Christmas 2013

by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
I was supposed to work Christmas Eve but ended up being cancelled instead. I was so happy because the thought of my husband being alone on Christmas Eve made me so sad! Since I was off we went to church with my parents and to Outback afterwards for dinner. 

I wore the Madewell Silk Embroidered dress

I think I prefer Christmas Eve over Christmas. I'll be honest I'm a fair weather church goer and only go on the main holidays if at all. There's just something about a Christmas Eve service. I'm not even really religious I just love the tradition of church on Christmas Eve with your family. 

Theo and I opened up our gifts on Christmas Eve to each other. We really didn't have a lot anyways and we knew Christmas Day would be busy. I think Pixie was more excited about her gifts than we were. 

She loves that damn dragon!

I love my little girl so much.  

Christmas Day we went to my aunt and uncle's house for dinner. 

We did a big Chinese gift exchange this year. I prefer this over buying individual gifts any day. I was pretty happy with my gift 

Butt cream and reindeer boxers are always a win. 

Jk. I stole the gift from my aunt because it had this in it also

My mind was racing with all the things I could buy off Amazon for $30. Think of all the e books!

Unfortunately I wasn't the only one who wanted this gift because it got stolen from me. After my second gift got stolen Theo and I finally decided to strategize. After lots of gift switching, I ended up with a Lazy Susan slate cheese plate and Theo got a bar set. We both went home happy. 

Saturday night was Theo's work Christmas party. We headed to Columbia to have dinner at the Capital City Club. The food was great, the wine was even better but the best part was we had a free hotel room for the night. Sometimes it's nice to just get out of town and sleep somewhere besides your own bed. Just for a night. I was more than ready to come home the next day. 

I wore my new Top Shop Faux Leather Leggings I got for Christmas. 

They look more coated than faux leather but either way they're awesome and super comfortable. Theo was a smart man when he surprised me with these for Christmas. This is the second gift he gave me that I had posted on my blog wish list. They run kind of different since they're European. I normally wear a size 4 but I wear a UK size 6 in these. I probably could have gotten away with a 4 but now there's just room for growth. And trust me, after all the junk I ate this week I'm pretty happy he went with the bigger size.

Sunday we saw The Wolf of Wall Street.

 This poster pretty much sums up the movie. I loved it and never once felt like it dragged since it was 3 hours long. And I mean 3 hours down to the minute. It's a crazy movie with a ton of nudity, sex and drugs. Definitely not a movie to see with your parents. I thought Leo looked smoking hot in it too. 

Our Christmas decor is coming down on Wednesday and it's bittersweet. It was fun putting it up but I'm getting sick of seeing tree needles everywhere and ornaments lying wherever Pixie's tail knocked them off to. I'm also ready to start eating better. My pants are fitting a little too tight lately.

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  1. What a wonderful holiday you had!! The lazy susan sounds like a pretty good 2nd choice to the amazon gift card!! Love the leather leggings…and girl you pulled them off! We saw American Hustle over the Wolf on Wall street…sort of want to see wolf on wall street now haha! Happy New Years!

  2. It looks like you guys had such a great Christmas!! I'm the same way about church... but I love the tradition of going on Christmas Eve! I didn't know that movie was so long, I definitely want to see it though. And I'm totally with you on the clothes fitting a little tight now... eeks!

  3. What a nice surprise not having to work Christmas Eve! Those Top Shop leggings are so cute, i've been wanting a pair of faux leather ones but feel like I wouldn't know how to wear them/what to wear them with, ha!

  4. I'm glad you like Wolf of Wall Street, I've heard some mixed reviews. I think that this would be a movie that G and I could both agree on.

    Pixie looks adorable in those pictures. (That dragon would last maybe 30 seconds with Gracie before she had it ripped to shreds)

    Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas!


  5. Sounds like a great Christmas! Love the faux leather leggings! I'm so sad for our Christmas decorations to come down but then again, we have a fake tree and no dog to knock things off haha. Have a great Monday!

  6. Love your outfits! And yay for not having to work on Christmas Eve!

  7. Great leggings! Fun Christmas exchange. I have that movie on my list to see!

  8. Pumped for next year when we can celebrate with y'all AND hopefully have another Chinese gift exchange. Loving your leggings!

  9. Girl how hot are those leggings? Love! Our tree is still doing so well and since Finn is tailless we don't have anything flying off of it. I am kinda sad to take it down!!

  10. your dog is so cute! AND i really want to see wolf of wallstreet (i still have a little crush on leo!) glad to hear it's a good one! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  11. Love those leggings - I wish I had the courage to pull them off!
    - Catherine


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