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I had such a fun weekend and worked an extra day last week so I could get Sunday night off. You don't realize how precious Sunday nights are till you have to work every.single.one. 

Friday I went to a Girls Dirty Santa Party. I didn't really know what to bring as gift. The girl hosting it said "bring something naughty, sexy, fun." So I went to TJ Maxx and bought a cute, risque pj set and a martini shaker thinking that's probably what most girls would bring. Those girls must have thought I was such a prude because one girl got a bottle of "GoodHead", one girl got a vibrator, another got some boobie tassels. I ended up with some lube and a Kama Sutra book for the water.
And the book is 100% Waterproof! HA!

I wore my new fur vest Friday night

You can buy it Here. It's sold out in my color, Dawn Black, but available in the other 2 colors in all sizes.

Saturday night we went to Trey and Shelby's Christmas Party. 

I bought it when Madewell had 40% off everything but it's such a cute comfy dress to wear for the fall/winter. 

Sunday was our 1 year Anniversary! We decided earlier in the week we were going to wait and go out to dinner Thursday night since Theo has Friday off.

We did go to brunch at Triangle

and drank some mimosas

Theo must have been feeling extra sweet yesterday because he offered to see Frozen with me. I had been begging him to see it, I'm a sucker for kid's movies, and after brunch he suggested we go see it!

It was cute, not great, but cute. It was matinee price so I really can't complain.

That night we came home and picked up Pixie and headed to go see the James Island County Park Christmas Lights. We've never taken Pixie before but I figured it was a Sunday night so no one would be there, I was wrong, and she would be able to keep her head out the window the whole time so she would love it, wrong again.

I don't know how I ended up with such a scaredy cat dog but all the lights and cars everywhere scared her. This was pretty much her the whole car ride. Either head on Theo's shoulder, my shoulder, or under our arms.

She did pick out her favorite Christmas light

We parked the car and walked to the exhibits and that was another bad, bad idea. WAY too many people everywhere. All Theo and I could think was here comes a little kid over to pet Pixie and she doesn't see them coming till they touch her and she nips at their hand to protect herself, yeah there goes our house. So after about 10 minutes we got back in the car. It just wasn't enjoyable. Plus the clientele was about Fair grade, sorry to sound snobby but it's true.

After the lights, we came home and made a homemade pizza and watched Jingle All The Way
 It's such a cute Christmas movie that I think gets forgotten about because they don't really show it on TV. It's on Netflix though!

I ate way too much of this in 24 hours. I'm talking, it's gone. And not because of Theo either. Poor guy only got about a piece. I don't play around with cookie cake.

Our Christmas cards finally came in and I'm too happy about them. I even paid extra for the better quality!
You can barely see Pixie! Black dog issues.

What'd you all do this weekend??
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  1. LOVE your card! Hilarious gift...what a fun party...I am sure there was lots of laughter the whole time!!! You're lookin HOT in that vest! Love it girl!!!! Merry, merry!!! xx

  2. I've never heard of a Dirty Santa party... haha! Love that Madewell dress and your adorable Christmas card!! That's such a bummer Pixie didn't do well at the light festival.. I'm thinking we aren't going to make it there this year. Glad to hear you had a great weekend and Anniversary! :)

  3. The festival is intense right? We went last night too! Our realtor had a party at Edisto Hall inside the park. It was perfect, because it was catered with Beer and Wine and then we cruised the lights and headed home! SS passed out in the car.
    That dirty santa party is hilarious. Pretty Christmas card lady!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend and anniversary celebration! Love the fur vest - and what deal on sale for $40!! My dog is the exact same in the car - total scardey pants. Who am I kidding - she's scared no matter where we are, lol ;)
    Love your xmas cards!! xx

  5. Not my finest candid photo ha but SO glad you guys could make it on Saturday. What a fun weekend! Meant to wish you happy anniversary again. Poor Pixie and the lights!

  6. Love your Christmas card! I do event management at a country club so I work a lot of Sundays too and it's the worst! Yay for 1st anniversaries!

  7. This sounds like such a fun weekend! Your Christmas cards look awesome. Jingle All The Way is a classic.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  8. Happy Anniversary!!! We had cookie cake too this weekend and I'm still eating on it today...love it! Super cute Christmas cards and love your fur vest!

  9. I went and saw Christmas lights in the park, too, but ours involved a lot more snow :) Haha your post about the Dirty Girl party made me laugh. I've never been to one, but I can only imagine how ridiculously they can get!

    jess | Quaintrelle

  10. Happy Anniversary!! You're wearing the Madewell plaid I am posting about tomorrow! I am hoping to snatch that pretty up the day after Christmas (since boo I have to work!)

  11. Congrats on your one year!! Sounds like you had a great weekend and what a scandalous ladies party!! :) Love your holiday cards!!


  12. Love the outfits!! And also, I totally would have brought what you did to the party! Eek!


  13. Happy Anniversary!! I probably would've done the same thing with the party. ;)

    And cookie cake is simply the best and way under rated. I probably would've ate the entire thing too.

  14. Awww love your Christmas card! I have that kama sutra book haha, I swear I'm not a freak or anything, I couldn't even tell you where it is!

  15. Our dog's name is Pixie too, she's adorable!


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