)


  6. Girl you could so do an abstract painting yourself!! I'm jealous of your fireplace!!

  7. Why must amazing decor be so expensive?? I love all those looks you picked. The lattice ceiling on the first one is stunning.


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