Scenes from the weekend

by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
I first want to give a big Happy 28th Birthday to the main man in my life!

 I know he won't even see this because he rarely reads my blog but I wanted to give him a shout out anyways. I can't believe he'll be 30 in 2 years! AHH where has the time gone! Guess it's just time for a younger upgrade! I kid I kid. 

This past weekend we headed to Atlanta to spend time with our nephews, niece, Theo's brother Eric and wife Nicole. Theo and Eric golfed all day Friday so Nicole and the kids and I headed to the pumpkin patch.

Lukey pushing the wheel barrel

Harper in the wheel barrel

Luke, Harper, and Noah

Harper and her little pumpkin, that she loved to suck on 

After the pumpkin patch we headed home and got ready to go out to dinner. Theo's birthday is today and Eric's is the 26th so we celebrated both their birthdays. 

Me and Theo

Eric and Nicole

I'm obsessed with Nicole's bangs and really want some now!! I feel like I always debate getting bangs every year. I know as soon I get them I'll regret it cause they'll drive me crazy!! Decisions, decisions??!

Saturday we hung around the house and watched football and hung out with the kids. Nicole's going to hate this picture because it looks like all they do is watch tv (they don't!) but how cute are they??

Little Harper loved doing whatever her brothers were doing. 

Uncle Theo loved hanging out with them too.

Sunday the guys went to the Falcons game so Nicole, the kids and I went downtown to go on the Skyview. 

It's a big ferris wheel that overlooks some of downtown. It was fun and the kids were a little nervous at first but really enjoyed it once it got started.

After the ferris wheel we went to Centennial Park and the boys played in the Olympic Fountain

We had a long day Sunday so Uncle Theo and the boys watched a movie before bed. 

We had a great time in Atlanta and can't wait to go back for Thanksgiving!
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  1. I still haven't gone on the skywheel yet! Looks like yall had a wonderful weekend :)

  2. i swoon over (ALL) pumpkin patch pictures. these are no exception!! sounds like a fun weekend, beauty! and happy bday to your MAN!!


  3. Looks like a great weekend! Precious pictures of the kids in the pumpkin patch!

  4. How cute are you and your husband? (P.s. you look pretty good holding a baby...just sayin') :D

    I always love bangs for about 3 days after I get them, then I'm back to growing them out. But it still doesn't stop me from chopping some once every few years.

  5. Sounds like a great weekend! Your niece and nephews are adorable! So jealous of your beautiful weather - we have snow flurries in our forecast today in Chicago!!

  6. I could never do bangs! They look so cute on some people, but they would drive me nuts. I had them when I was little and they were cute...but I think they drove me crazy then too, it was my mother's doing.

  7. looks like a fun little weekend. so much fun to be around kiddos!

  8. Happy birthday to Theo! Those kids are so stinking cute. Do the bangs, do the bangs!! (Just don't cut them yourself wink wink)

  9. Happy birthday to your husband! Looks like a great trip to Atlanta! I want to ride the Skyview so badly, but living here we never make time for that. I think a staycation pretending to be tourists is in order!

  10. The skywheel was in my hometown on Pensacola Beach before they moved it to downtown Atlanta. So much fun!

  11. How sweet are they?! Looks like y'all had a great time!


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