"Do you like scary movies?"

by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
I love scary movies. I mean LOVE scary movies. Don't get me wrong they scare me to death but I still watch them! I remember going to see The Ring in High School with my friend on a school night, yah bad idea, and stayed up all night scared to go to sleep and to turn the lights off. My Mom says I've always been a "chicken" she means a scaredy cat but that I still watch them! I do it to myself! When Theo and I first started dating I decided October would be our month of scary movies. We would watch a scary movie every night for the whole month. Back before we had full time jobs and owned a home it was easy to do, obviously not every.single.night but a few nights a week. Now that I work night shift 3 nights a week and am exhausted the other 4 nights by 10 pm, the scary movie watching has been lacking. Let me rephrase that, we haven't watched a single one. It makes me so sad to think October is almost over and not a single scary movie has been watched this season! Luckily we both agreed Friday we are going to watch one, probably The Conjuring since it just came out on DVD and scared the sh*t out of me at the movie theaters. Only the best scary movies do!

In case some of you are scary movie weirdos like me I thought I'd do a round up of my favorite ones. 

The Exorcist

Obviously this movie is a classic scary movie but paranormal stuff like the Devil possessing your body has always freaked me out more than the slash gore ones. This is the creme de la creme of Devil possession movies. After seeing so many scary movies now I realize how this movie really isn't that good just was good for it's time, but still worth watching. Side note: I googled The Exorcist to get a picture for this post and pictures of Reagan the little girl looking all scary and possessed came in my search box and gave me chills!! I had to X out of the page fast!

Paranormal Activity

There's like 4 of these movies and I think a 5th one is coming out next year. The first 2 are the scariest in my opinion. These were the first movies to have an actual hand held camera filming the footage and it really makes the movie so much scarier. The scene in the first movie where the girl just stands over her boyfriend's while he's sleeping for hours always freaked me out and I pretty sure I slept with one eye open for a week after seeing it. 

Trick or Treat

This movie is kind of a cult movie because I don't think it ever went to theaters. It has a bunch of scary stories in it that somehow come together in the end. This movie isn't a super scary movie fun scary. Great movie to watch on Halloween. 

Dead Silence

I had to google this picture quickly because I didn't want to see the scary lady's face! This movie freaked me out for weeks. It's about a woman who was an evil ventriloquist and the towns people took out her tongue and killed her because she messing with young kids by possessing them. She basically haunts people and kills them. There's more to the story obviously but I highly recommend it it you're looking for a movie that makes you have to sleep with the lights on all night. Hey, sometimes that's fun!

28 Days Later

If you like zombie movies this is a good one. These movies really don't scare me but they're just fun to watch. There's a sequel, 28 Weeks Later, that's also good. These are Theo's favorites.


This was the first scary movie in along time that had a good story line and was scary as f#ck. The director is the same guy who directed The Conjuring which was also a great movie. Insidious had a sequel out recently but I never saw it because I heard it wasn't nearly as good as the first.

The Mothman Prophecies

Theo had seen this movie way before we started dating and always said it was the one scary movie that freaked him out and still does. We watched it a few years ago and he was right, it was extremely scary. The story is the mothman appears if something bad is going to happen to you soon. So without telling you too much, I'm sure you can guess where the plot is going. 


Theo says this is the best horror movie hands down. I think it's a great classic and fun to watch all the movies on Halloween. Can't go wrong with Halloween.

What are you favorite scary movies?
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  1. Eeek! I can't watch scary movies! They usually just freak me out too bad! You are brave!


  2. I have cold chills just looking at the pictures! I love all scary movies!!! I'm totally crazy and glutton for punishment!!! Halloween is the best time to have a scary movie marathon!

  3. um, I cant even watch previews of scary movies! total chicken over here...

  4. I love scary movies but just like you, they scare me like crazy! For some reason, I'm always drawn to them tough...
    That scene in Paranormal Activity where the girl watches her bf sleep for hours..... is SO scary!! Now I feel like I'm going to think about this when I go to bed tonight..... :(
    Have you ever seen Session 9? I do remember watching this in HS and being extremely scared. I don't know how I would feel about it today and I can barely remember the plot but you could watch the trailer! I'm actually going to go do that right now!
    And there are a few movies I haven't seen in your picks so I might have to give those a try!
    Life with Baby Sophia

  5. I saw The Exorcist when I was really young and it literally scared me more than anything ever has lol...I worn a cross necklace for a month and slept with the lights on at all times (unless I snuck in and slept on my parents floor) So scary!!

  6. I've watched a few (very few) scary movies when I was younger and would have nightmares. So..no more scary movies for this girl :/

  7. Great list!! My husband and I have been talking about watching a scary movie around Halloween but weren't sure which one so we will try out one of these! I also get terrified watching scary movies but something about them is just fun too. I've only seen the Exorcist and Paranormal Activity from this list.. a couple I would recommend are The Shining (a classic!) and The Strangers (omg scared the crap out of me)!

  8. Gah no thanks ha. I thought "What Lies Beneath" was scary since it all seemed so real. And then I slept with the lights on and I wouldn't look in fogged up mirrors for like months.

  9. I used to! But then I watched Paranormal Activity and can no longer handle the scary movies!

  10. I can't handle scary movies at all! I literally scrolled quickly by the pictures of the movies haha


  11. We love scary movies too!! Think I am going to Netflix on e of these - that ventriloquist one sounds perfectly terrifying!


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