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by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
A few weeks ago Jaclyn posted about the Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots. I always have a hard time finding the perfect boots for me. I'm tall, 5'8", so I don't want a big heel. I have sticks for legs so most of the time the width of the shaft is too wide for my calves. As soon as I saw Jacyln's post about these boots I knew they were the perfect ones for me. They have a small heel height, like less than 1 inch and they have elastic on the back of the shaft so they can fit pretty much any calf size. They also fit above the knee which can look trashy usually but with these it looks classy. They come with a hefty price tag so I did what I always do and headed over to trusty old eBay and searched for them. I found them in my size as an auction, brand new with tags. Long story short I bid on them and won! The seller must not of realized because they were not actually the 5050 boot. They are a very similar style called Mainline. The boots are so similar it didn't matter to me at all.

These are the 5050

These are the Mainline (mine)

The Mainline has a hidden 3/4" wedge heel.

I got them in the mail this weekend and prayed to the Gods they fit and they did! They're perfect for my skinny calves but they would also fit someone who has normal or bigger calves. The leather is so soft and buttery. I see myself wearing them everyday once Fall comes.

 I couldn't wait to try them on 

I'm wearing the Joie Ashlee Striped top which is currently 50% off at Shopbop!

Here's a pic of the back of the shaft so you can see the elastic

The Mainline style is no longer for sale but you can buy the 5050 boot still here. They're definitely an investment but these are the kind of boots you have forever. 

This is so gonna be me
Ha! JK

Thanks Jaclyn for posting about them!

Living in the south we have a very high humidity. I think even the straightest hair turns frizzy once you come here. Highlighting my hair all of these years doesn't help either. I've struggled with finding the best anti-frizz serum for years. I've tried expensive brands and cheap drugstore brands. It's all good once you're inside but as soon as you walk outside the frizz attacks!

This is what I imagine I look like

But that's all about to end. I have found the cure for frizz. 

The combination of these two are magic. I put the leave-in conditioner in after I've towel dried my hair then put in a pump of the frizz serum in my hair. Then I blow dry my hair. Using these two have totally erased frizzy from my hair. No more Chelsea Clinton hair for moi!

I've been wanting a sunburst mirror for our guest room for the longest time. I just never bit the bullet and bought one. I was at Target last week and was browsing their clearance rack and low and behold I found a sunburst mirror regularly $35 on sale for $8!
No, that is not a typo!
 We haven't put it up yet because I want to make sure I know "exactly where you want it to go because you know it puts holes in the wall Ally!"- Theo 
It's still $35 on Target's website

If you have a dog like me then you know how annoying their squeaky dog toys can be. Unfortunately for us those are Pixie's favorite toys! We went to All is Well , a holistic dog store this weekend, and found the best dog toy. A squeaky dog toy only your dog can hear!

Pixie could chew and squeak her toy all day long and we didn't hear a thing! It was music(less) to our ears! Dogs hear at a higher wave length than us so with this particular squeak she can hear it and we can't. Genius I tell ya!

I'm dying over this outfit I saw on French Cuff Boutique.

I really wish I had a normal job and could wear cute outfits like this rather than scrubs! Someone who wears normal business attire please buy this top and wear this outfit for me!!

I'm so excited today's Tuesday because Tuesday means movie release day and The Great Gatsby is out on DVD today!
I personally loved the movie! The music, the camera angles, the time period, the wardrobe, LEO. I mean the list goes on and on. I'm planning on buying it and watching it over and over. And I'll be doing all this alone because Theo didn't care for the movie. That's alright with me, I got my man Leo in the movie so I'll be just fine! :)

When I saw this dessert on Pinterest my mouth started to water.

There's nothing I love more than banana pudding. And there's nothing I love more than banana pudding expect salted caramel, Talenti anyone? The recipe seems pretty easy too. I'm going to try to make it one day this weekend. Fingers crossed I don't mess it up! I'm not the best baker.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!
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  1. Garnier products are THE BEST for frizzy hair - I use them a lot too! Also so so happy about the Gatsby movie release. AND that banana pudding looks TO DIE FOR...is it socially acceptable to eat that for breakfast?!

    <3, Charlotte

  2. Love the boots!!! How awesome you got the mirror for $8!!!! I've always loved that mirror too - Target has the best stuff. Enjoy!

  3. $8 is a steal!! Jealous! I am also excited about The Great Gatsby coming out!! I may have to watch it tonight- love Leo!! Happy Tuesday!

  4. I have a pair of Marc Jacob boots very similar to yours. I wear them almost every day during the winter. You will love love love them!!! I can't believe that mirror was $8.

  5. Amazing find on the boots! I'm 5'9 and feel the same way about boots- it's hard to find good ones that don't have a 3-4 in. heel. Those look awesome on too!

  6. That sunburst mirror is a huge steal! I also love love boots- perfect for fall!


  7. Great find with the boots!! They look almost identical, and look great on you! Ok, and I'm super excited about the dog toy because I hate squeeky toys and now there is one I can buy, what a great idea...thanks for sharing!!

    I'm also excited about The Great Gatsby because I didn't get a chance to see it in the theater, so I can't wait to rent it for a movie night! ;)

  8. I like your boots way better than the 5050's. Awesome stuff all around today! Per use :)

  9. OMG that Joie top is to.die.for!!!!! I never saw The Great Gatsby in theaters so I will have to check it out. Anything with Leo in it I am game!

  10. Love that work outfit! And I hear you on the boots - I'm 5'9" and loathe having a tall heel on something I want to wear everyday... looks like you found the perfect pair!


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