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by Ally Harding, 7:49 AM

I don't know about you guys but I had every intent on getting into shape this summer. I joined a gym, drank more green smoothies, and overall tried to eat healthier. Well I've come to the realization nothing has changed. I didn't go to the gym as often as I had planned on and working night shift means you're exhausted so what do you do when you're tired? You eat. And you usually aren't craving a salad at 2 am. I realize I'm not overweight by any means. I've always been a thin girl which I know is very fortunate. I'm tall so luckily the weight I gain has somewhere to go. But as I'm getting older I can't eat like I used to. I tend to binge, whether it be chips or cookies and then lose track of how much I've eaten. You know how they say some people have an apple shape or a pear shape? I'm an apple shape so every bit of weight I gain goes right to my stomach. Although that is the easiest weight to lose rather than a pear shape, it's more unhealthy to be an apple shape because you have fat surrounding your organs.

Once again, I don't have some sort of mental issue where I look in the mirror and see an obese person, I know I'm not fat. Would I like to a few pounds so I can be in better shape and health, yes. 

I've never been a fad dieter but I know tons of people have great results with a low carb diet or not eating after 6 pm. I was always told to eat a big breakfast so you end up eating less later on in the day. A few years ago I remember eating every 2 hours to see if that would help. As long as you're eating 200 calorie small meals every few hours it's fine, but that doesn't always happen.

I read this article the other night at work and I found it really interesting. Especially since I'm kind of frustrated right now with my eating habits. I thought I'd post it for you guys if you're struggling with weight also or just want to be in overall better health.

1. Skip Breakfast if you want
There's 2 main things you need to know about this rule.
1.Timing isn't as important as you think. You don't need to eat as soon as you wake up, your metabolism won't be harmed.
2. Eating an early breakfast just leaves you with a large window of eating. Meaning if you eat a 7am then you're hungry again at what 10 am? Then eat lunch at 1pm. Then you're hungry again at 4pm then eat dinner then you want a late night snack? You've eaten a lot in the day.

2. It's Ok to eat a big dinner.
This one was a total shocker to me because I've always been told to eat a small dinner because it just sits in your gut when you go to sleep and leads to weight gain. The article says you won't get fat eating a big dinner as long as you haven't eaten every other meal big or just eaten a lot in the day.

3. Snacking does not effect metabolism
This goes back to what I said above about eating small 200 calorie meals every few hours to speed up your metabolism. According to this article it doesn't matter if you eat 6 small meals a day or 3 meals a day as long as you aren't eating over your total daily caloric intake. In fact it even says those who eat 3 meals a day are more satisfied and feel less hungry in the day.

4. Eat Carbs to Get Lean
I know some people have had great results with the Atkins Diet but bottom line is your body needs carbs. Carbs get a bad wrap because most of Americans are eating highly processed carbs with tons of sugar. Which leads to obesity, diabetes etc. We need healthy carbs from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Not fake processed ones. It says if you're really worried to eat more carbs on a day your active and less carbs on day you aren't. Simple enough.

5. There is a weigh-loss pill worth buying
No it's not Phentermine or whatever those crazy diet pills are that give you tachycardia and make you act insanely hyper. It's Vitamin D. People that have lower body fat have higher levels of Vitamin D in their body. Vitamin D helps you feel fuller by releasing a hormone leptin. Take 2000-3000 IU of Vitamin D a day for weight loss. Side note: Most people especially women have low Vitamin D levels and could benefit from taking high amounts of supplements daily. Low levels of Vitamin D can lead to breast cancer , osteoporosis and may also be the reason you're overall tired all the time.. Next time you go to your Dr. get your Vitamin D level checked. You might be surprised.

6. Exercise on an empty stomach
This isn't really anything new. Basically don't exercise after eating a big meal. Sleep and hydration are also very important before a workout. Eat what feels best for your body. Whether it be a small meal or no meal at all.

7. Eat Saturated Fat
Saturated Fat has always been the big heart killer and we've always been told to watch our intake. This article is saying that cholesterol is actually an antioxidant against free radicals, you know the things that cause cancer and inflammation in your body. There's a town in New Zealand where the people who live there eat a diet that is 50% saturated fat and they have the lowest heart disease. This goes against everything I've ever read so I'm kind of on the fence about it. 

8. Consider fasting for better health
Fasting is nothing new to our body, we do it every night when we sleep. Fasting is actually go for your body, it helps you burn fat, and recharge. Researchers found that people who fast for one day a month were 40% less likely to have clogged arteries. They're referring to short fasts too, 12-16 hours at the max. It will also teach you to separate boredom from genuine hunger. I don't know I could go without food for 12 hours. I'm afraid I'll get all shaky but all power to you if you want to give it a try!

9. Going organic won't help with weight loss
This is common sense really. Just because it's organic doesn't mean it's low in fat and calories. Organic cookies are still cookies. Obviously eat organic, but keep an eye on the nutrition facts.

10. There's no such thing as too much protein
As a nurse I know too much protein intake for someone who has a kidney disease can be dangerous to their health. But for a normal healthy person protein will not lead to kidney stones or kidney failure. Protein is a great calorie burner too. 

So take what you want from these tips. I found them all really interesting. Whether I'm going to fast for 12 hours or eat more saturated fat is highly unlikely. The biggest thing for me to take away from these rules are that calories are the same whether you eat at 2 am, like I do 3 nights of the week, or 10 am. Watch your total intake and cut down on processed carbs and eat more healthy carbs. It's actually really easy you think of it that way.

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  1. Girl I'm in the same boat. The last month I have been really trying to cut down on the sweets and lose the love handles I'm starting to get those which I never had before. I've started eating fruits for snacks and I'm a firm believer you shouldn't go without breakfast. If I do, it messes me up the rest of the day. Those are great tips though! :)

  2. I have the exact body as you, tall and apple shaped, my fat goes right to my midsection! These are great tips...I swore I'd get in better shape this summer too and it just didn't happen. Summer is a hard time to do that so now my goal is get in better shape by Christmas...we'll see how that goes!


  3. I'm a firm believer in the eating every 2-3 hours method. I typically have a piece of fruit or a kind bar in between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner. Check out the Tone It Up girls- they have great tips on healthy, filling snacks and meal ideas along with great workouts that you can do from home with little to no equipment.

  4. I'm totally surprised by the snacking/metabolism one! Great post. New follower.

  5. It is SO hard to eat healthy at the hospital. There is always junk food laying around, and you get HUNGRY! Eating every 2-3 hours with 2 on the vent and cardiac arrest coming your way? YEaaaahhhh....not happening.

    Love the diet rules!


  6. I have decided this is the winter that my butt is going to get into shape. I really want to be closer to my goal weight pre pregnancy. I have been doing barre and the Couch to 5k app and enjoying it. Need to cut down on the carbs and sugar now!


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