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So technically my weekend started Tuesday. I was on call Tuesday night which means unless I get called in I'm basically off for the night. I never got called in so I only ended up working 2 nights last week. 
Don't be jealous.

So the beginning of the week I did a lot of this
I "caught up" with the Kardashians

I started reading this

And I did some of this
TJ Maxx wins again. I found this French Connection knee length maxi dress for $10!

I didn't forget about Pixie
 She got a pig that she shredded in seconds

To thank me for her pig she decided to leave me a nice surprise when I got home

I don't know why she does it?! She know it's bad and always cowers down when we scold her!

Friday night Theo and I went to eat at EVO which is a pizza place in the Park Circle area. It's delicious and was actually voted the best pizza restaurant in South Carolina. If you live in Charleston I highly recommend it. Then head to Madra Rua for a beer after, or be like us and go and get a buzz before you eat.

After dinner we headed to Theo's aunt and uncle's house for a drink.

Pixie decided to leave us a nice surprise again when we got home
I didn't even know we had that much paper out in her reach!

Saturday we took Theo's uncle and cousin to Westbrook Brewery to taste some beers.

 Me with my beer samples. I was so excited because one of the beers I tried was called Spicy Nachos and it tasted just like it sounds. I wouldn't want to drink too much of it but the little 4 oz sample I had was delicious.

 The hub's and I 

 This for your Meredith Jones who I know is reading this! You should of come!
I was rocking my $10 French Connection dress.
It's been a tad big cooler here lately, and when I say tad I mean no humidity, so I was able to break out my jean jacket which I was so happy about.

That night we went to Theo's aunt and uncle's house to eat steaks and celebrate his uncle's birthday.

Pix got to play with her cousin and wore her little self out

After dinner the "kids" played Bears around the ice hole. 
It's an annoying dice game with a catch it to and it can take even the smartest person awhile to figure it out. Until you figure it out you have to drink a ton.

I sat on the floor with my child and gave her lots of love

Sunday we got  brunch at one of my new favorite restaurants to eat at, Page's Okra Grill. I got the "Hot Mess" and I'm not ashamed to say I.ate.it.all.

I don't mess around with food.

What did you guys do this weekend?

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  1. We almost went to EVO Friday night but didn't want to fight the 526 traffic!!! Cute dress!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! My pup hasn't left any chewed up "surprises" yet but she's still young, so I'm sure it will happend sooner or later ;)
    Love the French Connection dress, and what a steal for $10!! I love getting great deals on summer stuff this time of year since the fall clothing is getting put out.

    PS that breakfast from Page's looks amazinggg :) I love going to brunch on Sundays! xx

  3. I don't mess around with food either...I would have devoured that. It sounds like a fun weekend, even though Pixie was a bit of a naughty pup. Jamo used to do that too..he finally grew out of it though!


  4. Every time I bring Finn home a present from TJ or Marshalls he rips it to shreds!! And yet I still go back and buy more!

  5. That looks like the perfect weekend (minus the Pixie clean ups ha). And you get the deal of the day award for that cute dress!


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