Wednesday's Obsessions- Newlyweds:North

by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
Hey guys I'm in Atlanta for Thanksgiving ( Follow me on instagram at allyharding15)  so I asked my blog buddy Stephanie  from Newlyweds:North to share her Obsessions! Stephanie and her new hubby are South Carolina transplants living in Maine. She has a great sense of humor and I love reading her posts on discovering their new life in Maine! Take it away Stephanie!

Hey ya'll!

I'm Stephanie and I blog over at Newlyweds:North. Many thanks to Ally for letting me crash this week's Wednesday's Obsessions! With the Holidays right around the corner (uh, tomorrow is did that happen?!) I definitely have cozy, Christmas-y things on the brain. But, I'm not one to skip Thanksgiving, so let's get started with a kitchen item that I know will be put to good use tomorrow...

Le Creuset Covered Casserole

We registered for a few key pieces of Le Creuset and I love them all. They are disaster proof...which is perfect for our kitchen. The plan for this guy is to be the barer of the green bean casserole, a family/Holiday tradition that cannot be skipped.

How cute are these necklaces?? Having just move from South Carolina from Maine, I'd love to have a Southern State hanging around my neck (especially when it's in the single digits up in Maine...any reminder of warm weather is a welcome token). This would be the cutest stocking stuffer!

I love the festive red and white pattern of this scarf. It's perfect for the Holidays, but could definitely be rocked year round. Plus, the price tag is hard to beat! P.S. Old Navy is killing it recently...their waffle infinity scarves look just like the J. Crew version! 

I wait aaaaaaall year long to watch this movie. To me, it is one of the best Christmas movies of.all.time. I will obviously burn myself out watching it over and over again during the month of December, but I just can't help it. It makes me happy. And teary.

I hope ya'll have a fabulous Thanksgiving!

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  1. Love Actually is the best!!! I may subject my husband to it tonight!!!

  2. Love Actually, Elf, and Family Stone are my MUST watch movies during Christmas time!

  3. I love all thing Le Creuset! Some of my favorite wedding gifts were LC.

  4. Gah, I'll never get tired of Love Actually. Happy Thanksgiving, girls! We will miss you, A :)


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