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Clockwise from the bottom.
+The first bit of Christmas in our house. Of course it's a toy for Pixie!
+Dinner Friday night with Theo then to his aunt and uncle's house for a drink.
+Niece and nephews' gifts, bought and wrapped!
+I gave Theo a second chance and let him paint my nails again. He did much better this time. The color is Essie Shearling Darling. It's like a very dark burgundy.
+Sparklers Saturday night.
+A cool idea for your fire place. Candles stuck in old wine bottles. 

Cari posted on her blog the idea of Pay it Forward. I love this idea, especially for this time of year. I remember one morning, after a long busy night at work, I went to Chick Fil A for breakfast. When I drove up to pay the worker told me I didn't have to pay a thing, the car in front of me paid for me. I never did see who the person was but it truly made my week and I would love to do the same to someone. 

Here are the rules:

In this crazy busy world we are in these days, we always get so wrapped up in the hustle/bustle of life but its always great to get some snail mail even if its just a card to say you are thinking of that person....so here is how it will happen...
It's as simple as this:
I will pick at random a person who comments on this post, I will contact them and get their mailing address, and send them a little something special via USPS. The same day they comment below, they are to do a blog post stating the same thing and 'pay it foward' to someone else.
Please keep in mind it does not have to be something expensive or lavish, just a little something special to let them know that you're keeping them in their thoughts and prayers this holiday season!

Instead of sending a little something to the first person who comments on my post like Cari did, I decided to switch it up and pick randomly someone who comments on this post. 

Don't feel obligated to Pay it Forward. It's obviously not something we should feel like we have to do. I just know how much it can brighten someone's day. You never know what someone is going through in their life. 

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  1. yay for Christmas stuff!!

    I love that candle idea!!!

    That nail polish is lovely!!! I have one similar to that I love it this time of year!!

    have a great week xoxo

  2. Such pretty presents! And love the Essie!


  3. I want a fireplace just to make it pretty with wine bottles, and you know drink the wine for said project ;)

  4. Such a good idea with those bottles! I love the Pay It Forward idea,I would be so shocked if someone did that to me at a drive through!

  5. Those bottles in the fireplace is such a great idea!

  6. The pay it forward idea is so sweet! I love that! And I love that your husband attempts to paint your nails - mine is a total whiner about the smell and I usually have to do it when he's not home!

  7. love the pay it forward idea! perfect for this week!

  8. I love that fire place with the wine bottles - so beautiful! And I love your Pay it Forward idea :) too sweet!

  9. My husband hates the smell of nail polish and usually complains whenever I paint my nails!

  10. Love the nail polish color!! I have to say buying something for the person behind me in line has always been on my bucket list!! Great idea!


  11. I love PIxie (and that Essie nail polish)!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  12. I love the fireplace! And Pay it Forward is such a great idea!

  13. The Pay it Forward is such a great idea! :)


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