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by Ally Harding, 6:12 PM
Shelby tagged me in a fun quiz! I love reading other bloggers posts about random facts about themselves so here's mine!

Favorite Flower?
I was never a big flower girl until lately but hydrangeas have to be my favorite. I love big full blooms on my coffee table. I even looked up how to keep them alive and kept my last bouquet alive for over 3 weeks!

Most/Least Organized Space In Your Home?
Where do I start??! I guess our bedroom is pretty bad. We always tend to have random stuff lying around and if it's in the way we just move it somewhere else. It seems stuff never gets put up! Thank god it's a room people rarely see!

What Book Have You Read Recently That Really Moved You?
Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness really freaked me out and made me appreciate each day more. The autoimmune disease the author gets is so scary and what's even scarier it can happen to anyone at any time! YIKES!

What Dish Are You Looking Forward To At Thanksgiving Dinner?
Dessert! Screw the meal and let's just get to the dessert! I love Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, Pecan Pie, I'm not picky! I always get too full from the actual dinner but always squeeze in some room for dessert. Just think if I skipped the meal how much more dessert I could eat!

How Do You Take Your Coffee?
I was never a coffee drinker till I started working night shift. I'm still really not a coffee drinker but if I'm so exhausted and don't know how I'm going to stay awake for 5 more hours I'll make half a cup and put some creamer and 2 packs of real sugar in it. Any more than that and I'm shaky and spacey!

What Do You Miss Most About High School?
I don't miss high school at all! I didn't have the best time and don't talk to really anyone from high school. I do miss being able to eat as much as I want and not gain a pound and my hangovers were less brutal as they are now!

Most Memorable Concert?
I was at a Kings of Leon concert a few years ago and got in a fight with a lesbian.  Now, I'm not the type to start something with a random person but I had a few drinks in me and this lesbian was smoking cigarettes and we were inside a coliseum and it pissed me off! I HATE smoking and the fact she was doing it inside and we were all jammed in together made me mad! So I told her she needs to stop smoking because my boyfriend has congestive heart failure and can't be around it. I had no clue what congestive heart failure even was at the time. She said "he shouldn't be out in public if he has that anyways!" We both started yelling at each other and a security guy saw her with a cigarette and kicked her out. Not before she threw her drink on me! I didn't care the concert was a blast and I got her kicked out! 

How Do You Unwind Before Bed?
If I just finished working a night shift, as soon as my head hits the pillow I'm out like a light. On any normal night I like to watch TV or a movie with a glass of wine and a blanket on the couch. I usually fall asleep on the couch and Theo gets mad at me and says "You lay down with a blanket and had a glass of wine, of course you're going to fall asleep!" Hasn't stopped me yet!

Dots or Stripes?
Stripes all the way! Stripes are my fav and I don't own enough!
One of my favorites is the Joie Ashlee Sailor Stripe

Last Meal?
Lobster, filet mignon, mac and cheese, creamed spinach, chocolate peanut butter pie and maybe a milkshake if I can fit it in my tummy!

I'm passing these questions on! The lucky bloggers are: Emily from Beauty and the Greek, Laura from Happily Ever Parker, Jaclyn from Love and Bellinis, and Caitlin from Home Sweet Ruby! Can't wait to read you girls' answers!

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  1. working nights is SO hard. I did it for six months and I wanted to cry all the time. It gets easier over time though and (hopefully) it's not forever! I also totally agree on the pie. best part of the holidays!


  2. I've been wanting to check out that book ever since you posted about it! I really need to do so!
    That last meal menu is pretty mouthwatering!
    Loved reading this!
    Life with Baby Sophia

  3. I am all for stripes too! :) Your last meal sounds soooooooo tasty!

  4. I love hydrangeas! I need to figure out how to keep them alive!

  5. I agree with the dessert! And I love hydrangeas! We used them at our wedding!


  6. Love this... so fun! And I am definitely with you on the stripes!

  7. Great to learn more about you! I agree with you on the high school thing. I don't miss it or think about it one bit. I don't keep in touch with anymore either.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  8. i want to do a thanksgiving with dessert only. you're invited. ha!

  9. I'm a huge hydrangea lover too. They were used like crazy in my wedding.

    I was seriously laughing out loud with your "got into a fight with a lesbian." I'm the same way. I almost had to kick some girl's ass in the Vatican, but then I figured it was bad to get in a fight in church.

    Sometimes you just have to stand up for yourself and others though. :)

  10. Haha falling asleep on the couch with a drink is so common at my house, too. I cannot see you getting in a fight with anyone hah what were you drinking?? Definitely adding that book to my list. Love a good emotional story!

  11. Haha I do the same thing and without fail fall asleep - I can't help it! Hubby gets annoyed too
    - oh well!!!!

  12. Love this! And the concert thing is too funny! Smoking is gross!

  13. Great post! Your concert story is hilarious!! Good for you getting her kicked out - smoking is disgusting!
    Hydrangeas are my favorite too ;)

    xx em


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