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by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
I had Sunday night off this week and we had been at the fair eating fried junk for hours so I decided I wanted to make something light and "healthy." I was craving quiche and have never made it myself so I looked up a recipe on my girl Ree Drummonds's website. Everything I've ever made by The Pioneer Woman has been fantastic so I knew she wouldn't let me down. Her Quiche Recipe calls for mushrooms, artichokes, swiss cheese, onions, and bacon. Now you see why I said "healthy." I switched out artichokes for spinach because my husband is picky and says he doesn't like artichokes. He's never even had them but you pick your battles. I bought a deep dish pie shell thinking it would be enough, nope we ended up having to use both the pie shells that came in the pack. When Theo pulled it out of the oven he goes "ok, this one's mine and that one's yours."

 I let him know if he never even has another bite of this quiche besides tonight it'll be gone by Tuesday. It was so good. Here's the recipe and I didn't even attempt to take pictures of it being made because that's Pioneer Woman's job. 

My mom finally found her old bar cart she had promised me. For being pretty old and in the attic for who knows how many years, it's actually in really great condition. We cleaned it up with some wood oil and it's as good as new! I'm so happy to finally have to place to house all of Theo's liquor bottles, extra wines glasses, and the awesome monogrammed ice bucket Shelby and Trey gave us as a wedding shower gift. It looks great in our dining room with the ancient dining room table that belonged to my great grandmother. 

Ignore the cheap Rex Goliath wine. It was the only bottle that would fit in the wine holder!

I highly recommend a bar cart! If my mom hadn't been able to find her bar cart I was going to ask for this Target one for Christmas.

If you guys don't own a tassel necklace yet then it needs to be on your wishlist. I found mine a few months ago at TJ Maxx for $20, regularly $70, and I swear I wear it with everything. It's the best necklace to throw on and go and always looks great. I can't even tell you how many compliments I get on it.

I can't remember the brand mine was but here are some other great tassel necklaces

Loft Long Fine Chain Tassel Necklace

J. Crew Golden Tassel Necklace

I know it's only November but I've already busted out the Christmas music. It puts me in the best mood! I think I could listen to it all year round. I've been listening to Sirius' Christmas channel Holly and Pandora's Michael Buble Holiday Station. 

If you have Directv you can listen to Pandora from your TV. It's under the Menu tab then go to Extras and you can set your own stations just like if you were listening from a computer. Theo came home from work yesterday and I was blasting Christmas music. He goes "It's not even Thanksgiving!" He's clueless.

After almost a year of being married I've finally found a place to put my dried wedding bouquet. I bought a shadow box frame from an estate sale a few months ago and had no clue what to do with it. Theo's cousin caught the bouquet at our wedding and it had been at her parents house this whole time. His aunt kept telling me she had it but I told she might as well throw it away because what am I going to do with dried flowers? Then I remembered I had the shadowbox frame and it would be a perfect place to put the bouquet!  I had to take out majority of the bouquet and re wrap the ribbon around the base to make it all fit. It's smushed in the frame pretty tightly but we also pinned the bouquet down. We hung it on the wall in our dining room and I love it! It's such a neat touch from our wedding that we'll be able to see daily. 

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  1. Your quiche looks amazing!! And love what you did with the wedding flowers!

  2. I love Ree Drummond and I definitely need a bar cart. I've been eyeing that one at Target!

  3. What a cool old bar cart your mom gave you. And your quiches look perfect!

  4. I love that bar cart! I've also been wanting the Target one... so cute.

  5. LOVE love love that bar cart! Again, super jealous of all of the interesting heirlooms and things you find at estate sales. I love for stuff in my house to have a story (other than, I picked it up at Target).

    I have a silver tassel necklace, but I never wear it. I need a gold one. Thanks for the suggestions!


  6. still need to do that to my bouquet!! and girl..that quiche looks amazing! we are quiche lovers at my house!!! :)

    happy thursday, love ! xx

  7. That quiche looks amazing! I've never made one myself but that recipe looks do-able! I really love your bar cart - I want one so bad but have no where to put it. Also love your dried bouquet hanging up! I have mine too and am not sure what to do with it but this is a good idea! I'm starting my Christmas music next week!!

  8. Love the bar cart!! It looks great! I love how you saved your wedding bouquet. I had mine saved forever and I just finally tossed it out because I didn't have a place for it. I'm waiting until after this weekend to bust out the Xmas music.

  9. I love the bar cart - it's so unique. Glad the ice bucket has a home! I kind of want my own now ha. I love the tassle necklace I found on eBay. You're right; I wear it all the time. They have some really cute colored tassle necklaces on Groop Dealz right now. And the freaking quiche is blowing my mind...

  10. Loving the bar cart. I love the idea of them but I just feel like ours would always be empty!

  11. That quiche looks really good! I love how you displayed your wedding flowers.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  12. I haven't had quiche in years! Yummm the one you made looks delicious!
    What a great idea for your wedding bouquet, I'd never heard of doing this, but it is so creative and looks fabulous !!

  13. okay i just found your blog and i am already creepily obsessed with you. you are SOO funny. i hope we can be blog besties because you are adorable and I'm so excited to start following you via GFC

    stop by and say hi!


  14. Love the bar cart!! Wish I had a place for one!


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