Weekend Recap

by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
This weekend was pretty uneventful but I was fine with that. Sometimes it's nice to just have nothing planned and play it by ear. Theo went to Athens, GA for the USC/UGA game so it was just me and little Pixie. 

Since it was just me and my girl all weekend I picked her up a new treat. Pixie loves stuffed animals with squeaks in them but the tears them up in an hour and then is over them. So this time I got her an actual bone that she can chew on for 
days and days.

Her "please stop taking pictures of me Mom" face

Friday night I went out to eat at J. Paul'z with my good friend Melissa. It's Restaurant Week here in Charleston but that really didn't matter because we didn't take advantage of it. Basically a bunch of restaurants in Charleston have a special menu where you can get 3 items for $20, $30, or $40 a piece. It really can be a good deal especially the 3 for $40 because the restaurants that offer that are usually the ones with $60 steaks on their menu. J. Paul'z had 3 for $20 but I decided I really didn't need an appetizer, meal, AND dessert so we just split a few tapas items.

Saturday I just hung around the house and cleaned and ran some errands. 
I caught up on some reading 

and watched one of my all time favorite movies 

I've been wanting to the book Brain on Fire so I finally bought it for my Kindle. 

Has anyone read it? It's about a woman who get's an autoimmune disease that causes her to develop seizures, paranoia, and brain inflammation, yikes! The book is about her journey to get diagnosed and her month long stay at the hospital where she remembers nothing. Maybe it's the nurse in me but it sounds really interesting!

I can't believe it's already time to go back to work! 
What did you guys do this weekend!

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  1. Sounds like a nice, relaxing weekend! The Devil Wears Prada never gets old!

  2. I had the same kind of weekend! Aaron was out of town, so the pup and I spent the whole weekend together relaxing and catching up on movies ;)

  3. Oh! Let me know hoe Brain on Fire is...I've almost downloaded it twice!

  4. I never get sick of watching The Devil Wears Prada, actually now I really want to watch it! Our weekend was rather uneventful as well, and I loved it. Nice and relaxing.


  5. I love a good weekend alone sometimes :) And you girls looks so pretty at J. Paul'z!

  6. The Devil Wears Prada is one of my favorite movies too. Sometimes uneventful weekends are the best :)


  7. Interested about that book! Would love a review!

  8. I read Brain on Fire earlier this year and loved it! I've always been interested in the mind, so it was so cool to hear from a first person perspective of a mental disease like the one she had. The author's story is incredible!


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