Splurge vs Steal : Fall Accessories

by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
I first want to thank everyone for their sweet messages and support for OctNOber. Trust me you're not alone in thinking I've gone loco. My coworkers practically laughed in my face and it's become a running joke at work. I have faith in myself and it's only for a month, maybe 2, and you can do anything for 30 days, right? We'll see.

Even if it wasn't OctNOber I don't think I'd be buying any of these purses or shoes. I just can't justify spending $3100 on a bag. Although I wish I could. So I found some steals to go with the gorgeous splurges.

I love love love this Givenchy bag. I've really started to like animal print a lot more and this bag is just plain gorgeous. I've seen it range from $2800-$3100 and either way it ain't happening. The French Connection Steal is super cute too and would be as equally a great animal print bag.
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These 3.1 Phillip Lim boots are super sexy. I love the cognac color and they would go with everything. Luckily I found some Jessica Simpson ones very similar for a fraction of the price. In my opinion, any boot that hits above the knee is sexy.
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I love Marie Turnor's take on a classic lunch bag for a clutch. You can put so much stuff in it. It was very hard to find a steal version of this bag but I was able to find one on Etsy. I honestly like the colors of the Etsy version better. 

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I'm in love with these Versace heels. I know I'm 5'8 and don't need 5 inch heels but they're gorgeous! I love the safety pin detail too. It could look tacky and trashy but Versace made it look classy and sexy. These ASOS heels are hot too and an awesome price. I love the gold toe and gold detail. Once OctNOber is over I'm definitely getting myself some black boots with a gold toe. They're such a steal at $77 on sale. Originally $109. 
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Dannijo makes some beautiful jewelry. I'd kill to wear their jewelry. I love this collar necklace but the J.Crew one is stunning too. J. Crew necklaces aren't cheap but compared to the Dannijo one it's a steal.
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Happy Hump Day!
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  1. Good luck with your challenge! I have faith in you ;) and I'm going to have to never show your octnober post to my boyfriend because he would want me to do it and although I have faith in you I sure don't have any in me as far as not spending ! Haha :p ok maybe a little ;)
    Love your steal finds! Jessica Simpson has great shoes and boots! Always love her collections!
    Life with Baby Sophia

  2. I love the idea of OcNOber! My husband and I are also doing a little self-imposed cut back on spending, so I'm right there with you girl! But, blogging definitely makes it hard with all the cute fall clothes everything is posting. Stay strong! :)

    Kate, like-americanhoney.blogspot.com

  3. I totally get people practically laughing in your face. I am dying over Christian Louboutin's Armurabotta boots and am so desperate for a pair. I asked Zack if I could make a deal that if I didn't buy anything for the rest of the year then I could get them for Christmas. He laughed in my face and said sure, you go for it...obviously knowing that's impossible I told my mom and best friend and they laughed at me too. Aaaand reality set in by like day three and I realized they just won't worth it! At least what you're doing is realistic! I totally have faith in you, but I think you're torturing yourself with this post right now! I want those Phillip Lim boots. The Jessica Simpsons are a pretty good steal tho!


  4. Those ASOS booties are cute!! Love the gold detailing!!


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