Flirty, Thirty and Thriving

by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
Do you guys remember that movie 13 Going On 30 where a little girl who's 13 wishes she was 30 because life seems so much better at 30? Her wish comes true and she becomes her 30 Jennifer Garner self. She realizes life isn't that great at 30 blah blah blah and marries the boy who was her friend as a kid. I've always loved that movie maybe because I've always been excited about getting older. I'll be 30 in 3 years and although I'm having a hard time coming to that in my mind I'm not really dreading it. I've always heard you feel like you really know yourself in your 30's, your financially secure, well, let's hope so, and you generally are stable in your career and family life. If all these assumptions are true then bring it on!

I have a point here and it's that I found this article about 10 Pieces Every Women Should Have Before 30. I'm happy about being a grown up now and honestly loved changing my wardrobe with age. I checked out this article to see what I own and what I need to own to be ready for 30, according to Who What Wear of course.

1. {A Trench Coat}
"Impulsiveness is a folly of youth. Forethought is what happens when you know better. In other words, invest in a reliable trench and leave getting caught in the rain to twenty-somethings and Jimmy Buffet."

I was so happy to see this on the list because I actually own one! Guess how many times I've worn it?? NONE! Can you believe that?! I just never think about it. I got it from Target years ago so it wasn't expensive but with the crazy Charleston weather I really should be wearing it more.

When I think of a Trench I think of the classic Burberry Trench

A cheaper classic is London Fog's Trench

Very similar to Burberry's but much less expensive and currently on super sale!

2. {Respectable Luggage Set}
"Now that you’ve upgraded from hostels to hotels and from road trippin’ to platinum status, you need a proper suitcase. Actually you need a pair of them, because when it comes to travel plans, one size doesn’t fit all."

I was given a great luggage set from my parents when I graduated high school. It's almost 10 years old so it's definitely starting to shred and tear here and there but I love having matching luggage whenever I travel. This is something I'd have no problem investing a lot of money in since you'll have it forever hopefully.

Samsonite carries sturdy luggage sets that can stand to be beat up a few times in the airport. This 5 piece set is only $100. As much as I'd love to have a Louis Vuitton luggage set I can only imagine how much I'd cry if I saw a scratch on one of the suitcases from being in the undercarriage of a plane. Stick to the durable luggage for travel. 

3. {A Made-Vintage-By-You-Tee}
"A t-shirt that you’ve worn to the point that it looks vintage is the ultimate fashion badge of honor. It takes time, commitment, and good laundry skills. Moreover, it’s loaded with sentimental value and fond memories. If you’re an overzealous closet cleaner, don’t sweat it, you can buy a new tee today and it’ll be soft and perfectly faded by the time you hit 40."

I can't really say I own anything like this yet, mainly because I don't own too many t-shirts. This Paris Tee by Madewell could definitely become a made-vintage-by-me-tee.

4. {A Gift To Yourself}
"Good news? Bad breakup? Treat yo’self. This should be a totally unnecessary, utterly fabulous item, which, ideally, you cannot in good conscious afford. Consider the fashion/food analogy: just as it’s psychologically healthy to indulge in a chocolate milkshake every so often, so too is it prudent to occasionally unleash your inner splurchase monster. In short, all work and no Gucci will make you a very dull girl."

My Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Speedy 30 (it's now discontinued so here's a similar one that's preowned) was definitely my big gift to myself. It's the bag I spent way too much money on. I don't regret it one bit because I know I'll own it for years and years and will pass it down to my daughter and granddaughter.

Maybe your big splurge is a pair of Louboutins that can be worn for every fancy occasion,

 or this Pashli that can carried from work to play.

We all deserve one big splurge in life that will last for years and years. And maybe if we're lucky we'll get more than one! ;)

5. {A Signature Accessory}
"This doesn’t have to be expensive or showy, just something that a) you wear frequently and b) is indicative of your personal style. One-of-a-kind pieces and heirlooms work well here. Also monogramming is an easy solution for making any piece your own."  

My signature accessory is my mongrammed disc necklace I ordered off Etsy. Emily Blunt wears a similar one in The 5 Year Engagement and ever since seeing hers I wanted one with my new married intials on it. It's a great necklace that was an even better price. I wear gold more than silver, although my wedding rings are white gold, so I ordered my necklace in yellow gold. I wear it all the time because it really goes with everything.

Another great signature accessory is the Cartier Love Bracelet. Talk about a timeless bracelet that you can wear for years to come.

