5 on Friday : NYFW Edition

by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM

I've never been to NYC but if I could go I would want to go either for Christmas or for Fashion Week. As I've gotten older my style has changed and so has my taste in clothing. I prefer to buy more expensive basic timeless pieces that will last me for years than cheaper faddish clothes. With my taste in clothing changing, it has gotten me more interested in fashion designers. I've really started to have much more of an appreciation for them and know there's a lot more than goes into designing clothes than it seems. Clothes can transform someone and they can make you feel like a million bucks instantly. I already told Theo I'm going to Fashion Week in February and I think he's really on board. I mean I may have to drug him and blind fold him to get him on the plane but he'll be there!

1. {READ}
Besides the awesome shows, the parties at Fashion Week are supposed to amazing. If you happen to be there or live in NYC here's The Ultimate Party Crashers Guide to NYFW.

Amy I'm counting on you to go this one!!

Florence Welch sang in Chanel's show for the Paris Fashion Week in 2011 for their Spring 2012 Collection. Between Florence's voice and Chanel's set I don't know what's prettier. 

3. {BUY}

3.1 Phillip Lim is coming to a Target near you! I am so excited about this and hope his line is better than that collaboration with all the different designers earlier this year at Target. That stuff sucked. And let's hope it doesn't all sell out in an hour like Missoni for Target did. 
Here's a preview of the collection

That floral dress has my name all over it!!

4. {WATCH}
Here's the Senior Fashion Editor of Marie Claire magazine Zanna Roberts Rossi explaining everything you need to know about NYFW.

5. {EAT}
In honor of the stick thin models who walk the runway, I figured it would be pointless to post an actual recipe because it's pretty obvious those models aren't eating anything this week other than a piece of spinach. Instead I'm going to educate you all on the "Fashion Week Diet." 

The Fashion Week Diet
according to the Russian Model Kira Dikhtyar


Cotton balls, cigarettes, laxatives, cocaine, HCG injections, thyroid injections


1. Whenever you hear your stomach growl and you want to hurl with nausea, eat a cotton ball. It'll pass. 
2. Smoke cigarettes all day to curb your appetite. 
3. Pop laxatives as often as you can to get rid of that one cotton ball you ate. 
4. Snort as much cocaine as you can to burn off that one cotton ball you ate.
5. Inject yourself with HCG or T3 to increase your metabolism. That one cotton ball is starting to give you love handles.

Follow this recipe and you too can be a NYFW model


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  1. NYC during Christmas time is so amazing! But it's NYC so it'll be awesome whenever you go! You will love your first trip there and you will want to go back the minute you get home. Trust me. Now you just have to wait until February ! ;)
    Zanna Roberts is wearing the most beautiful outfit in that picture. I want it all!
    And targets are only starting to open in my area. I know, crazy! Hopefully the one close to my house will be opened when that Philip Lim collection comes out !
    Have a great weekend!
    Life with Baby Sophia

  2. Hahaha I love the fashion week diet. Those poor girls, I'm sure they're not all THAT unhealthy, but either way they definitely are watching what they eat, and I couldn't live like that! I feel the same was about Phillip Lim's target collection...it's either going to be mediocre, or it's going to sell out right away! I hope to get my hands on some of it though.


  3. I would love love love to go to NYFW too. Sound amazing! And beyond exciting Phillip Lim is coming to a Target!

  4. Eating cotton balls reminds me of "Elf" haha. That's absurd. And I would like the Philip Lim leopard combo please and thank you.

  5. How did I not know I was going to NY during fashion week! Agh - my outfits just got so much more pressure on them!! Seriously I imagine most models to be bitches...because they must always be so hangry!

  6. DYING over the NYFW diet... hysterical.

    have a great weekend! ;)

  7. Hahaha, the diet made me giggle! And I have high hopes for the Phillip Lim for Target collection, I hope it ends up being fabulous! And seconding the not selling out bit - the MIssoni collection was a BIT ridiculous.


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