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After feeling sick Thursday night I ended up laying in bed all day Friday. Ugh, I hate wasting my days off! They're so precious! I finally got out of bed in the afternoon and when Theo got home we headed to Bushido for dinner. It's a sushi/ hibachi place. 

This was my meal except mine was covered in white sauce. I know I offend the Japanese with the nasty fattening white sauce but man is it good! Once you go white you never go back! That was lame I know..

Saturday I went to lunch with my mom, my grandma, and my aunt for my aunt's birthday. 

My mom can't figure how to not take a blurry picture with my iPhone so this was the result. I guess I should cut her some slack she did just start to text a few weeks ago.

The birthday girl and I

After lunch my mom and I went to my mom's coworker and friend Hope's twin's 1st birthday. They are the cutest little babies. 

My mom and Ava

Mom Hope and baby Evan

The theme was Minnie and Mickey and Hope had Ava dressed as Minnie and Evan as Mickey. They melt my heart.

The cake. The 2 smaller cakes at the top are the smash cakes.

So precious!

After the party my mom and I went consignment shopping for our houses. We went to Vertical Designs which is a cool mid-century modern vintage store.

They had this awesome chandelier that I would have no where to put in my house.

It's exquisite in person. It's huge and so different from anything I've ever seen.

We left there and went to Cosign Charleston. Charleston peeps it's on the corner of Wappoo Rd. and Ashley River Road and it's HUGE.

 I had never been in there before and hadn't heard good things about it so I was reluctant to go in it but I was wrong. They had just about everything from furniture to art to clothing to random knick knacks for your house. I get so overwhelmed with a lot of stuff to choose from so I always just end up buying stuff for my coffee table or something for Pixie. That's what I always do if I'm at HomeGoods too. There's just SO much I want to do to my house and since I can't do it all right then I get sad and settle for buying a toy for Pixie or a new coffee table book. It's pathetic I know and according to my mom makes me "unenjoyable" and "she's never shopping with me again." That's my mom for ya.

I stopped by Marshall's on my way home and found the deal of all deals. I found this Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mini Morning After Bag (MAB for short) for $19.99. I've said it before but sometimes I don't think Marshall's and TJ Maxx are aware of what they're pricing stuff. The bag retails for $325! I looked around like "does anyone else realize what this bag is priced??" and I had to buy it. It's so cute and is a perfect little crossbody. I might end up selling it on eBay which is what I should do but honestly I want to keep it!

What do you guys think? Keep, sell or return?

Lastly don't let your husband paint your nails

The color is Essie Merino Cool

Have a great Monday!
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  1. I love love love that bag! I hope you are feeling a bit better - your weekend looks like fun! Your nail photo cracked me up. I am a terrible nail painter and my husband is a perfectionist. I beg him to paint my nails all the time because he does such a great job. He only agrees every once in a while.


  2. What an amazing deal on your bag! It looks awesome, I love cross-body bags. Beautiful mani! ;) What a nice hubby!

  3. Hope you are feeling better! You always make me miss Charleston! What a good deal on that bag, That is hilarious that your husband paints your nails. I think my husband would laugh if I ever asked him to haha

  4. That purse is adorable! I would be so tempted to keep it! I never find awesome deals at Marshall's and tj Maxx. Maybe I need to go more often.

    Love that nail polish too! .... The color at least :) hey, at least you can tell he tried.

  5. hope you're feeling better! I love the little cross body.

  6. What a fun weekend and such a fab purse find! Those finds are always exciting! :)

  7. I need to stop by Marshalls to see if mine has anything good!! 'Your mom sounds like my mom with the iphone! Essie Merino cool is one of my new favorite- my husband would have done the same thing!

  8. OMG that bag! Keep it for sure! I can't believe that was only $20! That last picture made me laugh, I'll make sure to never let my husband near my nails! Love the color though!

  9. Ugh hope you are feeling 100% now! Looks like a fun weekend!

  10. Love that purse! I'm not sure if I could fit all of my junk in that but such a good find!! Those twins are so adorable!! Glad you had a good weekend!

  11. Oh gosh, wasting sick days are never fun! But glad to hear you are feeling better! And that food looks absolutely scrumptious!
    xo TJ


  12. My mom is the same way! She just made the transition to iPhone and I get a daily call asking for help!


  13. Love that polish shade for fall! I am always tempted to have hubs do my right hand. It would def look like this! Glad you are feeling better and it looks like you had a lovely weekend.

  14. I find the greatest things at TJ Maxx! Seriously one of my all time favorite spots. Hope you have a great week!

  15. "don't let your husband paint your nails" got it! :-)

  16. Looks like you had a great weekend! My mom can't take a pic with the iPhone either lol. Hope you're feeling better :)

  17. 19.99!!! No way!! That is an absolute KEEP!

  18. Total score! Keep.
    Your nails look...nice? Pretty color. :)

  19. I miss Bushido so much! You need to keep that purse, although you'd probably get a killer payment on eBay for it. PS Tell Theo not to quit his day job :)

  20. The CHS Tj Mazz/Marshalls always have the best deals. I think the same thing- do they know what they could get for that?! $19.99 is a STEAL. I say keep it. The color is great!

  21. This looks like such a fun weekend! I personally love the bag - keep it! And those little twins are ADORABLE! Love the cake too!

  22. That bag.. such a good find!! I love it!



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