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Since I talk about Pixie so much in my blog I figured I'd do a post on the of how we got her.

I knew I had always wanted a "doodle" dog of some sort from the day my coworker brought her Goldendoodle Henry into work to do Pet Therapy. Before meeting Henry I had never heard of a doodle before but instantly fell in love and told Theo that was the dog I wanted. I was in nursing school at the time and I was living with my parents too so getting a dog wasn't happening. Fast forward to a year later and as soon as Theo and I signed the deed to our house I told him I wanted a doodle and I'm going to get us one. He was so against it, I mean we had just gotten engaged and bought our first house, did we really need a dog, RIGHT NOW? No, we didn't but when I want something I'll do everything I can to get it. 

My coworker who owns Henry got him from a rescue and gave me a list of the poodle and doodle rescues in our area. I came across this one site called International Doodle Owners Group or IDOG for short and found a few doodles on there I was interested in. If you've ever adopted a rescue dog then you know it isn't an easy process. I sent in an application for 2 Goldendoodles on IDOG's site who were being fostered in Charlotte. Charlotte is only 3 hours away from Charleston so it would be a quick drive and I'd finally have my doodle. The next day I received an email from a volunteer at IDOG saying she felt these Goldendoodles weren't fit for me and she would rather them go to a home with other dogs. I was shocked because I figured they were dying to get these dogs off their hands and why do I have to have another dog to adopt a dog?? She then suggested a few other Goldendoodles that were much older, like 9 years old, and said those might be a better fit. I told her I was getting married soon and really wanted a dog to grow with our marriage not a dog who's going to die in 3 years. 

What I didn't realize was the lady I was in communication with lived in Mt. Pleasant, which is 15 minutes from me, and this was really a coincidence because IDOG is national and most of the people who work for them live in Texas. She called me a few days after rejecting my application for the Goldendoodles and said I have a 1.5 year old Labradoodle in Mt. Pleasant named Pixie that I just got a call on from a family who can't keep her because they are moving. Would you be interested? I said sure I'll check her out. So she sent me the email about her basically saying she's good with kids and cats and up to date on vaccines. These were the pictures of her:

It's pretty comical because this is nothing what she looks like now. These people had a shotty groomer and made her look like a botched up poodle! 

The family that owned her lived in a small condo with 4 kids and had no time for Pixie. They left her in a crate in the garage 24/7. It breaks my heart just thinking about her horrible life before us. I think they got this new popular hybrid dog that everyone raves about because they don't shed and thought she was going to be perfect but didn't realize she's very hyper and needs to be exercised. 

The IDOG lady got Pixie and took her to her house and Theo and I drove to Mt. Pleasant to meet Pixie. My first sight of Pixie was this tiny little black dog in a cage very frightened and barking. We took her in the lady's back yard and threw the ball with her and realized how much she loved playing ball. Tennis balls are like crack to her. We offered to take Pixie home for a few weeks and see how it goes and decide if we want to keep her or not. We were basically fostering her. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on her were keeping her. 

 This was the first day we got her. I mean look how happy she was?! 

I loved how she lays like a frog and actually watches TV. I've had dogs all my life and they've never watched TV like Pixie does. 

She even felt comfortable enough to fall asleep.

She had a lot of anxiety when we first got her. The owners lied and had not kept her up to date on her vaccines. She was heart worm positive. She was not spayed. And she most certainly did not like cats or other dogs. 

She slept in her cage for the first few weeks, it was her cage from her old house so it was like her safe place. We have it in the garage now and whenever she sees it she goes over to it and sniffs it, like it's familiar.

She was so skinny. She weighed 37 lbs when we got her. She's gained 10 lbs since we've had her. 

We got her spayed and this was the first time she layed spread eagle on our bed. Now it's a normal thing.

Then she had to get treated for heart worms and they made her sick :( Those first few days of heart worm treatment she just moped around.

Everyone loves Pixie and Pixie loves everyone, eventually. She's scared of men at first and will pee still to this day if she's first meeting someone for the first time.

She's a true Daddy's girl.

 And boy does she love her toys!

Being a rescue dog she still has her issues. But she has come such a long way from that scrawny little black dog when we first got her. She's very loyal and we can leave her in the front yard off leash if we're outside. Since I work night shift I have to sleep during the day and from the get go she's been great about letting me sleep. That was one of the main things I was worried about. 

Personally I think it was total fate that brought us with Pixie. It was so random that at the same time we were looking for a doodle there was one right near us. I told the IDOG lady to please let me know if there's another dog in the Charleston area looking for a home. This was almost a year ago and haven't heard anything from her. Pixie may have her issues but I wouldn't trade her for the world! We love her so much and she truly is our baby!

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  1. Bless her. She's precious! My daughter would go bananas over her!

  2. She's so lucky to have been adopted by you guys! She looks so happy. It always warms my heart to hear of animals that are adopted because there are so many out there who need good homes. Adopt a Golden Atlanta sometimes has goldendoodles if you ever do decide to adopt again. Both of my goldens (one who recently died) came from there and it's a great rescue. They make sure they are up to date on everything. Have a great one girl!

  3. What a lucky girl. I love seeing how comfy and loved she is in her new home. Really precious! Good for you for going for a rescue dog!!!

  4. What a sweet story! So glad y'all found her!

  5. I love this story, but it makes me so angry how some people treat animals. There are many people who own dogs that definitely shouldn't be allowed to. Locking a dog up in a crate all day is SO inhumane. I'm glad you took her in and gave her the home she deserves.


  6. awww so sweet! reminds me so much of my poppy! i adore rescue dogs :)

  7. What a great story! My rescue pup is a daddy's girl too ;)
    I can't stand when animals are treated poorly...and I am so happy she has such a loving home and family now! <3 And I love that you let her coat grow out longer than the original photos they sent you, just looks so much healthier and more natural ;)

  8. She's so much cuter withOUT that haircut. What a cute baby girl. Love the rescued pups - they're the best!

  9. Pixie is the cutest! My dog Cooper loves to watch tv too- it's the funniest thing!

  10. She is such a doll! I can tell she has a big personality from these photos too :)


  11. Oh my goodness!! She is the CUTEST! This makes me want a doodle even more!


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