My 1 year anniversary is coming up this Sunday so instead of my normal Wednesday's Obsessions I decided to do a post on my wedding attire. Even though my wedding was almost a year ago, I'm still to this day obsessed with what I wore!

When it came time to go look for a wedding dresses with my mom she suggested David's Bridal. I about laughed when she said it but then I remembered she's paying for the dress and it's just the first place we're looking so just go to make her happy. As soon as we walked into the super busy store, I spotted a gorgeous trumpet style dress on a manequin. I told the sales associate to pull that one for me a long with a few others. This dress was the first one I tried on and as soon as I walked out of the dressing room I'm pretty sure a spotlight shown down on me. It was seriously the most beautiful dress I had ever tried on. It fit me like a glove and was the perfect length for my 5'8 frame. Evidently the dress had just come in stock and I was the first person to try it on so all the sales women were ooing and aahing along with my mom and I. I loved it but knew I should try other dresses on too. I did and none of them even compared to this dress. My grandma who's as deaf as a doornail spoke up after the 5th or so dress I had tried on and said "I liked the first one the best!" The elderly one had spoken so that was my dress! 

The dress is by Oleg Cassini and I had no clue who he was at the time. I googled him and he's now deceased but he was an older designer who was pretty popular in the 1950's. Jackie Kennedy wore a lot of his gowns and when I read the book Mrs. Kennedy and Me they actually talk about Oleg Cassini designing dresses for her.

I truly loved my dress more than words and felt so beautiful wearing it on my wedding day. What you can't see is the dress has the most beautiful long train. 

Now I'm going to flood you with pictures of my wedding dress.

These make me so sad I can't wear it again!

I also loved my wedding shoes.

They are the Badgley Mischka Lacie Pump in Pewter

As gorgeous as they are, I have to admit I took those suckers off as soon as the ceremony was over. Comfort > beauty

I keep hoping I'll have some fancy event to wear my shoes again to but as for now they're sitting in my closet wrapped tightly in their cloth bag.

My rehearsal dinner dress was pretty special too. I had wanted the DVF Zarita Dress to wear but it wasn't in the budget so I found a cheaper alternative on Revolve.

DVF Zarita

the dress I wore
WiNK Clovis Dress 

 Pictures from my rehearsal dinner

Clearly I'm not a model

I might be breaking out my rehearsal dinner dress for our anniversary on Sunday!

Does anyone else get teary eyed when they look at pictures from their wedding?! It was such a blur and wish I could relive it all over again!
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  1. What - who says you can't wear your wedding dress again?! I love mine - it's my favorite piece of clothing I own. I definitely wear it around my house at random times, or watch tv in it. You might as well use what you love and pay for right? Your shoes are gorgeous! What a great idea for a post!

  2. Your dress and shoes were gorgeous!!!!!!!!! You looked beautiful!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS your dress is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. You looked stunning!

    I love the flowery details on it, reminds me of my dress which is from David's too. :)

  4. Love your dress, the details on it really took it to the next level !!! And YES I get super sad I can't wear mine again, but I have put it back on a couple of times...just to make sure it still fits lol!!

  5. Love your dress - you look absolutely gorgeous in it!! And your wedding makeup was ah-mazinggg! You should definitely bust out the rehearsal dress for your anniversary, what a great idea! :)

    xx em

  6. OOOOO hot! Love love love. You are such a beautiful bride!!!!! Happy early anny! WOOHOO! xx

  7. Love your picture! You were such a gorgeous bride!

  8. You looked absolutely stunning!!!!!!

  9. Looove your dress!! Looking at pictures makes me so sad I can't wear mine again either! I hate that it's going to sit packed away in box probably forever! Your rehearsal dinner dress is gorgeous - I actually like it better than the DVF!

  10. Your dress was gorgeous!!! I love your shoes too- so pretty- I had very blah shoes because my dress was so big no one would ever see them.

  11. What a great idea to wear your RD dress on your anniversary! I was thinking about selling mine but now I just may wait until after March 30th. :) Love your wedding dress..the details were amazing.

  12. I can't believe it's been a year. We had so much fun, everything (including you, most of all) were just stunning, and I definitely remember dancing my face off.

  13. Your dress was beautiful and classic! I guarantee you won't look back at your weddings pictures in 20 years and cringe. You should totally wear the rehearsal dinner dress again, it's a beautiful classic as well!

  14. GORGEOUS! Your dress was stunning, your church was stunning, and you and the hubs are stunning! Thanks for sharing your special day with us!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

    FYI - giveaway at my blog

  15. Girl...time to put that dress on again! Heck I rock mine whenever I please!

  16. Seriously, SO gorgeous! I still need to get mine preserved... it's still in a bag. I MAAAYY try it on before I take it to be cleaned and put in a box. :)

    I'm also loving that rehearsal dinner dress! I couldn't find a cute white one, so I ended up wearing coral. Haha

  17. Your dress is gorgeous and so are you! Have a wonderful 1 yr celebration!


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