Wednesday's Obsessions

by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
Woo hoo it's Wednesday and I'm done with work for the week!

I went in Anthropologie this weekend and probably shouldn't have for my bank accounts sake. Of course I loved everything and totally see why people become so obsessed with the store. I've really started to gravitate towards stripes lately so this dress needs to be on my body with some booties asap.

It comes in blue also but I think I like the black and white better for Fall.

My typical outfit in the Fall is skinny jeans with an oversized top. It's easy to throw on and super comfy. I kept seeing this sweater on other blogs and really liked it but never acted on it. Now I go to order it and it's sold out! Rotten luck! I'm going to keep checking daily to see if it comes back in stock.

My Mom's neighbor had this infinity scarf on this weekend and I absolutely loved it. I love that is has the two patterns on it. It's only $15 at Target too! Looks much more expensive than that I think.

The fashion blogger Stylin' in St. Louis is always wearing carrying this Pour La Victorie bag in her pics. I love the bag and think it would be perfect for Fall. It has so many neutral colors in it, it would go with everything. Unfortunately for me it's sold out. I have it on my Hukkster so hopefully it'll alert me when it's back in stock.

I'm dying over these shoes! I tried on a similar pair at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago and let me tell you they are so comfy to wear. I didn't like the pattern I tried on, they were pink snake skin, YUCK! but I would like them in this leopard print. I WILL be getting these for Fall for sure.

I really want a Fiddle Leaf Fern for my house. I think a real house plant brings life to a room. From what I've read they're pretty easy to maintain too and they live for years. I just need to make sure they're dog friendly and it's ok if Pixie takes a bite off a leaf one day. She always tries to eat flowers so I'm sure a huge leaf would look appetizing to her.

I talked about these on my Instagram because they taste just as good as the look. They're genius too. They stay frozen so I take them to work with me, stick them in the freezer and then take them out when I'm ready to eat them. They're only 100 calories too so you don't feel guilty about eating them. I got my box from Costco and it came with 20 packs!

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  1. Love the scarf a d the fern! I've been wanting the fern for my house but I think it may be too bulky :(

  2. Off Saks carries Pour La Victoire. You should check there to see if they have your bag!!!

  3. Love all of that stuff! And check my blog tomorrow. You and I both have leopard on the brain :)

  4. I need some leopard print flats this fall! I want that fern as well, I just don't know where I'd put it's huge!


  5. Good finds! This is rando, but check out Victoria's Secret for oversized sweaters. They have one I am really curious about.

  6. Um, yum! Those banana dippers looks delicious - and a perfect "smart" treat to curb sweet cravings! ;) Love the gray Merino sweater...I cannot have enough black, gray, and white in my wardrobe!! So exited to wear some warmer clothes for fall ;)

    xx em

  7. I call those shoes "smoker shoes" haha. I recently saw a very similar pair at Marshall's in leopard!


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