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by Ally Harding, 6:03 AM
I told my sister in law this weekend about my pact to not buy a thing till the end of the year. She's said that's all fine and dandy but you need to have something to reward yourself with when this time is up, so you have something to look forward to. Since I'm not shopping I'm able to pay off some debt and she said I need to have something around $100-$200 that I can treat myself to when I'm all paid off and the no shopping pact is done. Best idea ever! Of course I'm super excited and have already started getting some ideas of what I want! I know what I want will change, I mean I can't buy it for 2 more months, but I'm just so happy to have a reason to shop again. See I told you I have a problem!

Since I bought my Stuart Weitzman boots I've decided I really want a good pair of black leggings to wear with them. I own a cheap pair from Target but they're the kind that are shear when you have your knees bent and I just don't feel like they are appropriate to wear as pants. Now I know leggings aren't pants but I've seen some that practically are pants and not just some super tight spandex that look like you should be in a spin class.

Since discovering Madewell it's become my go to store for everything. If it was up to me my closet would be full of any and everything Madewell and I'd be happy as can be.

I can't decide if I want a pair of vegan leather pants or regular black leggings. I'm loving these pants and they have great reviews too. They're sold out in my size but I can't get them now anyways so it's not an issue. Maybe they'll be back in my size in a few months and be on sale too!

These would be the perfect black leggings. I love that they hit at the ankle and they are thick and heavy so they're much more support than regular old leggings. 

My go to outfit is skinny jeans a blouse or loose fitted sweater. It's what I find the comfiest and easy to throw on everyday. Plus it's appropriate to wear everywhere. I bought the J. Crew Merino boyfriend sweater awhile back and love love love it. I own it in 2 colors and wish I owned more! 

I've already worn them many times and it isn't even cold here yet but it's perfect for the cooler days we're having and even cooler nights. It's a sweater you can't go wrong with. Unfortunately it's sold out in most sizes and colors but may come back in stock since J. Crew tends to do that. I'm not usually a fan of V-necks but my mind has changed since owning this sweater. 

I checked out J. Crew's little sister Madewell to see if they had any similar sweaters and they did.

Pretty similar sweater if you ask me and a good bit cheaper than J. Crew's sweater too. 

I love this sweater too and it would also be perfect with skinny jeans or black leggings. 

Piperlime calls them "Blankets" but to me these are big oversized cardigans. I keep seeing them everywhere and would love to own one day. Perfect for the fickle Charleston weather. 

This one may be sort of boring but I like it a lot since it would go with literally everything. 

I think my Grandma may own a sweater very similar but there's something about it I like and hey, my Grandma's got good taste!

I own a couple of pairs of booties and love wearing them with skinny jeans. They're all by Dolce Vita which I highly recommend for great priced shoes. I've been eyeing these booties for awhile and  would love to add them to my shoe collection. They're the perfect bootie to wear with everything. 

I've loved these shoes for a long time and of course now they're on major sale and the only size left is my size but I can't buy them!! I'm not a big shoe girl so I'm always looking for a great versatile heel. This color is such a great neutral too. Hopefully they'll still be in stock in January!!

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  1. So proud of you for not shopping til the end of the year. I decided to make November my month to not buy myself anything. I am calling it "no"vember Of course I will have to Christmas shop but nothing for me. You must treat yourself afterwards!

  2. You are soooo strong! I have those Joie heels in black and gold and love them!!! I "need" some booties too. I only have one pair and they're gray and tan. I could go for a pair of black ones! I've been craving pretty sweatshirts lately. I'm so itchy and heat sensitive these days and my sweaters drive me crazy!

  3. I love that view point sweater!! If that is the one I'm thinking of with elbow pads, its on my Christmas list!

  4. I think that's a super idea!! Good luck!

  5. splurge on the vegan leather'll still be able to find some thick black ones at old navy or somewhere like that! but with the "leather" i feel like you really get what you pay for. like you said about the ones at target that are more sheer...the leather would be the one to splurge on in my humble little opinion.

    oh, how i love your style, girlie!!


  6. Those leather leggings are adorable. Good for you for not shopping until the end of the year. You're a much stronger woman than I am, that's for sure!

  7. I LOVE those leather leggings!! Not sure if I could pull them off but they look so good on that model haha! I'd probably splurge on the regular black leggings since I practically live in them most of the year. I've been on the hunt for some thicker ones and have had my eye on the Lululemon leggings but I really like the Madewell ones!

  8. I love the idea of not buying anything until the end of the year! It frees up money for gifts for others (plus you'll get some swag for Christmas anyway) and allows you to sock away a nice chunk of change to treat yourself come the New Year. I'm going to do this!

  9. I need some higher quality leggings too! I feel like all of mine are too sheer and I need a proper, more "pant-like" pair- but I still want them to be comfortable like leggings (am I asking too much)? ;) haha

  10. LOVE those Madewell pants. And that Sabine cardigan is gorgeous!

  11. I am loving those vegan leather pants!! I wish my thighs were smaller so they would look as hot as they do on the model on me!

  12. Obsessed with those Joie heels. I REALLY, REALLY need to do "NO"vember.

  13. I'm avoiding spending right now, too! And I'm a pretty big fan of leggings, and it's true, some are thick and substantial enough to really pass for pants!

  14. I've been looking for a pair of leather leggings to..I might try those vegan leather ones!

  15. I totally agree! You should treat yourself to something awesome as a reward!!

  16. GREAT finds. I also love a good over-sized sweater! Those Dolce Vita boots are a must.
    The Pumpkin Spot


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