NYE Attire

by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
I'll be working NYE so I can only dream of what I'd wear if I had an awesome party to attend. I love the holiday season so much. It's the one time you can wear sparkle and sequins and look totally appropriate.

I spotted this dress in TJ Maxx a few months ago and fell in love with it. I just had no where to wear it to. If I was going to a NYE party this would be my dress. I can't find it for sale anywhere except eBay but the price is great and it's new with tags plus free shipping.

I love it in black too

I love shift dresses and I love how you can wear this dress for NYE or a winter wedding.

You would definitely turn some heads in this dress. It looks short but with heels would look gorgeous. If you're a single girl, this is your dress.

I love lace dresses and think I may order this dress for a wedding in March. I love it with a shoe with a pop of color. This is a great investment piece because it'll never go out of style.

This dress is so perfect for NYE it has "New Year" in the title. There's a bar here in Charleston that's having a Great Gatsby NYE party and if you're going this better be your dress!

This dress is flashy and gorgeous and perfect for a Holiday party, a winter wedding, a night out, just sitting around your house, anything. It's THAT pretty.

This dress is on super sale so snag one before they're gone. The reviews aren't too great, they say they felt like a Vegas show girl wearing it but it's NYE and anything goes. I love it and think looking like a Vegas show girl on NYE is totally appropriate!

This dress is super cute if you aren't going anywhere too fancy. It looks like a tank and a skirt but it's all one. It's on sale too.

You can find all these dresses and tons more on Piperlime.

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  1. I LOVE the feather dress!!! Sorry you'll be working on NYE, but bright side, I'm sure you'll pep up your outfit!! I was thinking of even doing a fun sparkly romper - possibly!!

  2. I love how the Great Gatsby movie has had such an impact on fashion - so many 20s inspired dresses! I love them - but don't worry - I don't have anywhere fabulous to go to either, and I don't have to work! :)
    - Catherine

  3. That black lace dress is gorgeous! All of them are pretty picks though :)


  4. I love that first dress, in the black and the white!

  5. So many great dresses! I love the lace one esp with the red heels, gorgeous! I'm actually going shopping for something for NYE today so this was the perfect inspiration!!

  6. Gosh I want all of those. I love NYE dresses!! These are soooo fabulous!

    Xo, J

  7. Great picks! I'm not going anywhere fancy for NYE but want to find a pair of inexpensive black "leather" leggings for my bday! Any ideas?

  8. Why do I love every single thing from Joie?? It's all perfect :) Love the first dress, of course, and I love the Tinley Road long sleeve too! Too bad I don't have any fancy NYE plans... ;)

  9. Bring on the sequins, the more the better I say. Loving these dresses!

  10. Love the lace and the sequin dress, but all are VERY nice!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    Last day for my giveaway!

  11. You are always spot on! I am loving that Pim & Larken mosaic dress! I have yet to attend a winter wedding!

  12. You found that dress at TJMaxx?? Joie always make the prettiest dresses!

  13. loving the flapper looking one! I'll be going to bed early on NYE to catch an early flight so I'll have to imagine as well :)


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