Theo and I decided not to do gifts this year just to fill each others stocking. Then last night he suggested maybe we should get each other a $50 gift so we'd have something to open Christmas morning. I agree but when he asked what I wanted I couldn't think of anything under $50. I know that sounds like a total snob but if I wanted something under $50 I'd already own it but it's the stuff I can't afford myself I'm asking for. Luckily he understood and he said he had an idea anyways, can't wait to see what that's going to be.

My mom is giving us an ottoman for Christmas. Getting older can be so boring! My grandma will give me money and my aunts and uncles decided to do a White Elephant Christmas instead of buying gifts for every person. So why you ask did I make a Christmas list? Because why not!

I told Theo that if he did decide to spend over $50 this is what I want more than anything. I love this sweater and I know I would get some serious wear out of it. I guess I'll just have to wait for it to go on sale! 

I own 2 pairs of rag & bone jeans and I'm obsessed. I own a white pair and a dark pair and I think my collection would be complete if I could get a lighter wash denim. I've bought all of my pairs on eBay new with tags for much, much cheaper than the retail price. I think my Heritage wash ones were $80, they retail for $180.

I'd love to stock up on some more blouses. They're becoming my daily outfit and I feel like I'm wearing the same ones over and over. Joie makes the best blouses and I've been lucky to find some at discount at Saks Off 5th. I have a hard time spending full price for something I can find at the outlet, eBay, or TJ Maxx. I think my goal is to own this blouse in every color. I found it on super sale at Barney's, 6pm, and Shopbop

I really did ask Theo for this because I'm a sucker and will pay extra to have Gwyneth's autograph. Lucky for him it's sold out but I keep checking for when it comes back in stock!

I've wanted these shoes forever so if I got them for Christmas I'd be one happy girl. Sam Edelman's shoes are so comfy and priced so well. Animal prints are a neutral so I know I would wear them with everything.

I'm pretty sure I posted about this bag back in the beginning of summer and go figure I still don't have one! I guess the biggest problem was I could never decide which color I wanted. It's come down to this Almond color that I can wear it for all seasons.

After seeing The September Issue and watching it over and over, what goes into a fashion magazine has always intrigued me. I think a lot of how I wish I could change my career to fashion but then I remember I work 3 days a week and when I'm done with my shift I never have to think about it again. Grace Coddington is the creative director for Vogue but prior to that was a model. I've heard this book is fantastic if you have the slightest interest in what goes on behind the scenes of fashion. This book would also look great on my coffee table. I love the burnt orange color.

Our vacuum has basically hit the dust, no pun literally because it's barely picking up a hair ball! We have all hardwood floors in our house which I have to either sweep, yuck!!, or vacuum at least every other day. It would benefit us to own a good vacuum with a long warranty since we have to use it so often. A Dyson is obviously every girls dream vacuum but Theo agrees we need one too. I love this model because the handle shortens and I can use it to clean the steps, the blinds, and the fan.

So that's my list. Obviously there's a lot more I want but these are all things I've wanted for the whole year and when I think of my list these all instantly pop in my head.  I know I don't need any of this stuff which is why I was the one who suggested Theo and I not even do gifts this year. As long we have our health and happiness, it's really all I ask for. The material things don't matter. Corny I know! 

My goal for the coming year is to buy better, buy less. This year has taught me I don't need to buy clothes just to give me instant happiness. Buying key pieces that last for years to come are worth so much more than buying clothes just because you can. I don't need 10 pairs of jeans, not that I have 10 pairs, but 2-3 good pairs are all you need.

What's on your Christmas list?
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  1. I love those jeans!! So cute! You are so right - I feel like the older we get, the more boring stuff we ask for!

  2. I always make a Christmas/Birthday list (my birthday was the 16th) because I hate giving people ONE thing to get me and knowing they'll get it for me - I like a LITTLE surprise! But this year, I found myself gravitating to magazine subscriptions (Garden & Gun and Real Simple topped the list), and this calligraphy starter kit (
    - Catherine

  3. That is so true ~ everything you really want can't be bought, but this list of your wish list is great and maybe Santa is reading!! If you get the dyson you will not be disappointed…best vacuum ever!

  4. I got Grace Coddington's book for my birthday and I'm planning (or hoping) to read it over the holidays! I'm such a sucker for coffee table books. Great picks!
    Bespeckled With Freckles

  5. Zack and I said we weren't doing Christmas presents after all the money we've spent on the new house...of course we both ended up getting each other a few small things though. It's so hard not to! I love those rag & bone jeans, want!

  6. I definitely need to add some R&B jeans to my list and I am all about finding them cheaper on Ebay!

  7. I LOVE Grace! I didn't know that book existed. I need to check it out!

  8. I feel like whenever we say no presents someone always buys one and the other feels bad. I love my mini mac - it's the perfect go to bag. When Bloomingdales or Shopbop does there Friends & Family it's a great time to snag one (but hurry, they go fast!)

  9. Hah so true about if it's under $50, you would have already bought it yourself. Can't wait to see what he picks out for you (or splurges on if he's feeling crazy).

  10. Great list! I have been eyeing that Rebecca Minkoff bag for a while!


  11. I've totally started to invest in nicer, more expensive pieces that will actually last instead of running to Forever 21 and buying 10 things I'll wear once. I got a vacuum last year for Christmas.. growing up is so much fun haha!

  12. I totally agree with you! Buy less, but better :) I've been slowly making this transition too - spend more on one awesome pair of shoes instead of having 10 low-quality pairs, etc. Excited to hear what Theo gets you for xmas! :))

    xx em


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