Weekend Recap

by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
My weekend was extra long for me because I had Sunday off and I normally work Sunday nights. Very, very happy about that!

Friday I went to an estate sale and was surprisingly pretty disappointed. The estate sale company hyped up this particular sale so much I expected to walk in there and want everything. Not so much. I guess the owners of the house were into antiquing or owned an antique store so they had tons of stuff, just like the estate sale company said. But the stuff they had was so random it was just bad. Nothing went together. You'd have a room done in a Chinese theme and walk to another room and they had everything vintage. 
They had this picture for $7000 and I can not figure out why?!
See what I mean with the random stuff?

I did manage to get one thing. I saw this picture on the wall and quickly snatched it up. It was the only "normal" thing I could find and it's just a picture frame!

When I was paying for it the guy next to me who was also buying a picture goes "Do you know the name of the picture you have?" I was thinking "you mean this picture frame?!" He goes "It's called snow." He then said you can put shoes in it (??!!) or some keepsakes. I told him I was going to put my wedding picture in it, DUH.

I'm planning on putting it in my dining room. Tell me what y'all think. Here's my dining room

It's pretty bare. I was planning on putting it on this wall between the 2 windows

Friday night we went to Mexican then came back home and drank a few of these
My new favorite drink is vodka soda with a splash of lemonade. And real lemonade not that Crystal Light shit. Try it, it'll change your life.

and I hung out with my little girl.

Saturday we walked to Parson Jack's and drank a few beers.

Ok, now I'm starting to realize why Theo says I pay more attention to Pixie than him, she's in every picture!

That night we made a homemade pizza
The pizza crust is from Publix which I highly recommend. I'm beginning to prefer the homemade ones to eating out, SHOCKER!

I almost forgot, the most important part about Saturday was my Stuart Weitzman boots came in! I'm going to do a post about them soon because they are a-mazing!

I was off Sunday , whoop whoop!, so we headed to the beach with Pixie. Sorry I didn't take any pictures. I know you all expect more from me. She had a blast and frolicked in the ocean. She also took a shit in the ocean. Typical dog.
We came back and took a nice long nap.

And I'm back to work Monday! What did you all do this weekend!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I love estate sales, but they can really be hit or miss...Aaron and I love mid-century stuff and it's hard to find, but it's still always fun to see all the "stuff" people have, even if it's not my taste. I love that picture frame you found though! It'll look perfect in your dining room :)

    ...And those boots are fabulous!! Perfect for fall!

  2. That pizza looks delicious!
    And hello amazing boots!
    Life with Baby Sophia

  3. That painting freaks me out. But your boots are so hot! Keep hearing about Publix's pizza crust so I'll have to try it out. Happy Monday!

  4. Ohh your boots!! That was a big purchase :) Have you ever had a greyhound? Vodka with pink grapefruit juice? Delicious!

  5. Yay! I'm so glad you got the boots and that you love them! Homemade pizza is the best...probably a lot healthier too!


  6. Your homemade pizza looks amaze. How funny about that picture of "Snow"!! I am desperate for new frames for our wedding pictures and checking out Estate Sales is a genius place to start - thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Bummer that the estate sale was a letdown. But I think the frame you got will look great in your dining room!

  8. Hey lady! Just nominated you for a Liebster Award! check it out here: http://crazynypostgradlife.blogspot.com/2013/08/second-liebster-award-on-blogger.html


    <3, Charlotte


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