Wednesday's Obsessions

by Ally Harding, 5:00 AM
I'm back for my own weekly Obsessions!!

My sister in law gave me this awesome The Wine Lover's Cookbook and I can't wait to start making recipes from. It has amazing meals in it that aren't easy to make and cost as much as going out to dinner but she says they're well worth it. Ever recipe is paired with a different wine. 

I think our first recipe to try is going to be the manicotti
Look how disgusting and covered in food that page is! I think it's pretty obvious this recipe was made more than once!

I can always count on my SIL for introducing me to good not too expensive wines. We had this wine one night and I loved it. 
I'm no wine connoisseur but this stuff was delicious and from Costco and I think she said for around $11. It's a red blend of Syrah, Grenache, and Cabernet Franc. 

On the topic of alcoholic drinks, I also had a Bloody Mary with Bacon Vodka over Thanksgiving. OMG it was so good. I don't think I could have it any other way now. It is super filling and I was super hung over from the late night before so I was only able to have one but I gobbled that one down. 
As you can see I couldn't help myself from drinking a good bit before I snapped a picture. I loved the bacon as a garnish too.

It was made with this vodka and I can't say I'd ever take a shot of it, YUCK!, but it was damn good with some Zing Zang!

Did you guys get your Costco cookbook on Black Friday? 

I didn't even know they handed out cookbooks till this year! It has some great recipes in it from Ree Drummond (Pioneer Woman), Daphne Oz, and a bunch of other chefs. The best part is, everything is made with stuff you can find at Costco. Also, every recipe has a picture of the meal next to it which is common sense to me but you'd be surprised how many cookbooks don't have pictures of the meal!

I don't know what planet I've been living on because I have been missing out on gel manicures for way too long!
I loved how it dried so fast, it lasts for 2 weeks, and unlike normal polish won't chip from all the harsh soaps at work. I think I may be in trouble because I'm pretty much hooked now!

I'm a hummus addict along with a bunch of other stuff. You know like Costco Chicken Salad, Chocolate Bark, really fattening dips, crock pot mac and cheese, pumpkin spice cupcakes at 3am 
True Story

 you know all the healthy stuff in life. I found this new Sabra hummus flavor and I'm obsessed!!

It has spinach, carrots, tomatoes, red peppers, oregano and basil. I bought it on Sunday and am already half way through the container. FYI Theo doesn't eat it, at all.

I used to be obsessed with the Madewell Transport Tote and wanted to get it monogrammed with my initials in gold.

I read reviews often and contemplated buying it for months. I just never broke down and bought and I'm glad I didn't. I recently found the Cuyana Leather Tote in Caramel and love it so much more.

Cuyana's tote looks pretty identical to Madewell's but 1. it's cheaper, 2. it looks like better quality of leather, 3. the straps are longer than Madewell's tote which I know was a pretty big complaint from buyers. You can also get Cuyana's tote monogrammed. 

It comes in a Tall version too and I can't decide which one I like better.



They're the exact same price so you can't go wrong either way. It's the perfect bag to carry for all seasons and any occasion. Santa, if you're reading this I've been a good girl all year and would love the Cuyana Leather Tote for Christmas!

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  1. I only do gel manicures now! If your willing to make an investment, you can do them at home with a CND UV lamp. Check amazon :) I use this all the time. I did a post on it if you wanna know more. I also love tht cookbook! Such an original an great gift!

  2. I love too many things about your obsessions this week: that cookbook looks awesome! I agree that Agosto wine is delish, love your nails, that bag is gorgeous and that's our favorite hummus flavor.... I think I'm done :) have a great day girl!

  3. Good find with that bag - its beautiful. I'll have to add it to my list, to...
    - Catherine

  4. Ohh I'm adding that tote to my wish list now!

  5. Love that tote, but it would be such a black hole for me. Love everything about gel manicures..except when you have to change polishes. Definitely going to scope out that hummus next time I'm at the store!

  6. Love that tote bag. Ill have to check them out. And I am soo with you on hummus and gel manicures!

  7. gel manis - pricey but worth it!! If it starts to be too much $$$ you can always do them yourself - I started and i'm hooked and turn out JUST as amazing as in the nail salon!! Hummus....ah i could put it on everything! Love the post!

  8. I love Costco, I had no idea they give away a cookbook on Black Friday!! I totally would have gone just to get it! Also, bacon vodka sounds like something right up my alley haha and in a bloody mary?! Yummm

  9. Bacon vodka?! I don't know if I will like it, but I def. want to try it!

  10. Bacon vodca? is quite outrageous how bacon is being integrated into so many products lately. It would be a fun gift to give but not sure about trying some myself. I love big tote bags but it is quite a pain trying to locate stuff in there.

  11. I know my future mister would love this! He loves bacon and he definitely loves his vodka.

  12. P.S. I love your tote, the color and the size and everything about it. It looks so chic and very easy to match

  13. Love that tote, I want one too now! I am an addict of all crap food too, shamelessly.

  14. Love the tote!! I think I'd go for the normal one...not sure though?? You'll have to do some posts on the new recipies you try out from your two new cookbooks! :))

    xx em

  15. Gah stop giving me more alcoholic choices ha. Definitely need to try that wine - love Syrah! Your nails look perfect. And so does that tote bag!

  16. I just came across your blog, it is super cute!! I love everything about this post. I think I need the wine cookbook, the bacon vodka, and that monogrammed bag!

  17. IF my nails would actually grow, I'd love to get a gel manicure! Looks GREAT!

  18. Gel manis are so addicting! I definitely have a love-hate relationship with them bc of the price tag, but they make life SO much easier, ha. I love wine & cooking so I might have to hunt down that cookbook or add it to my Christmas wish list.

  19. I love those Cuyana totes! And I only ever get shellac manicures now - so worth it. Plus I have a little place near my house that only charges $22!

  20. I saw that hummus the other day at Publix and almost grabbed it. Now that I know it's good I'll have to add it to the cart next time!


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