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by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
This weekend was the weekend of buys. I didn't even plan on buying so much but found so many great deals that I couldn't pass up.

First, my monogrammed necklace I ordered came in the mail. I wanted a yellow disc monogrammed necklace since I saw Emily Blunt wear one in The Five Year Engagement.
She wears it in every single scene and it looks great with casual wear and dressed up. Her actual necklace is by Mannin Fine Jewelry and unfortunately is way above my price range. So I googled the necklace and found a much cheaper version sold on Etsy. It's by Tiposcreations. I love it and it's just what I wanted!

I went to an estate sale again on Friday and I think it's becoming my new thing to do on Fridays! My friend Jessie came with me this time and I think I got her hooked too! This estate sale was pretty decent but WAY too crowded. We had to stand outside in the heat before we could even go in the house because they were only letting a certain number of people in. Once we got in the house it was jam packed and it's hard to really look and take your time deciding on what to buy when you have people bumping into you constantly. 
I did manage to pick up a few things though. 
I got 2 coffee table books
 a planter
 and a water colored painting

I also received my Soft Joie Blush Stripe Maxi Dress I ordered from eBay. This dress runs over $100 and I got it for $35 with free shipping! If you don't ever buy from eBay you need to start. You can get some greats deals. I ordered an XS and it fits great. (I really don't like doing "selfies" but I think they're the best way to see the fit of clothes.)

It's not supposed to be a long maxi. See how it fits on the model

It was Tax Free Weekend in South Carolina and I knew I couldn't pass that up so I hit up Saks Off 5th for some more deals. If you become a MORE member, which you should because it's free, they had everything in the store 30% off. 
I found this Joie blouse on the clearance rack for half off. 

I love the nautical detailing with the gold anchor.

I also got this top for 30% off, and remember their prices are discounted already since it's an outlet store.
Joie Ashlee Top
It's so comfy and perfect to wear with shorts or skinny jeans. I want to get it in more colors. This color I have is called Dusty Pink but online they have it in charcoal and white. On Shopbop they have it in the striped version which I really like too. I got it in an XS FYI, it runs kind of big.

We saw The Conjuring Saturday night and if you want to sleep well at night don't go see it. I swear I haven't been that scared in a long time. They say it's based on on a true story and I don't know if I believe it all really happened but the freakiest part was the Annabelle doll. Read about it here. That supposedly did happen which is f*cking scary!!

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  1. Great finds at the outlet! I've been dying to try an estate sale! There are no words for how terrified I was during The Conjuring. I saw an interview with the real family. It sounds like most of it really happened. Eeeeek!

  2. That Joie maxi was a steal! And I cannot watch scary movies...they freak me out too much and I sleep with a light on for weeks after. I'm such a baby, but I'd rather sleep well at night!


  3. Don't show the Hanches that necklace ha. It's so pretty! And I love the painting you found at the estate sale. Wish I had Fridays off to hit those up.

  4. Man! Good scores at the estate sale. I love the painting. Good scores at the outlet.

  5. I seriously need to hit up an estate sale. How do you find them? And we're seeing that movie tonight and I am so excited! I love me a good horror movie. My bro in law told me the movie is rated R for it's fear factor alone!

  6. Ok I am in love with your necklace! So very cute!
    That movie looks soooo scary!! I remember seeing the preview and being scared so I can't imagine the actual movie! I used to be so good with scary movies when I was in high school but now I can't sleep for like a week when I watch one!
    Life with Baby Sophia


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