6. {A Go-To Interview Blazer}
"The average American changes jobs every 4.4 years, so by the time you hit 30, chances are you’ve been around the block once or twice. To ensure that the first impression you make on a potential employer is a good one, invest in a classic and versatile blazer. It conveys a sense of no-nonsense professionalism and can be tossed on at a moment’s notice (no ironing necessary)."

I own a black blazer bought years ago from Target. I've gotten a lot of wear out of it but always felt it could be tailored a little better. Now that I'm "older" I think it's time I bought a better quality one that fits like a glove.

This Vince Camuto blazer is priced great and looks perfect to wear to an interview then out to dinner and drinks after.

7. {Solitaire Diamond Earrings}
"Costume baubles are fun and flashy, but every jewelry box deserves at least one precious piece. For the biggest bling for your buck, opt for a modest pair of diamond studs.  The workhorse of the accessories world, they go with everything and will never, ever go out of style."

I don't own a pair of diamond earrings and honestly it's never been something I've really cared to have before. I don't wear studs a lot and the one time I wore my stud pearl earrings to clinicals when I was in nursing school I lost one and have never forgiven myself since. Even if I owned a pair of diamonds earrings I would be so scared to wear them! Not saying I wouldn't be happy if Theo surprised me with this Tiffany pair for Christmas though!

8. {A Sexy Set of Lingerie}
"Whether you’re relationship status is married, single, or “it's complicated,” you should own a set of underwear that makes you feel instantly sexy and irresistible. Important note: this is for you, not him (although doubtless he’ll appreciate it too)."

I was fortuante to have a Lingerie Shower before I got married so I'm pretty set with lingerie. Victoria's Secret is always a great place to check out for good lingerie. Disclaimer: Wearing VS lingerie will not turn you into this

9. {A Designer Wallet}
"If you’re anything like us, you squandered your first paycheck on the latest It bag (and then lived off SpaghettiOs for the next two weeks).  A quality pocketbook is equally important to one’s wardrobe, but because it doesn’t see the light of day as often, it tends to get pushed to the bottom of your shopping to-do list. Stop procrastinating and make the purchase. We promise you won’t regret it."

I bought this Marc by Marc Jacobs Wallet about a year ago from Saks off 5th so I got it for a great price. It's small but just what I need. I got it in white so it would go with every bag I'm carrying. You can't go wrong with Marc Jacobs anything really.

10. {A Lipstick Shade That Suits You}
"Lipstick colors are like romantic partners: there’s a perfect match out there for everyone. All it takes is a little research on your part. Troll the beauty sites, consult the salesclerk at your local cosmetics boutique, and don’t be afraid take the more promising shades out for a test drive. Whether it’s with a matte or long-lasting gloss, you’re sure to find your happily ever after."

My go-to lipstick/gloss is Dior Addict Lip Glow. It's a pretty pink color that's supposed to look different on everyone. I can't guarantee it does but I know I love it on me and wear it daily. I even wore it for my wedding. To me it's a great color that I can wear for any occasion and will never go out of style.

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  1. Love this, but it made me realize I need to step up my wardrobe game!!

  2. Love this!! I'm 30 next year (sigh...) and I have some of these things but need a few more... It's a good excuse to shop ;)

  3. I love this! I have most of these but the vintage tee could be tough, not a tee wearer.

  4. I would trade a kidney for a Cartier love bracelet. Seriously. I'm also in love with that monogram necklace, but I'll probably just buy it with regular money instead of organs :) haha

  5. I have been searching for the perfect trench and I have yet to find one I truly love...probably because what I really want is that Burberry one!

    And you know how I feel about Louboutins =) every girl should spoil herself and own a pair...or five.


  6. Such a great post! Good picks!

  7. I'll be 30 at the end of December and I probably only own 2 items off of that list. One being the lingerie (had a shower, like you, and a vintage by me t-shirt). Need to step up my 30 game!

  8. This comes at the perfect time because I literally just cleaned out my closets last night! I got rid of SO many clothes that were still "college" and decided it was time to step it up to more of an adult wardrobe haha. This list is the perfect start!!

  9. i've had my eye on the epi speedy in navy! the perfect gift to myself :-) great post!

  10. Hmmm judging my this I think I'm still 13 going on 30 hah. But I've known for a while to step up my luggage game. Does that count!?

  11. Love this! I treated myself to the LV speedy on a whim in Vegas. I am so happy I did! I always go back to her!

  12. Glad to know I have a lot of these things checked off--Now only 13 months to do the rest ;)

  13. This is a great list! A trench coat is the best purchase and that Pashli bag is on my wish list.

  14. We enjoy a lot of the same things.


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