5 on Friday

by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
Looking forward to a relaxing weekend! It's going to be cold this weekend in Charleston so I'm excited about wearing boots and sweaters finally!

1. {READ}
Stars they're just like us! Check out Who What Wear's list of famous people who have blogs. I already follow GOOP and Lauren Conrad's blog but who knew Beyonce and Julianne Hough had a blog?! Not sure why my BFF Chrissy Teigen didn't make the cut but add her blog to your follow list too.

I love anything MJ and this song has to be my favorite. At our wedding I specifically told the DJ to "PLEASE PLAY MICHAEL JACKSON!" He didn't and I was pissed so as soon as he finished up and said "This is the last song" I told him, very very drunk mind you, "PLEASE PLAY PYT!!" I'm sure he thought I was just some drunk bride but that song is my jam and I was looking forward to it all night. He was a smart man and played it. :)

3. {BUY}
Kate Bosworth has collaborated with Top Shop for the second time for The Collection. Top Shop is like ASOS to me, I always mean to buy their clothes but never think about it. They're stuff is priced really well and I've always heard great things about their clothing. I'm eyeing this sweater and this leather clutch.

4. {WATCH}
You may of seen this video before but a few years ago Jimmy Kimmel told parents to tell their kids the day after Halloween they ate all their kids candy. Some parents did it and filmed their kids reactions and sent it into Jimmy Kimmel. It's really funny, I mean it's pretty cruel of the parents, but funny.

5. {EAT}
Katie from The Perks posted a picture of a dip similar to this on her blog yesterday and I got me thinking I'll make this as an appetizer for the USC game on Saturday. 7 layer dip is always a hit and in the shape of a spiderweb makes it even better.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. That video was so funny both times around! Great addition to the post!


  2. Great reading list... and that dip looks amazing- and festive!

  3. That Jimmy Kimmel bit with the kids is always so funny, we just die laughing. And MJ is my FAVORITE as well! My cousin and I are mutually obsessed, and PYT is one of our favorites....I actually call her my PYT. She was my maid of honor and in our programs next to her name it said Maid Of Honor (PYT). Hah, we're such weirdos. Have a great fall weekend!


  4. I love LC! I miss The Hills :(
    I'm making a dip tomorrow and now I think I might have to make that spiderweb one! How cool!
    Life with Baby Sophia

  5. That dip is so cute-- even though spiders totally creep me out haha! I love how creative people are with food, gives you so many fun ideas for entertaining!

  6. The list is totally spot-on for fall favorites. And 7 layer dip is always a great idea! If you don't feel like making the web, I've covered the top with shredded cheddar before after making the dip in a circular bowl, then using black olives to shape two little triangle eyes and a mouth. Ta da - pumpkin faced 7 layer dip! Have fun this weekend love!

  7. Love the list! Sums up all the fun things about fall perfectly! I laugh at that video every time! Still funny no matter how many times I see it! Warm drink with a big sweater on while watching a movie sounds like a good date night!

  8. I love anything MJ too - PYT is a great song. And that video is hilarious haha!!

    Have a great wknd!

  9. I love that dip idea! I am headed to Halloween party next Friday I think I am going to use this as my app! Brilliant!

  10. have a lovely weekend, babe! loving the cold weather here in wilmington too!! was pumped to wear a sweatshirt and leggins and boots today. woohoo!!

  11. Those Jimmy Kimmel pranks are hilarious! Have you seen the xmas ones where he has parents give their children terrible gifts? So funny :)) PS...I nominated you for the Liebster Award...check out my latest blogpost! xx

  12. I l-o-v-e LC's blog (and her)...amazing inspiration!

  13. We were just talking about that video last night. I think its hilarious!!!


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