Weekend Recap

by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
I hope everyone is enjoying this Labor Day Monday off from work. Please think of me as you're taking a sip of your Corona because I'll be sleeping all day today since I worked last night. And I'll be working tonight too. Happy Labor Day to me!

I had a pretty decent weekend regardless of not having Monday off. Friday night Theo and I went to out to eat at an Italian restaurant downtown called Pane e Vino. Charleston peeps, if you've never been I highly recommend it. It's been open for a few years now. It's always really good and the prices are great. Our service this time was horrible. They were understaffed and extremely crowded. Thank goodness the food tasted good because it made up for the bad service. 
This is the only pic we got of the two of us. Why are the iPhone front facing pics such bad quality?! Please excuse my frizzy hair.

 It's impossible to get Pixie to pose for the camera

Here's one but what you don't see is Theo is holding treats in his hand

Saturday one of my best friends and my MOH was in town from Charlotte. She's pregnant with her second child and finds out the sex on Tuesday. She already has a little boy, Grayson, so I'm hoping it's a girl!
We went to lunch at Blossom. I got their pizza special of the day and it was seriously the best pizza ever. It had veggies and drunken goat cheese, whatever that means, and mozzarella. It was to die for.

I used to work as a hostess a Blossom back in the day and had forgotten what a pretty restaurant it was.

We walked to King St. and I got some goodies from Anthropologie.

 I told Theo I got the top to wear to USC games since it's dark red and black. You know I have to justify my shopping with him sometimes!

It comes in lots of other colors and I had the hardest time deciding which one I liked the best. I got it in a Medium because I like my tops a little on the bagger side, you know to make room for the food baby.

That night Theo had his Fantasy Football Draft at our house so I went to my Mom's and we headed to a party in her neighborhood.

I was the youngest person by a long shot
 I had to document it because it was so comical. 

The owner of the house who had the party is an awesome artist.
Tug Mathisen is his name. All over his house was portraits he had painted.
His paintings are sold at The Courtyard Art Gallery. They're all Charleston themed. They're so gorgeous I want them all!

While I was at my Mom's house I found this old gold bracelet that belonged to my grandmother originally but she gave it to my Mom. 

I wore it all night with my Mom so I figured it was ok that I took it, right? I guess not.

Are the All Caps really necessary?

Hope everyone has a fun Labor Day! 

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  1. Sounds like a pretty awesome weekend! I love the shirt you bought and that pizza looks SO good :)

  2. Love those Anthro finds!! I need to stop there next time we're on King! That is too funny about the caps in the text from your mom, my mom does that too but I think its on accident.. haha!

  3. Fun weekend with great finds and food! So funny about your mom's text. That bracelet will be great to have (later)! Happy sleeping, love!

  4. Love that Anthro top! I'm headed there today to find a dress for a wedding. And I am dying over your mom's texts!! I would do the same thing you did :)

  5. My hubs did fantasy draft yesterday too. He had to complete two of them and it took literally all afternoon. Your pup is presh.

  6. Hahahaha that text from your mom is hysterical..."LATER WHEN IM GONE" lol. Sounds like my mother.


  7. Love your maxi dress!! And your gmas bracelet is gorgeous and so interesting! Your mom's texts are hilarious, even funnier that they are in CAPS hahaha ;)

  8. Hey lady-- Thanks for stopping by my blog last week! Sorry I am so late to follow up! It sounds like you had a nice and relaxing Labor Day weekend. I love your Anthropologie top... I may have to go check it out myself!


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